Tamil Radio ads for Apple products

My mac mini has been lying around, unused, ignored, in a dusty corner of the house wearing a plaintive look that can best be translated as- “Boot me. Please”. To add insult to injury, my brother has been booting Windows XP on it (Dual boot using Bootcamp) and playing games on it.

For Mac OS X, that is the unkindest cut of all. Being ignored while a buggy piece of bloatware from the beast in Redmond uses that beautiful piece of compact hardware like a Hindi movie villian looting izzat from the hero’s sister.

So I decided to restore some parity and started up Garageband yesterday on OS X to try something creative. To put things in perspective, Windows ships with the almighty Sound Recorder, while OS X ships with Garageband, a full fledged music studio for amateurs.

Earlier in the day, Mr Krish Raghav (budding journalist, bon vivant raconteur and passionate gamer) came up with some ideas on what 80s Tamil radio ads for today’s products might sound like. In fact, we had a brief discussion on radio ad formats, and we settled on three that were exceedingly common:

1. Person A uses a product. Person B gets curious and expresses desire to learn about product. Person A launches into features of product and praises it to the heaven. Person B expresses gratitude and sings his own paeans of product.

2. Person A asks kid(s) a question. Kid’s answer, for no apparent reason, includes product reference. Person A quizzically asks Person B why? Person B provides highly contrived connection between product and kid’s answer.

3. A problematic situation is explained/enacted. Enter savior, who, by the smart application of product, solves aforementioned problem. Everybody praises product.

So, how would Apple advertise on Tamil radio. Hear on:

all voices: Krish Ashok ; Script: Krish Raghav and Krish Ashok

Apologies to those who do not understand Tamil. I thought about doing this in English, but it didn’t quite sound authentic. Anyway, contest on for best English translation of above audio clip. Prize: Custom designed Merit Badge.