Elephants in Drawing Rooms

It is the music season in Chennai, but I must first attend to this.


Original Image credits:  Cathy Wilcox, Sydney Morning Herald, 23 March 2006 [link]

It is hard to write something new in the looming shadow of an overly popular post. Doubts creep in. Will readers expect another blockbuster? Will I be able to outdo that post? Will readers set the bar so high that a blogging equivalent of a Fosbury flop will need to be concocted?

And that was when two pieces of common sense came crashing through the window. The first one says – “This is just a (harsh adjective suggesting something very trivial) blog. So stop thinking like an image conscious celebrity because you aren’t one” and the second one says “The Jilpa must go on, even if it must disembark from a Tata Safari and get into a spluttering fish cart”.

So we move on.

ps: The sugarcane chewing tusker in the room nudges me with its trunk and reminds me that I must thank all the readers for their appreciation, accolades and other complimentary adjectives starting with the letter ‘a’. Ramsu, your title Gajabuja Jalsaamani is too flattering, and a very tough one to live up to.


13 thoughts on “Elephants in Drawing Rooms

  1. dont try hard to outdo earlier posts… its automatically happening… 🙂

    Keep them coming….ur blog has become like daily news paper for most of us… (inc the comments section)

  2. I was amazed, too, at the popularity of that post. It was superb, and a historic one, too. You will surely keep doing something that surprises, bewitches or perplexes your readers. Yes, the bar is set high, but the drunkard can be expected to climb it.

  3. Well there’s no pressure..don’t worry..

    Just that there are some thousand odd people checking back every 5 minutes to see if there’s new rib tickling stuff on your blog…bas…avlo than.

  4. Hehe.. Even the great blogger goes through this. Thats a very heartening thought, but like everyone else says, we will read no matter how you write, cause the bar cannot get low enough.

  5. You really tryin to outdo youself?!?!?!? ur kiddin me?? Tats lik sayin a baby has to laugh cuter than the prev time! i doubt if u need to “try” ! jus write… it shall flow 😉

  6. I guess this is applicable to the period between ur Darjeeling tour post and Swamiji and Science post
    I put aside a PGW to read ur posts, they are so good !! now i will return to PGW after a couple of Mark P cartoons.

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