The Kaka Kronicles, episode #7

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5 responses to “The Kaka Kronicles, episode #7”

  1. rambodoc Avatar

    There are no crows Down Under. Just a few butterfingers, sorry, butterflies….
    Ki gull hai, Indian cricketers, you Buds of the lightweight feathers?

  2. maxdavinci Avatar

    The last rites will be performed at the SCG….

    calling all scavengers!

  3. Bhel Puri & Seekh Kabab Avatar

    Good one. The dirge to the funeral runs like so:
    Jhooton ki mala pe
    Jhooton ki mala pe simroon Kumble ka naam
    Jhooton ki mala pe
    Jhooton ki mala pe simroon Rahul ka naam

    sung to the tune of:

    Of course, AirTel will own all rights to that jingle as well, and will be charging Rs.100 for that ringtone.
    Ashok: He he. lol 🙂

  4. Bikerdude Avatar

    Err.. what it is??

  5. Spunky Monkey Avatar

    There is hope for the team yet. We have the Bangladesh tour coming up after all. We are destined to create some records there, just as we are Down Under.

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