Wedding 1.0.1 (beta) – Green Edition

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The weekend was filled with weddings. So what does one do when in the midst of Paruppu Usili, Silk sarees, loud bursts of Getty melam and a whole load of “I also have a son who is a very eligible bachelor” type social networking? One dreams up possible uses of technology to

1) Spice weddings up.

2) Make then Greener.

ps: When I use the word “spice”, it’s not like “They added an item song to spice the movie up”. It’s more like “They used modern technology as one would use a fluorescent marker, to reinforce and highlight the the relevance of ancient traditions”.

I Indian Weddings are the very much flower liking.

The Tradition

Elderly folks at weddings are usually handed flowers which they go on to bless and then exercise their rotator cuff muscles to hurl aforementioned plant reproductive parts in the hope that the blessed object will make contact with the couple seated on the medai and initiate a benediction transfer process.


The problem

1. Only the front row (often occupied by the oldest of the old) has a reasonable chance of ensuring that their blessings reach the couple. The ones behind can do no better than throw flowers on the people immediately in front of them (because of 1) poor throwing arms 2) air friction). This means that there is a very inefficient transfer of benediction to the couple. Random people in the crowd are getting blessed while the couple is being short-changed. In this tough world of work pressures, bad software and T-Nagar shopping megamalls, couples need every flower to make direct contact with their heads.

2. Old people are unnecessarily straining their shoulder muscles and incurring wear and tear, thereby increasing the probability of today’s leech like hospitals swinging into action (or would that be “crawling” into action?) and stealing precious savings from these poor old people in the name of bone scans, MRI scans and physiotherapy

The solution

There are thousands of cannons lying around in museums, gathering rust and dust. And on top of that, their minds are wracked with the guilt of all the death and destruction they have caused in the past. So why not give them a new lease of life and chance to dole out something positive?


II Clear and Present Danger

The Tradition

Every wedding has a designated Gift Collector (usually a close cousin) who is in charge of collecting, documenting and accounting for all presents, both cash and kind.

The problems

1. Financial irregularities – The gift collector can very easily manipulate the Who gave what record and make a tidy profit in the bargain


2. The gift collector can do nothing about those lazy attendees who recycle the same tea set/cutlery set that they received at their (or their children’s) wedding.

The Solution

RFID tags can be used to identify and track gifts. So a small loudspeaker system that announces “Mr and Mrs So-and-So have gifted yet another tea set” should discourage people from being lazy gifters in the future.


ps: Moi-Man is a Tamizh term referring to the person who is in charge of keeping gift records.

III Thaamboola Pye 2.0

Traditional Contents

1. One miniature coconut that, after the fibrous skin is removed, has about a table-tennis ball size worth of actual usable material.

2. One sweet lime with skin that is as difficult to remove as a burkha in Saudi Arabia.

3. One mouth-cancer causing packet of betel nut pieces mixed with industrial chemicals.

4. All the above placed in an environmentally unsound plastic bag with the wedding details printed on it for posterity

Suggested contents

1. One 2 GB flash drive. I am sure it will cost slightly less than a miniature coconut in some time. You could even pre-load it with a screensaver that has wedding photos moving around in a landscape filled with green meadows, mountains and clouds (Yes. Same special effects generally used by the video guy at the weddings)

2. Jute or paper bags instead of plastic

3. Small packet with cloves and elaichi instead of betel nuts.

IV Green only I am liking the colour

There are several things one could do to reduce the carbon footprint of our weddings.

1. As already mentioned, Jute and paper bags instead of plastic. Paper cups for filter coffee and water.

2. Recycle wasted food. A huge amount of food gets wasted at every wedding. And the solution for that is – Cows.


All Kalyaana Mandapams must maintain some cows so that weddings can save a lot on fuel and milk costs.

3. An insane amount of jewellery is usually on display. So I think solar panels that can trap all this jigna and generate electricity will help cut energy costs.

4. Wedding halls should provide absolutely no parking space, so that it will force people to use public transport.

V Respect Da Music

My amateur musician heart goes out to all the Nadaswaram and Thavil brothers who are cruelly mistreated and their music blatantly disrespected at every Tambram wedding. They are all too frequently interrupted and asked, willy-nilly, to stop their passionate alapana in Thodi and instead, play an unmusical stream of noise called Getty Melam.

For the uninitiated, Getty melam is a loud, unmusical interlude designed for the express purpose of

1. Getting the audience’ attention to something important going on (like the thaali (noose) being tied etc)

2. Drowning out any inauspicious sounds that may be emanating from the audience.

Frankly, in today’s world, it is an insult to the musician to ask him to play the role of a megaphone. So this is what I propose:


Why interrupt a musician’s flow when the Bose G1000 “Getty Monster” amplifier/speaker can be used to generate 100 dB attention gathering getty melam sounds.

VI Videography

The problem

Many thousands of rupees are wasted on capturing a video of the marriage proceedings. Not only do these guys only capture the most boring and insipid moments (It’s hard to get invitees to be spontaneous with the equivalent of a solar flare in ones face), they are also rather immobile, what with miles of wire trailing them and a camera the size of a bazooka.

The solution

Honestly, how many times does a wedding video ever get watched? Once? Here is my suggestion. Get 10 of your friends to roam around with their 3 megapixel camera phones and shoot several interesting snippets from the entire wedding. Apart from 2 or 3 angles focussing just on the main event, others can focus on the canteen, where one can catch little kids struggling to stop runny rasam from leaking over the edge of the table and soiling their brand new miniature sherwaanis. Some can be deputed to focus only on the parents of the bride and groom and capture their faces go through a gamut of emotions ranging from frustration, joy, rage and relief throughout the day. And others can point their camera phones occasionally at the kitchen, capturing the caffeine addict maama demanding coffee with extra decoction directly from the chef.

In the end, one will end up with several short, highly watchable, youtube style videos that could even be posted online for non-attendees to watch in the comfort of their home.

VII Saree Matters

It is estimated that about 70% of elapsed time in a Tambram wedding goes in the bride changing 7 sarees during the day. Well, RMKV and Kumaran have already come up with path breaking innovations such as 4-in-1 and Zip-pallu sarees, so why not just come up with a 6-in-1 Kalyaanamegasaree that can morph from a breezy Oonjal saree to orthodox Madisaaru followed by homely Grihapravesham to chilled-out Nalangu, an ubergrand reception and a cheevidunga first night saree?

And since time = money and money = paper and paper = trees and all that, I think RMKV and Kumaran need to make this happen now if we are to have a chance of saving our forests.


115 responses to “Wedding 1.0.1 (beta) – Green Edition”

  1. Kiran Avatar

    I am ok with the flower idea and the ‘green’y ideas but am totally against plotting against the moi-man – after all, the only objective of moi-man is roti, kapda, makaan and lots of diverted cash 🙂 how dare you propose an idea that hits on my stomach…err…swiss account directly?!! 😀 for all you know, i might sue you for depriving me of my most basic need!! 😉

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  3. maxdavinci Avatar

    Flower cannons: wasn’t the torture of sitting for hours and getting holy smoke into your lungs enough?

    with RFIDs you don’t need a moi-man as they parcels are all tagged and can be stashed. That deprives us of jollu-vidifying!

    are usb drives that cheap now? damn! I gotta ask my dad to fedex em instead of queuing up outside bestbuy.

    totally agree on the cows and moosik. But then that robs the vadiyar of his most famous line ‘getty malam, getty malam’ which is ofcourse followed by ‘mangalyam….’. the vadiyar association will surely object to this.

    The video idea sounds interesting, but then again we louw kalyana videos for the weird closeups, bkgrnd moosiks, and hajjar yeffectsu they do that give a whole new meaning to editing…

    prefer to stay away from the pattu-podavai section as the last thing i want is angry maamis spitting fire…..

  4. Patrix Avatar

    But there still isn’t any way to banish those long lines at the reception. There must be a new technological solution to meet the couple on stage; better still, off stage.

  5. Hawkeye Avatar

    Maybe Darth Vaadhiyar can also come up with some innovative ways to do a ‘express wedding’.

    I would have loved a paypal/gift registry alternative to rfid. you are too wedded to the process and not the intent.

  6. foo Avatar

    I’m scared to ask this question, but what is a a cheevidunga first night saree?
    Ashok: I believe the correct response to that question is “Chee Vidunga”

  7. Ninja Avatar

    Hi Krish..i am ur blog’s new visitor.. u r damn cool.. keep the gud work goin.. & btw whts -“Tambram wedding ” ?
    Ashok: Tamizh Brahmin wedding

  8. K Avatar

    You forgot those annoying wall clocks and alarm pieces. I would certainly attend every marriage if they follow your suggestion and give 2GB thumb drives.

    Yet another boring thing that needs modernization is .. going and meeting bride and groom on the dais and giving a pose for Camera guy faking smile.

    Last but not least …. All those aunties and uncles asking you whether you remember them or not and those old grannies asking when am I going to serve sambar-rice/pappu-rice.

  9. Ninja Avatar

    Kindly fix the bugs encounterd by maxdavinci, hawkeye& K in ur beta version…… and soon release the Wedding 2.0 Green Edition with SP… 🙂

  10. Ninja Avatar

    Kindly fix the bugs encounterd by maxdavinci, hawkeye& K in ur beta version…… and soon release the Wedding 2.0 Green Edition with SP… 🙂

  11. complicateur Avatar

    As if getting married itself isnt akin to being cannon fodder, you want to take literal interpration to new heights. I had good laugh imagining what would happen if all the flowers did actually reach the stage/podium. It’ll be like that Alaigal Oivathillai song (Aayiram Thaamarai Mottukalae ?) , except the underneath the flowers there will be madisaars and panjagachams.

  12. Giridhar Avatar

    Idea malai poliyuthu….
    I liked the environment friendly ideas…but do u think a 2 gb flash memory is recyclable?
    Ashok: Good point. But when it comes to cool, useful gadgets, the environment be damned 🙂

  13. 10yearslate Avatar

    The one (non-brahmin) wedding I attended in a village went straight to the root of the matter.

    None of your fancy wall clocks and Thanjavur metal inlay gopurams there.

    It was straight cash-and the moyy-man (very saary-the moi is too French for me) declared the amount into a megaphone-Sendhalai Karuppusamy-200 rooba-reNdu kaal!

    The reNdu kaal was most illustrative. Evidently a sliding scale was used. Jujube 50 rooba moyy-ezhudharavanga didnt get a chicken leg (kaal), 100 rooba-s got 1 leg and so forth!
    Ashok: I realized that “moi” didn’t quite look right well after I finished the illustration, but was too lazy to correct it

  14. apu Avatar

    Oh you’ve come up with a smash hit again! the video guy is my biggest grouse….his main job seems to be videotaping guests while they are busy chomping away unaware that their open mouths are being filmed for posterity….

  15. Lavanya Avatar

    One of these days I’ll die laughing over your blog. Must remember to keep a note, absolving you, around!

  16. kavitha Avatar

    lol…made my evening!

    but i do like the saree changing rounds…tis fun ofc when u are not in the hot spot 🙂

  17. bharath Avatar

    with a cousin kannalam coming up this weekend, this is defly a real eye-opener…

  18. RK Avatar

    Nice blog once again.
    The recycled wallclocks,photoframes, tea and lemon sets,and thanjavur silver frames,flasks and SS items came into picture due to the following reason;
    Earlier at the wedding only cash was given and they used to announce in the mike as “madurai senthil pillai ruba 20, selaiyur chokkalingam ruba10 ” etc.
    To avoid such embarassing situations all these jigina papered , recycled items came into existance.
    Another embarassing thing is waiting in front of people who are eating and are expected to finish to occupy the seat.
    I think buffet systems for the reception can be extended for the wedding session also to avoid standing in front of people who are eating and making them deprive some of their eating.
    I suggest that flowers for blessing the couple can be given to all the people and collect it in a box with their blessings and one or two persons can go to the dais and shower on the couple.

    I saw a different system in coimbatore. Above the couples head on the ceiling a box full of flowers was kept and it was electrically operated to open and close at intervals to shower the flowers.
    In karnataka and mangalore the usage of yellow coloured rice was very huge instead of flowers during the wedding and there they used to collect the same in a bowl and it will be given to the poor .
    For your information madisar is 9 yards and the other sarees are 6 yards. Hence minimum 2 sarees.

  19. KBS Avatar

    Do u have any idea for the most straining and eye burning ritual – Homam – which the bride and bridegroom undergo?
    Most imp – we spend so much for the parlour lady and everythnng goes off in tears nd wipping….. :(:(:( alas even b4 every1 sees the bride…..

  20. Marc Avatar

    Totally insane, man! RFID tags and money being diverted to Swiss accounts! I completely agree with the videography points. People are all talking normally until the camera guy appears. And then suddenly everything is quiet, and everyone is self consciously staring at the camera or somewhere else while the camera lights give them burnt and blinded.

    KBS, perhaps the homan smoke could be water filtered?

  21. Swetha Iyer Avatar

    Now with grooms having six packs & more (all rolled into one major paunch) and with brides with the girth of a banyan tree, how about having a mini crane to lift the groom & bride during the garland exchange ritual?? Spare the mama and/or his son please… ;))

  22. Shilpa Avatar

    ROTFL! Brilliant Post. Please might I be invited to your wedding??? 🙂

  23. Shilpa Avatar

    I just realized ur married.. Darn! I missed it…

  24. Aparna Avatar

    LOL! Good post!

  25. hari Avatar

    “Elderly folks at weddings are usually handed flowers which they go on to bless and then exercise their rotator cuff muscles to hurl aforementioned plant reproductive parts in the hope that the blessed object will make contact with the couple seated on the medai and initiate a benediction transfer process.” What a way to put it! Simply Ingenious!

  26. Dhruv Avatar

    wonderful wonderful guide! 🙂

  27. sindhu Avatar

    the whole self conscious thing is quite contrary to how people behave when a TV/local news/stingop cams(!) are out on the streets interviewing some random junta, everybody just wants to have their piece of the TV screen pixel. why then do they all go mum at a wedding?

  28. satts Avatar

    Wish we could see what happened at your wedding 😉

  29. Sravi Avatar

    🙂 Wonderful post…loved the vethalai pakku idea ….

  30. charukesi Avatar

    romba romba super ideas – esp the moi-man! some environmental friendliness happens anyway – the tea sets and silver chandana pelas received in one wedding are packed off at the next, so sometimes you get to see steel and silver stuff with unknown names etched on them…

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  32. Chandra Avatar

    beshaa irukku, po! nalla nalla idea-ththaan kuduththirukkay. aanaaa…

    that volume control knob irukko-illiyo? adhu apradhatshinamaannaa suththaradu?? adhu namma kalaachchaaraththukkay neyr-virodhamaallay irukku? oo vey su sonnaamaadhiri… “idhu tagumo… idhu muraiyo… idhu dharumanthaano?…”

    if i die choking on this club soda that I am parundhing… you will be held directly responsible… people will want your autograph!

    Keep the insanity alive!

  33. anantha Avatar

    All Kalyaana Mandapams must maintain some cows so that weddings can save a lot on fuel and milk costs.

    We are talking about a green wedding and you are talking about the source for 5% of global warming gases! And that is a no-no!

    If at all any cows are present in a kalyana mandapams, the said facility has to issue an undertaking that the above mentioned quad-tummied farters are fed with methane suppressing food supplements mixed with the thavudu and punnaku. Else, kalyana mandapams should purchase carbon offsets instead to compensate for the greenhouse gas emissions.
    Ashok: Quad-tummied farters is the best simile Ive heard since Wodehouse called golf “Cow pasture pool”

  34. Sundar Avatar

    That one on Thambooola pye 2.0 was hilarious as we are packing such pyes for my daughter’s wedding. 🙂

    What about the vechu kudukkara ‘ravikkai bittu’? Atha maranthutiye pa! Athula kooda recycling paakalaam 😉

  35. Shyam Avatar

    Another hilarious post! 🙂 Thanks for the entertainment!

  36. scudie Avatar

    The homam must be replaced by an electric blue-flame fire.. running on batteries.. now theres an environment friendly entrepreneurship idea!

  37. srini Avatar

    the homam really makes out tears on your eyes
    it has its ingredients to make good for your health.
    adore it.

  38. Jam Avatar

    Ada paavigala,

    Author thaan TamBram kalachaaratha “total damage” panninaan nenacha, indha comments podaravaalum innum galeej panni vittutaanga.

    Honestly, they have’nt missed out any damn thing in the wedding for me to give vent to my creativity to.

    Me thinks, something must be done regarding the whole Oonjal and the Paalum and Pazhamum thingie. That in itself is a hilarious chadangu, wonder what can be done to make it funnier.


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  41. inba Avatar

    hilarious, as usual 😀 how about some automation in handing over the thaamboola pai — a saree-draped robot, maybe?

  42. anamika Avatar

    LOL..had to control my laughter lest my officemates think I am crazy..dropped here from Laksh’s page…goood one..

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  44. Thenga Chutney Avatar

    Awesome. 🙂

    That whole maapla ponnu standing on the ‘stage’ thing should be banned. Avangale edho accused maari anga nindhindrupaaanga, avangaloda photo edukardhukku oru queue vera. Kevalama irukku.

    Instead they should mingle along with the guests or something.

  45. bombaygirl Avatar

    holy crap that was funny. I found you through sepia mutiny, and i will be back!

  46. Aqua Avatar

    “Getty melam” …ah so this is what that music? is called. Seriously KA, have learnt about tambram stuff from your blog than from my inlaws or hubby 🙂

    hilarious post btw. what about the constant falling at the feet of elders during the ceremony? can that be optimized?

    i also dont like the bit where the bride’s parents have to kowtow before the groom’s parents. and the bride’s father having to wash the groom’s feet. now don’t get me started on that.

  47. Ganesh Avatar

    This is hillarious. 🙂

  48. Mahesh Ramamurthy Avatar
    Mahesh Ramamurthy

    The ‘Manjal paii’ thamboola bag should be resurrected. Eco friendly and lasts a loooong time. Maybe longer than some marriages !

    Some years back , people tried the idea of the bride-bridegroom mingling with the crowd but gave it up. Some invitees cornered extra time and many others got left out in the crowd.

  49. Bavani Avatar

    This is hilarious. Did you come up with all those diagrams yourself???

  50. km Avatar

    This is “shooting-filter-coffee-through-nose” funny.

  51. guruprasad Avatar

    man, you made my day! just saw your post thanks to ultrabrown and within/without and i’m glad i checked it out.

    eagerly waiting for wedding 2.0!

  52. rupasivanarayana Avatar

    extremely hillarious…great blog…LOL !

  53. A Cynic In Wonderland Avatar

    ..and i love the illustrations!!!

  54. Praveen Mayakar Avatar

    Awesome! What is the minimum budget to implement wedding 2.0?

  55. Madhumita Avatar

    Hahahahaha! I cant stop laughing! I stumbled upon your blog quite by chance, and I’m so glad I did!!!

  56. Shreya Avatar

    Yayyy 🙂 Techie kalyanam 🙂

  57. Akila R Avatar

    Thta was hilarious!! Rofl rofl rofl..
    Ennoda kalyanathula idellam try panni paakanum.. Andha videography idea was kickass.. RMKV ta solli vekkanume? 🙂

  58. mosilager Avatar

    I think you have an alternative career in wedding planning… probably should change your handle to ‘dubey.’

    the only thing i can think of at the end of the post is that i would like to see a post about your experiences in how hard it is to remove burkhas in saudi arabia.

  59. Rajesh Kumar Avatar

    That RFID bit is real hilarious..very nice post Krish.

  60. Na.Su.Krishnan Avatar

    A tip from me.. Post lunch session shall have inhouse Suyamvaram where propsective brides and grooms are introduced to the network.

    Apart from reducing carbon footprints, this will serve as marriage CSR effort:)

  61. Vijay Avatar

    A post like this is highly intimidating to an ordinary commenter. The pressure to fashion a comment that at least marginally approaches the brilliance of the post is immense.
    I give up.
    In my very humble opinion, the highlights were:
    “leech like hospitals swinging/crawling into action,” “Cowbon cycle” and “Getty Mayhem.”

  62. Vasuki Avatar

    Hahaha…too good! :))

  63. Arthi Avatar

    Ur blogs are awesome! U shud consider compiling ur blogs into a book. I check for ur new blogs even before opening my microsoft outlook to begin the day (coming from a fellow techie thts a huge compliment ). The visuals were simply hilarous(every bit of it) and I’m still laughing over the “cheevidunga” saree 😀

  64. vijay aka vj Avatar

    Awesome writing dude.It was hilarious all the way..
    Keep going.Iam your feed subscriber now. 🙂

  65. Majestic M Avatar
    Majestic M

    Man!! that was hilarious. I liked giving away the 2 GB flash drive idea..

  66. Ram-Su Avatar

    Parava-Illay! Nalla analysis! Manday Irukku!

  67. Dilip Muralidaran Avatar

    fantastic work, love this.

  68. My3 Avatar

    Sorry Maaan. I agree with everything EXCEPT that girls get ONLY one saree that will morph into 7. No No No!!! How is that possible??? I am sure that all girls, ladies, women agree with me

    More the Sarees
    The Merrier 😉

  69. Raji Avatar

    hahahahahahahaha…. haven’t stopped yet.

  70. Subbu Avatar

    Brilliant work Ashok. My niece forwarded it to me. And she is getting married shortly. I am already spending time at the bench press – getting prepared to carry her and run. With all the crowd around, it will be like robbing a bank on Ranganathan street and hoping to get away.

    I have tons of remarks on your Magnum Opus

    I liked the Getty Mayhem the best ( and Chandra’s observation of counter clockwise – I don’t have the patience to type out “apradhatshinamaannaa” ). It is best to give the remote to the Vadhiyaar ( who anyway controls everything). Or maybe the Vadhiyaars can have the Getty Melam as a ringtone and have it Bluetooth syched with your Getty Monster. Incidentally, in that scene, why is an Iyer getting married to an Iyengar – direction mistake – ah illa intentional -ah ?

    As for your description of blessing with flowers – I am not sure if you sound like PGW or Peter Sellers in The Party. It was brilliant. How about supplying blowpipes used for blowing darts – ana adhu echchael. How about paint ball guns instead of cannons – more portable. The contractor will arrange for all of that I guess.

    My problem over the years have been the sarees. Why bother buying them all ? Why not just have a lending library kind of system ? Raviraj or Easwari can be contacted for technical knowhow. There is some much of unused inventory lying around.

    As for video, great suggestion. But if we do not have the time to watch it even once, who is going to sit and edit the shots from different cameras and mix them ???

    As for moi or moyy – whatever, why not simply swipe our Credit cards. It can be connected to the same Getty Monster which can yell out your name, amount gifted, currency, equivalent in INR etc.

    What are your thoughts on the Reception Kacheri – where the singer is only one on stage singing while all others are oblivious to her presence ?

    How about issuing tokens for people who want to congratulate the couple. We can have a display ( like in the Indian Consulate) calling out the number that is being served. Further thoughts on this – If number 43 is being called, we can expect 44,45,47, 49 already waiting on the wings. Or else , get a token with an early number and sell it in black when the session starts

    Absolutely Awesome. Keep up the good work.

  71. Jay Avatar

    Awesome presentation Ashok! Keep it up!
    For gifts, a web link of the groom & bride detailing the gifts they would like to receive or a paypal link for cash contributions will help
    As and when the invitee enters the marriage hall he /she picks up her name embedded paper cups (2) for coffee & water to increase number of trees saved.


  72. Vinod Ramamoorthy Avatar

    Infact we can take a cue from the Mallu weddings.. They have a big bundle of flowers placed right above the grooms’ & brides’ head. They just pull it at the time of taali kettal .. 🙂

    But we have to find a solution to nalangu. I wouild protest so many appalams being wasted …:d

    Rocking post …

    ps : Krish From TCS if I m not mistaken ?

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  74. M.R.prem Kumar Avatar
    M.R.prem Kumar

    I never imagined a TABRAM marriage can be made so hilarious.

  75. M.R.prem Kumar Avatar
    M.R.prem Kumar

    I never imagined a TABRAM marriage can be presented in so hilarious. way

  76. Sri Avatar

    ROTFLOL!! Brilliant post…!! 🙂

  77. CDMGirl Avatar

    If you enjoyed this blog, you will also like “Washingtonil Thirumanam” by Savi.

  78. Anu Avatar

    1 kalyana saree a – that must have made your wife frown.

  79. shash Avatar

    whoa..that seems a lot of process engineering on the occasion called marriage..

    i see an advantage with the mms photographers..a lot of prospective brides would make it to album..

    also the “nalang”..could be have improvements..paint ball, lazer gun could make it to the arena..

  80. Priyanka Avatar

    This one just made my day 😀

  81. soundarya Avatar

    tht was really too gud….nd the comments made by people evn better….evvalavu idea vechikeengale neenga idea maniya????

  82. Karthigeyan Avatar

    Good Post man… Good thinking.. had fun….

  83. Junkblues Avatar

    In the case of ‘useful cash’ during reception – we can print in the invite itself – only cash, no gifts please

  84. Aaarti Avatar

    hahaha.. i so agree with everytthing u’ve written here… 🙂

    all our tambram weddings are wacko… 😉

  85. SpaceJunk Avatar

    For the people who attend the wedding from previous day – especially when it comes to sleeping – there is lots of issues w.r.t. number of beds and pillows available. And most of them are given away to the groom’s side at times… something has to be done about the logistics part of this issue… Any technical solution for that?

  86. santacraze Avatar

    ashok, you are awesome.brilliant!!!

  87. Mad Avatar

    Well, I am going to employ every one of these techniques in my Maybe Ill remain a bachelor for life.

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  89. Meera Avatar

    Good one 🙂

  90. Ramya Ramani Avatar

    Wonderful ! Good Read.. ROTFL 🙂

    I object for the Saree thing! You can easily put them into use by transforming sarees to Salwars/Pattu Pavadai’s/Skirts.. making our imagination go wild! I was one such beneficiary from my amma and aunt’s pattu pudavai’s 😉

  91. Vinayak Avatar

    Hilarious mate … well done. Should get the cliches out of the weddings … all weddings are same

  92. Directhit Avatar

    Absolutely hilarious 🙂

  93. SV Avatar

    I wish the nadaswaram people would play a Thodi aalapanai! Instead one hears silly film songs and such. I don’t have anything against film songs, but when blared out through the grand nadaswaram at a wedding, it does make one reel a bit, both from the nuanceless blast and from the rudeness of the shock. And while we are on the subject, watch this:

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  95. Poonam Avatar

    nice observations! the flower throwing was awesome
    someone should definitely start implementing it…..

  96. Sivajini Avatar

    I love your blog. Tis hilarious but also insightful. Keep up the good work. 🙂

  97. Deepika Avatar

    That is probably the best post a tambram mind could come up with!! have tears in my eyes, laughing like a moron in the office! 🙂 Please don’t stop writing!

    PS. I have a good mind, sending that post home and letting my parents decide whats good for the world. 🙂

    PPS. You missed out some other cool things. The orange juice being spilt around the whole place, in those kutti tumblars… The rice ball throwing by all the maamis when the couple sits on the oonjal… the slow car drive along the road, which is embarrassing and not to mention, conjesting traffic…

  98. Pradep Avatar

    Great Post KA . You forgot to mention abt the Scent Sprayer which usually is modelled like Laughing Buddha Holding A Disc above his head which is supposed to spray panneer over the visitors . It left me nauseous is many weddings . Should find a solution for it 😛 .

  99. suresh Avatar

    dude…who are you …..I am glad i stayed back to write this comment…before dying of laugther…DOL… shall do an exclusive one on the philosophical implications of marriage..the kashiyatra and the likes…..and also one on One of the profies i came across had a the dad of the groom talking about his (dad’s) gold medal in IIT…

    this reminded me of my childhood moi man days when i managed to funnel some money for tennis balls. ..shhhh

  100. K.Ramachandran Avatar

    Great point, Thenga Chutney, fully agree, wonder why no one brought up this point b4

  101. K.Ramachandran Avatar

    Krish Ashok, u r supercalafrajalisticespialidoshes ( btw its an old compliment from the 60’s “Mary Poppins “)

  102. Bhavana Avatar

    Brilliant post! Your articles are always a pleasure to read. Keep it going, Ashok!

  103. Bhargavi Avatar

    anna! even i agree with your nadaswaram interruption part of it. very true indeed.

    Also abt the people who come to take the kalyana video.. I tell you… they know exactly how to focus on us while eating… appo yepdi oru gundu bulb oda light keezha saapdamudiyum?? So ur idea seems to be good enuf.. 😀

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  105. Shree Avatar

    Any plans of releasing Wedding 2.0 ? 🙂

  106. manirangan Avatar

    Nice enriching environmental friendly creative ideas for tambram wedding,the cannon ball flower stuff is really interesting, fix one in the middle of the marriage hall facing the mandapam and shoot one after the other in queue,

    also the Moi, extending the MOI, if all the gifts come with RIFD tags then we could get rid of the passing the parcel of gifts, but in the hind sight its environmentally friendly as this literally amounts to recycling

    re-cycling the waste food is terrific concept but now a days with the shooting prices of basic commodities, i think we need to pass a bill in state to make cow shed with cows compulsary in all major mandapams ..

    cheers and keep writing


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