Lonely Planet tells me,

Kasippu – moonshine liquor, the tipple of choice for working-class alcoholics – is booze at its most basic: sugar, yeast and water fermented in steel drums. The drums are left to ferment in wetlands and other hidden places, and rumour has it that lizards, snakes and birds come to drink the sweet juice – then die and fall in, adding their own special flavour to the brew.

Now, who wouldn’t want to try that?

But to be able to that, one first has to visit Sri Lanka, and that’s exactly what me and the wife will be doing for the next 5 days. 2 days in Negombo, 2 in Kandy and 1 in Colombo.


Since, this man has proved beyond all doubt that Rama was not only a real historical character, but he was also 39 years old when he killed Ravana, I wonder if I should go around looking for the following:

  • The garden where Sita was imprisoned, resisting the charming Ravana’s charms and instead, holding out for a humourless, cowardly husband, who not only doubted her fidelity but also dumped her (while she was pregnant) in the forest a few years later
  • The trumpet used to blow loud music into Kumbhakarna’s ears and wake him up.

Other recommendations from readers are welcome.

There is unlikely to be any new posts for the next 5 days, so I dug up my old drawing pad and thought Ill introduce a new character on my blog, a man who is sick and tired of all the irreligiousness being spread around the city of Chennai. A man who has set out to put all those young, social-networking, richard-dawkinsy, inexperienced, question-all-tradition blogging types in their places/cubicles/cafe coffee days/baristas.

ps: I am a rather lazy, doodling type and generally don’t pay too much attention to proportions and detail. So plisxcuse. And since I don’t have a scanner, I took photographs.

(dark, foreboding music plays in the background and the room temperature falls by a few Kelvin.)


Darth Vaadhiar – Dark Lord of the Siddha. At the moment, his right shoulder is sort of out of shape, but I expect him to use the powerful dark side of the force to “urge” the artist to do a better job in the future.

He has a message for the youth.


And even on his deathbed, he has something to say,


I take leave. See y’all next week.