Palakkadian Poonawalas

Work says “Beam Ashok to Pune” and here I am. Apart from eating unhealthily large numbers of Vada Paav at Rohit Vadewale in Aundh, I haven’t been doing anything particularly interesting. At least, nothing worth blogging about.

Have you reached that stage yet? When you start doing things simply so you can blog about it? Come let’s watch Saawariya. It ought to be good blogging material. Tandoori? Naah. Let’s try Keralite Vegan. Haven’t blogged about that one yet. Hey Hey. Here’s a hilarious poster. Take a snap and blog about it. Etc.

But we did meet some Palakkadians at Rohit Vadewale though. And 10 minutes of conversation later, I realized that science textbooks have been misinforming me and the average public about the definition of the Decibel scale. I am sure all of us remember “Rustling leaves” at close to 0 dB and Jet take-off at 140 dB. But the real truth has been hidden from us.

All of you remember the famous Black or White Michael Jackson video? Especially the intro part where Macaulay Culkin turns the volume knob from loud -> louder -> loudest -> Are you nuts? Well..the camera missed out one more level beyond that on that knob – Palakkad Iyer.

So, in the interest of promoting accuracy in science education,


It would be an understatement to say that they are, on an average, slightly loud. I would strongly urge the author of the wikipedia article on Palakkad Iyers to update it to indicate this fact.

Note to Palakkad Iyers: No offense is meant, only mild malice is hinted. Let’s just say that this one more on the list of Great Indian Stereotypes, that includes ‘Noon Sardarjis, Garish Gults, Miserly Madrasis and Unctuous Keralites among others.