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Lonely Planet tells me,

Kasippu – moonshine liquor, the tipple of choice for working-class alcoholics – is booze at its most basic: sugar, yeast and water fermented in steel drums. The drums are left to ferment in wetlands and other hidden places, and rumour has it that lizards, snakes and birds come to drink the sweet juice – then die and fall in, adding their own special flavour to the brew.

Now, who wouldn’t want to try that?

But to be able to that, one first has to visit Sri Lanka, and that’s exactly what me and the wife will be doing for the next 5 days. 2 days in Negombo, 2 in Kandy and 1 in Colombo.


Since, this man has proved beyond all doubt that Rama was not only a real historical character, but he was also 39 years old when he killed Ravana, I wonder if I should go around looking for the following:

  • The garden where Sita was imprisoned, resisting the charming Ravana’s charms and instead, holding out for a humourless, cowardly husband, who not only doubted her fidelity but also dumped her (while she was pregnant) in the forest a few years later
  • The trumpet used to blow loud music into Kumbhakarna’s ears and wake him up.

Other recommendations from readers are welcome.

There is unlikely to be any new posts for the next 5 days, so I dug up my old drawing pad and thought Ill introduce a new character on my blog, a man who is sick and tired of all the irreligiousness being spread around the city of Chennai. A man who has set out to put all those young, social-networking, richard-dawkinsy, inexperienced, question-all-tradition blogging types in their places/cubicles/cafe coffee days/baristas.

ps: I am a rather lazy, doodling type and generally don’t pay too much attention to proportions and detail. So plisxcuse. And since I don’t have a scanner, I took photographs.

(dark, foreboding music plays in the background and the room temperature falls by a few Kelvin.)


Darth Vaadhiar – Dark Lord of the Siddha. At the moment, his right shoulder is sort of out of shape, but I expect him to use the powerful dark side of the force to “urge” the artist to do a better job in the future.

He has a message for the youth.


And even on his deathbed, he has something to say,


I take leave. See y’all next week.

31 responses to “Serendipity”

  1. Ramsu Avatar

    Ok, so I got here first! Actual comment to follow later.

  2. Ramsu Avatar

    Loved Darth Vaadhiyar! Absolutely made my day!

    It would be interesting to see a duel between Lakshmanan and Darth using darbai while Emperor Pasupathi watches with barely-controlled glee.

    Question: Would the Death Star seem like too much apashakunam for Vaadhiar, or would he be fine with it?

    My wife tells me, not surprisingly, that SL is an amazing place to shop. But I’m sure you’ve already heard this.

    Before going, check with your friendly neighbourhood astroarchaeologist whether he could give you the address of the Surpanaka’s plastic surgeon. And find out if his descendants are just as good. I can think of a few people who could use a nose job.

  3. Marc Avatar

    Ramsu, no fair putting placeholders for first comment.

    Ashok, try going to Sri Lanka using the Ramar Sethu.

  4. Pottan Avatar

    Hey, I am reading your blog for the first time; and you are wonderful 🙂 I am so hooked to your blog!!! Keep them coming..!

    And yeah; try to go by the Ram Sethu

  5. Vi Avatar

    And what, no shraddam?

  6. anantha Avatar

    Vi: We are talking about “those young, social-networking, richard-dawkinsy, inexperienced, question-all-tradition blogging types in their places/cubicles/cafe coffee days/baristas” here. So Darth Vadhiyar will start with tarpanam lessons and then proceed to shraddham.

  7. anantha Avatar

    Btw, the adventures of Darth Vadhiyar and Lukshman “Luke” Sivashankar deserve a special series of posts, me thinks.

  8. Myloapore Maami Avatar

    The rediff link you pointed. That guy is the news article is nonsense. It is common knowledge that Rama was 39 when he killed Ravana. Every Upanyasam that I have attended on Ramayana starts with this. This has been said so many times in last 30 years in Ayodhya Mandapam that Rama’s age would be etched on the walls. It has been mentioned in all books of ramayana ever written.

    Araicha maava thiruppi araichittu etho tongue twister scientific nomenclature’na solraan antha (th)ambi.

    Anaa namma pasanga thaan ramayanathaye padichathillaye. You have to re-present dour details using scientific jargon to our kozhainthagal.

  9. maami Avatar

    If it’s a holiday don’t bother looking up relics of mythologicals in Sri Lanka. Its history is being written now;dangerous myths are being perpetuated now.
    Seeni sambol and egg hoppers are the best breakfast I’ve ever had. The drive from the coast of Colombo to check on the Dutch fort is a breeze; check out by boat the lovely coral reefs beneath the sea waters;Kandy is lush and beautiful. Found the Tooth Palace a bit weird, though the evening song and dance is very Kerala, theyyam meets kathakali kind. It’s a place for love.Remember to pick a white sapphire, tear drop shaped, for your lady’s finger.

  10. desigirl Avatar

    I am officially insane, according to the Kal & Pul. Symptoms include laughing uncontrollably whilst reading a blog (err this one) and laughing out LOUD when busy doing something else, thinking of Darth Vathiyaar and assorted gents.

  11. desigirl Avatar

    btw, have you read Ashok Banker’s Ramayana?
    Brilliant read! Also, something to interest the wifey in SL – jade. You can get lovely jade there.

  12. Thoppai Mama Avatar

    How yabout looking for relics aaf Sindhubath (er..have I started something here?) the sailor?

    Like the yeggs of the roc.

    And traipse through the jungle for 100km (on the superb two lane highway) to Ratnapura to see if you can still get the gems that Sindhubath came looking for.

    And for awwww…so cute moments, please to look at the elephant orphanage.

    The tea gardens of Nuwara Eliya and the surf beaches of Eastern SL.

  13. Thoppai Mama Avatar

    Sindhubath brings to mind

    ‘Yennada idhu akramam, thatha-vai police pidicchuttaaLa, Sadhabhishekam DVD vecchhindirundhaar-nu?

    Amaam-pa, nadigai Sadha-oda abhishekam DVD-aam!

  14. RK Avatar

    By the way it goes the words such as “tharpanam
    “Srardham “varushabdhigam ‘ will be just words only and no one to perform such vaidheega karyams. Even the younger generations of vadhyars are coming out of their kulathozhil and go for IT jobs.
    Marriages will be made in temples or registrors office and a reception in a Hotel.
    whether Ravanas maligai is available now and the Rudhra Veena he played.

  15. Karthik Abhiram Avatar

    Hope you have a nice time in Sri Lanka.

    I loved Darth Vaadhiar. Btw, what materials (type of pen and paper) did you use for drawing that?

  16. Vish Avatar

    Pinnewela elephant orphanage is located enroute to Kandy from Colombo. It will take 2 hours to checkout and the travel time ofcourse. If you can go in time for the big bath (thats how i call it) you will not regret the wait.

    There is this shopping place in Colombo called the house of fashions where you get branded stuff at throw away prices thank to INR-SLR conversion rate. You will be surprised to pick up Louis Phillippe garmets for one fourth and one third of their price in India.

    Can check out the botanical gardens of Kandy too. Take a nice long walk , you find trees planted by prominent political leaders from around the world there (if that is of any importance).

    Have a nice trip!

    I got hooked onto your blog from the time I stumbled upon it a month back.

  17. rambodoc Avatar

    Ravana has been in my mind the last coupla days:
    1. How did he manage to brush his teeth (all 320 of them?)
    2. How many Anacins did he take when he got a headache?
    3. How did he manage to get into his vest (banian/ganji)?
    4. Did he live long enough to suffer male pattern baldness? If so, what was the rate of his hairfall?

    If you can shed some light on these lightheaded questions, I will be great and full (of knowledge).

  18. maami Avatar

    Ish, apnee Bangali?
    Madhusudan Dutta bholo Rabon tho kono din daant porishkar korlo na, ba ganji podlo na.phree phor all. Aur kono din Onasheen nelo na.O-tho maatha kharb na.

  19. rambodoc Avatar

    Naan Tamil daan, but only just as much as people consider me Bong.
    I am, like Walt Whitman said (not about me, though), a man with “many multitudes”.
    (Raboner maatha kharap was a great comment!)

  20. Priyank Avatar

    Phew, 2 blogs squeezed into one. Plus readers comments 🙂

  21. Arunk Avatar

    doc – I also have wondered what Ravana did when he caught cold – with so many runny, suffy noses.

    ashok – looks like fun. My only visit to Sri Lanka was courtesy Luftansa – could not land in Chennai due to cyclone, so diverted to Colombo (this was like 10 years or so ago). Was fun – interior looked just like Madras. So did many parts of Colombo – just that the language on the walls were different. And oh yes, soldiers with machine guns seemed a common sight.


  22. pr3rna Avatar

    In kandy on a full moon night serving alcohol is not allowed. Like true South Asians the Sri lankans have found a way out. They serve you liquor in tea cups. The Botanical garden in Kandy is really nice. Have a nice vacation.
    If you are a shopoholic Noritake crockery is available at a very good price in Colombo.

  23. Bikerdude Avatar

    Whoa- youre a good artist boss. Too much the!

    Enjoy SLA

  24. krishashok Avatar

    It’s ink pen on rough textured drawing paper.

    Thank you 🙂

  25. K.Ramachandran Avatar

    Original Ramayana ends with Pattabhishekam, rest was added down the ages in more decadent times .

  26. K.Ramachandran Avatar

    Pleez explain Darth Vadiyar, dont understand

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