It was a bright, sunny day in Veggieland, and there are some simmering tensions in the air as a result of some foreigners arriving in town.


Elsewhere, it’s life as usual.


The hierarchy is well-defined. Size does matter. As does colour.


Discriminations abound.


And nobody likes the elites.


Very often, inter-clan tensions can reach boiling point.


Violence is never far away.


Tragedies are common.


But there is always the wise philosopher, who tells it like it is.


And in this case, the philosopher is totally right.


And the Bisibelebaath was delicious. I am off to my Sunday siesta now.

46 thoughts on “Bisibelebaath

  1. So you visit the kitchen at least to take photos eh?

    Truly varied are your sources of inspiration.

    Gnana pazhams. Wisdom fruits. He he.

    Delicious photos. Particularly liked the straw tray. Don’t see it in mod. kitchens today!!

    Good show.
    Actually, India is making me lazy. I was a very passionate cook during my stay in the US. Used to experiment quite a bit. But here, what with wife, moms, moms-in-law, cooks etc, hardly any chance to hit the kitchen.

  2. Inzy, Inzy…slander, slander at this blog…sue him, sue him…sue him for contempt of court as well as insulting your (in)sensibilities!!! ๐Ÿ˜€

  3. @KA:

    Men never cease to amus/aze me with their ability to find women responsible for everything they can and cannot do.
    [All in jest only. :)]

    Interesting – ‘wife’ is (carefully) singular and ‘mom’ and ‘mom-in-law’ plural. ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. WOW ! that is some rich imagination and story manufacturing… though I am at variance with some of your personal beliefs, can’t hide my admiration for your intellect. Keep rocking

  5. aagaaga.. thalaivaaa… rupture panniteenga.. what software for the comic balloons?

    btw, be careful.. andha tomatova sadhak sadhak nu kuthinadhuku onga mela PETA maadri PETV aaramichi case potra poraanga!
    Nothing fancy sir. Tis a photoshop shape that I got from some free collection of shapes

  6. Obviously you had a lot of time in your hands, but more importantly a whole lot more of talent and inspiration in your head! LOL! But also WOW!

  7. Big Lentil – LOL . “But Aana” the Lentil is the big Kahuna as far as Sambhar is concerned. Aaha Mani Iyer Sambharla Meen – All analogies lead to MMKR!

  8. I’m sure the bisibelebaath was delicious despite the massacre ๐Ÿ™‚

    This was a good interlude, reading your post between work.

    Will be a regular voyeur now.


  9. Thalaivaa,

    ROFL ma. had me in splits. The wise multi-layered one ๐Ÿ™‚ , you should seriously consider taking up cartoons full time

  10. This piece is HILAROUS! Problem now is, the minute I take an onion in hand I think of “wise multi-layered one” and burst into giggles. As it is folks at home think I’m a little loony…

  11. Awesome post! I visit often but never delurked…..
    “Born in a pistil” Priceless!!

    Nitya’s Okra pun cracked me up too!

  12. Just when I think I’ve seen you at your very best, you go ahead and come up with a post like this, which simply belies all known expectations from you.

    Anna, give me deeksha, show me the path to such humor in daily life, and I will forever be indebted to you.


  13. Loved the use of Comic Life. Great to see a Chennai Mac User. I am a Mac User from Madurai, so Cheers!

  14. Hey Krish – your coloumns are the best of the crazy-funny kinds I’ve ever read . I’ve been shaking with laughter all day at work thanks to ur ridiculously funny musings – would love to read more – BTW this coloumn was utterly briliant and i’ll never look at vendecoys or big lentils the same way again ๐Ÿ˜€

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