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I got tagged. Twice. This whole tagging business reminds me of this game we used to play back in Vidya Mandir in 1988. When teachers used to finish their syllabus early, we would have a few free classes, and if the play ground was occupied, they would ask us to play something called “Memory”. It involved kids, in sequence, remembering words (perhaps animal names) that others said before them, and then adding a new word of their own to the increasingly unwieldy menagerie. There would be occasional show-off (the ones whose parents could afford to buy them a “World Book Encyclopaedia” or “Childcraft”) who would add “Quetzalcoatl” to the list, but little did they realize that it was the innocuous “dog” or “cat” that people would forget simply because they are so non-descript.

Hold on. Where was I? Ah yes. I got tagged twice and I am told that if I did not respond before a third time, the ravens in Besant Nagar would poke my eyes out (after breaking my spectacles first, of course).

Desigirl and Sharanya have graciously given me (a rather Italian sounding) award called (drums roll…)

When I first saw the logo, I thought it was a Telugu ad by an ink manufacturing company hoping to gain some cred in the blogosphere by sponsoring an award of some sort. Bril ante Weblog.

And just when I was about to pawn the pixellated, multihued diamond at the local Chaman Lal Pawn shop to get myself some cash to go buy games for the Nintendo Wii, I was told that I am supposed to pass the honour on to 7 of my favourite blogs, because the rules state

The Brilliant Weblog award is a prize given to sites and blogs that are smart and brilliant both in their content and their design. The purpose of the prize is to promote as many blogs as possible in the blogosphere.

So here we go. My 7 favourite blogs (not in any particular order)

Baby Vaijayanti and Puppy Manohar – Leave your disbelief at the door. Next to the footwear.

Bengalooru Banter – If blogs were mallu playback singers, his would be Yesudas. If they were Kannada superstars, his would be Rajkumar. If they were Tamil comedians, his would be Vadivel. Coincidentally, he is a bit of all the three himself.

Maami – Her blog is a lesson in how to craft posts. Beautifully written prose that we get to read for free instead of paying Rs. 395 at Landmark.

Bengloori Girl in Denver – Entha funny

On being Tamizh and a Penn – a.k.a The Tambram Times of T-Nagar

Autobiography of an ordinary man – He often writes the funniest comments on my blog, but his posts are even funnier.

Son of Bosey – Not updated frequently enough for my taste, but funny nonetheless.

26 responses to “Tag you very much”

  1. Pramod Biligiri Avatar

    frist post!

    Bril ante Weblog.

    Man you are too good!

  2. philramble Avatar

    A well deserved “Brill ante” weblog, dude! I guess I’ve read some of the blogs you mentioned as your favourites, and a regular visitor on some of them.

    Waiting for your next music or cartoon related post. Until then, there are some old ones I haven’t read.

  3. Dinesh Babu Avatar

    “Little did they realize” – Have you watched Stranger than fiction?

    Bril Ante – Telugu Bril Ink company – Brilliant!

  4. maxdavinci Avatar

    chck the URL on pri’s blog, It has an extra htp:// at the end.

    congrats btw..

  5. buddy Avatar

    i speak as a longtime lurker
    your blog is brilliant!

  6. rads Avatar

    lol@bril ante weblong 🙂

    I’d forgotten all about this tag! argh! :\

  7. Priyank Avatar

    Nice links, and congrats 🙂

  8. prats Avatar

    Congrats on the Bril Ante award…..
    you deserved it, and I now can get to read the other nice blogs too….

  9. Nandini Avatar

    🙂 Great faves, I see!

  10. soumya Avatar


  11. Quakeboy Avatar

    Hey check out

    fantastic.. and u will like it

  12. Anand Ramachandran Avatar

    Well done!

    And thanks for the honour. Now I have to nominate seven blogs?

  13. Baidik Avatar

    Ashok Dude – have read most of pieces mentioned as your faves – none of them are half engrossing as your ones. There’s one advantage though, I dont worry my self on when I’ll let out this sharp squeal in office.

  14. Thaths Avatar

    This “Get one pixellated diamond, give to seven others” sounds like an experiment in communicable, ummm, social diseases rather than an honor. It has pyramid scheme written all over it. The geometric progression of 1, 7, 49, 343,…. means that latter day tagees are going to be left holding the pixellated diamond with no one to pass the parcel to.

  15. maami Avatar

    Aww KA: Congratulations and tag you very much.
    Now, can I nominate you seven times over? 🙂

  16. Bikerdude Avatar

    Muy dankes I say 🙂

  17. Arunk Avatar

    Yes – need more regular updates from Son of Bosey – one of my favs.


  18. girl-next-door Avatar

    A VM alumni, nice! just curious, when did you graduate from there?

    i’ve read a few blogs of late who recd this award, but your intro was by far the best!! a telugu ink manufacturer?????only u can come up with such stuff!!

    recommended by you, surely adding these 7 blogs to my rss feed…

  19. narendra shenoy Avatar

    Thanks, sir! or, as baby v would put it, Ah dhang you. My first impulse on getting this award was to execute three and a half reverse somersaults but I settled for some nice whisky. Now I’m off to nominate my seven….


  20. pri Avatar

    many thanks boss. i must now go protect my wardrobe from evil hurricane gustav. ok tata.

  21. kavitha Avatar

    YAY…Congrats! And 5 of those seven are my favs. Wheeeee.

  22. sthitapragnya Avatar

    LOL @ a “Telugu ink manufacturer”!! Brill ante ide (This is Brill)! Brilliant! Mee srujanaatmakataku naa johaarulu! Meeru ee bahumati ki arhulu! If you need a transtlation – My salutations to your creativity! You deserve the award!

    PS: Sometimes I don’t get your Tamil jokes though!

  23. […] Krish Ashok – Third time he’s getting tagged by the Telugu Ink Manufacturing company! […]

  24. Harini Avatar

    ROTFL –> Telugu ink manufacturing company….

    Congrats ……….

    pssst pssst :- wat food did ur mother feed u for u to have such creativity…

    bless her….

  25. stefan Avatar

    85uMXK gkosir7v2bcakf8Gsbv420Vs

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