Aamaanga, pannamudiyumla


It’s been 2 weeks. I took a short vacation from the Blogosphere to pay a little more attention to some stuff at work, because it pays the bills and all that. I am also in the final stages of buying an apartment. Thus the slight lack of all things bloggy.

And in the meanwhile, a Chicago brotha just became the Prezidint of the ‘nited States. And as someone in IT, I ought to be worried, because like every other democratic candidate, he has threatened to put extra salt in the outsourcing sambar. But that’s being too Indocentric, and since I see myself as a citizen of the Local Group (the Milky way, Andromeda etc), let me ignore the India angle for the moment. In any case, our newspapers and magazines are on the ball, and have devoted many pages to the critical issue of Obama’s India plans (Will Ba Rock the Kashmir issue?, Will Ob hammer Pak on terrorism, When will Barack call Manny etc).

But first things first. How on earth did he win? Did Diebold get the coding for their machines done out of India? Perhaps a careless programmer in Bangalore left a critical function commented out.

void turn_red (Vote vote)
printf (“Hello! Entering turn_red()\n”);
//TODO switch vote to republican if current vote is democrat
//Stubbed out for testing.
//if (vote.for() == “Stalinist Islamofascist Wealth Redistributor”)
printf (“Hello! Exiting turn_red()\n”);

Anyway, some one’s sure getting fired for this debacle.

What was interesting about Obama’s overall campaign was its extreme tech savviness. The man had a Youtube channel, Flickr feed, Twitter stream, a Facebook page, a Myspace profile and a Linkedin page. The only things he missed out was an Orkut page (Obie…iz..now..prez), a Linux distro (Obuntu, Puissant President) and a forum thread on pagalguy.com (How to crack the US Election?). And I am also surprised no “Obikwelu Obama”, ex-Nigerian-prince, and alleged step-brother to Barack, did not send us all emails asking us to help him (with 20$) release his ancestral treasure so that he could help his noble step brother win the election.

In other unrelated news, it’s Conjunctivitis season in Madras. Chen-eye, we call it. And perhaps, the policemen stationed outside the Ambedkar Law college had a particularly nasty case of it, because a couple of days back, a posse of apparently chen-eyed policemen stood on the other side of the Law college equivalent of the Mason-Dixon line and refused to prevent several nasty specimens from conducting detailed experiments on the effects of iron rods, muscles and kinetic energy on human flesh. As they used to say back in the 90s, Idhu Thaandaatha Police.