Dear 21yr old fake Versace T-shirt wearing guy

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Was it the virgins or did you expect to be back home after your exploits in Mumbai? I am also told that your brainwashers don’t necessarily specifiy  the gender of the virgins supplied in the Mission-Accomplished-Bar you guys chill out after your courageous displays of blowing up unarmed civilians. In my opinion, I don’t really think virgin women (and men) dig your kind of kill-for-statistical-glory bravado. Playing video games involves more bravery because the AI at least shoots back.

So what was the point really? To shut India down? So you think repeatedly attacking Mumbai enough times will push it over the edge into collapse. Um. Not going to happen, and I am not speaking with chest-thumping Rambo-style aggression, or Dubya style bring-it-on fake machoness. I know my India well enough to know its limitations. We have our fair share of corrupt, ineffective politicians, a slower-than-a-three-toed-sloth administration, a crippled alertness and rescue infrastructure, and an educated middle-class that mostly does not participate in the democratic process. We also have people like Raj Thackeray, but the India I know is not likely to panic and indulge in an overdose of security theatre. I speak as someone who has lived in Mumbai in the past and studied at OLPS, Chembur for a couple of years, eaten its Vadapav and wolfed down its Pani puri. Listen to this. While the NSG was flushing you guys out of the Taj, the city was already back on its feet, back to doing what it does best, learning from its mistakes and moving on.

Guess what. The city will slowly, yes, painfully, learn, and do what it needs to do to keep itself safer. Mumbai will demand that the administration be better prepared, and that a local version of the NSG be created. Mumbaikars understand something that your guns and grenades cannot blow away. They understand the myth of 100% security, and that it’s more important to live and enjoy one’s life while being sensibly prepared for the worst. That spirit, I am told, is more or less bomb proof. The people I’ve been following on Twitter and occasionally on TV all exemplify this attitude. While our media will chew on this fodder for a few more weeks, the city will take a deep breath, commit to memory, and reboot.

Other minor matters. One hears that the plan was to “Marriot” the Taj? To bring a historical building down and sear the collective consciousness of an entire city?


It’s still standing.

Again, no misplaced pride here. Perhaps a slightly better understanding of civil engineering might have helped, but then again, had you guys paid more attention to the teachers in your school than the brainwashers who packaged a suicide mission as a go-buy-some-candy-for-me request with a return plan, you might have learned enough to call their bluff.

A small request to the Taj hotel management. How about a one-week, all-expenses-paid vacation for these guys at your hotel? This was about the only time they could have afforded to sit in your reception



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  1. wanderlust Avatar

    terrorists have their own resorts and all.. see here

  2. Giridhar Avatar

    The brainwash ultimately faded off when he saw the mutilated body of his terror-mate. Maybe he then saw the light that the virgins will no more like his body in such mutilated condition.

    Hell with the so called spirit of Mumbai. It literally translates to “We are Sitting Duck, its always open season for slaughter”. Its time we stop being complacent with time and be on defensive alert mode.

  3. Rekha Avatar

    I hope the 21 yr old fake versace tshirt wearing guy (if hez around) and his pals get this message. The commandos truly deserve that holiday in the Taj and much more.

  4. mbchandar Avatar

    1. அம்பு இங்கே. எய்தவர்கள் எங்கேயோ!

    2. சின்ன பசங்க வாலிப வயசுல தப்பு பன்னிடாங்க. அவங்கல தப்பு பன்ன தூண்டியவர்களை கண்டுபிடித்து இந்திய அரசு தண்டிக்க வேண்டும். if they are all from pakistan, we should take legal actions against pakistan and also question their efficient about combatting terrorism

    3. commandos deserve the stay in taj for some time.

    4. see if you can answer some of the questions i have related to mumbai attack

  5. Venkatesh G Avatar

    The guys are truly brainwashed.
    The terrorist could be hardly twenty !!!

    Nice post.

  6. Vivek Avatar

    Rightly said.One thing in your posts that is not seen in many places is about the idea of giving the commandoes some time off(if they have something like that,so dedicated are they) at the Taj as special guests.
    And media should treat it sensibly rather than in the usual hungama style it shows to everything.I know I am asking too much from the media,but everyone can hope for it . 🙂

  7. sangu Avatar

    I have always wondered if the so-called mumbaikar spirit has anything mumbaikar about it. most places attacked by terrorists these days get along with their lives once safety is ensured. The real reason, i have always wondered, could be simply apathy. you get to see so much of the carnage these days that u become immune to it. i know it sounds good and all, but i wish people would stop quoting it like fact-of-matter like.

    and tata should not only do something for the commandos, it should do something for the staff as well. from all i hear, they acted very responsibly and risked their own lives for the sake of their guests.

    3rdly, are you really sure the building is safe? i mean, there were plenty of grenade explosions which according to eyewitnesses, shook up the entire building. such an old building may well have become structurally unsafe. anyhow, tests should prove it properly.

  8. Sheba Kunhimohammed Avatar

    I dunno what kind of smoothtalkers they have to persuade young men to kill people. What kind of brainwashing do they go through that they don’t think twice about killing innocent children..forget about others!!

    Just hope, that instead of saying the same old stuff about Mumbaikar spirit, this time, we do wake up and do something about this!

  9. smitha Avatar

    Mumbai will definitely come back to normal.. But do we have any option? Also this would be true of any city in the world.. Sure, no place can be 100 percent safe – but our government has a responsibilty to atleast try to make it as safe as possible.
    As for the commandos – certainly they should be rewarded in every way possible.

  10. ahumanbean Avatar

    Fake Versace-aa?

    Not, I thinks.

    These brainwashed morons are heavily funded by other brainwashed moneyed *&$! idiots. And they buy the best – case in point: they had AK 47’s to our 40+ year old weapons.

    Am guessing the 20 year old moron had $ 100 Calvin Klein chuddies, no less.

  11. Aqu Avatar

    Awesome thought! These brave brave men deserve a break. Can somebody pass on this message to the powers that be? Or maybe send this post to Ratan Tata.

    As for these bloody terrorists, I hope they are in a special kind of Hell that Allah would have created for people who kill innocents in His name!

  12. naren Avatar

    What really saddens, as you point out, is the futility of the whole thing. Nothing will change in Mumbai, or in the rest of India for that matter. Nothing can. People are not going to get shut down and stay at home. Not because they’re brave or anything. They can’t afford to. They live in society. They have families to feed, kids to put through college, vacations to plan, things to buy. They can’t afford to do things on the basis of whether they get virgins, of either sex (in Osama’s case, they say his indoctrinator promised him virgin goats). They have to go out and slog their butts for it. The messengers of god will never understand that. Much easier to mow down a few hundred unarmed people than take flak from an employer.
    I’m sure security will tighten. There will be more frisking, less access, midnight patrols. But we have a population density higher than Europe or the US by a factor of 20 and poorer by a factor of 40. We’re going to be sitting ducks for a LONG time. We can only hope that the supply of evil people gives out before we do.

  13. Vijay Dev Avatar

    The commandos deserve more than just a week ! And don’t forget that they need to be paid better in the long term.. When pathetic politicos and bureaucrats are getting paid in sacks, these real heroes are getting peanuts !

  14. Ashish Avatar

    Excellent piece and great suggestion in the end.

  15. Chutney Avatar

    Those Commandos deserve that and much more.
    Ratan Tata, Are you listening?

  16. Dinesh Babu Avatar

    That’s true, but it seems a lot of damage is done with just 12 armed men. Security needs to be beefed up. We need to just go for it and start attacking the terrorists camps. We also need to fix the root cause of why these terrorists are made/born. Above all, we still cannot make an Individual to not become a terrorist.
    திருடனாய் பார்த்து திருந்தாவிட்டால் திருட்டை ஒழிக்க முடியாது.
    I loved the last line. These guys deserve a big vacation. They have fought the terrorists, amidst poor infrastructure and support, ready to lay down their lives.

  17. Hipposaur Avatar

    This set me thinking for a long time. Maybe the only respite in dark hours is black humour. Engrossing post, keep ’em coming.

  18. vishwa Avatar

    The best post I have read about this audacious attack. Awesome!

  19. inbavalli Avatar

    Very well written piece. Yes, we Indians will move on because we don’t really have an option. While Americans talked of “terror sex” and treatment for clinical depression for nearly two years after 9/11, we return to work the very next day after a disaster – be it a terrorist attack, floods or tsunami. Hope Chidambaram gets done with Bharatiyar quotes and starts work quickly.

  20. Saket Jha Avatar
    Saket Jha

    It’s a great post.

  21. Naesann Avatar

    I agree more than 100% to the last point what you have mentioned… 🙂

  22. satts Avatar

    Well easy for us to assume stuff, but imagine the amount of brainwash that must go into pushing these guys to the brink.

    The real villains never come onto the battle field. They conduct their Jihad behind closed door, the dudes are trained by real professionals, ISI -> Paki Army, last I heard some rumour even LTTE on how to use marine tactics to launch attacks.

    Raj Thack has learnt his lesson , All his F%@^ tirade on Southies and Northies is farce. NSG symbolizes the best of INDIA.

    The only thing I fear in mumbai some times even in educated members is the backlash targeted at particular segments of society.

    Well Mumbai is not a Vibrant city, or resilient,There time == money and hence all have to be back on track.

    Lets hope that our security folks understand the need for ramping up intelligence. they must understand technology,social media, TV and its imapact on security measures.

  23. aslam Avatar

    Yes, all the soldiers, commandos, policemen and the firemen involved with this, deserve a good vacation. And the political setup and the administration, need to end theirs..!

    All those people, who supposedly claim to be the champions of people, have no face to show us. Ultimately its our brave men in uniform, who are the true heroes and champions…!

    On the other hand…. i feel that this is the first time in recent past, that the rich and the influential have been hit, unlike the common poor man who was targeted earlier, who goes by local trains and visits the market to buy vegetables. I expect more actions and reforms now, compared to any such previous incidents…

    Jai Hind

  24. gaurav Avatar

    I feel asking from Taj hotel management for free stay is wrong at this time. May be Mr Tata can get TCS management to slash salary to half for just one month of consultants on bench and make way for comfortable stay of brave commandos at 5-star hotel / resort at this or some other luxury property of Taj.

  25. tragicomixx Avatar

    Raj Thackeray must treat the entire NSG-MARCOS-ATS contingents to vada pau at Tiffin when it reopens…… or why wait! Leopold’s is back in the thick of things already, innit?!

  26. denice_menece Avatar

    chet, I think as you said nwo that they have acheived virgins and orgasm they might as well watch Mumbai ad rest of the India take charge of their own lives, nope, there won’t be “thsi too shall pass” I am so glad that all the artsy fartsy actors and actresses and socially responsible socialites are taking part in an open discussion..Simi Garewal quipped in one of her interview…”come I will show you when you look down from a tall building in Mumbai towards teh slums down- you happen to see some 20 pakistani flags”
    isn’t that awesome to knwo!? and can’t teh muslims who have always been hideous about thsese attacks must come out and march with rest of us christians sikhs and Hindus.

    I dare them!

  27. Ramesh Srivats Avatar

    Great thought – the one about doing something for the commandos. We only seem to wake up and conduct media funerals when they die. What about rewarding the ones who survived too.

    Don’t particularly agree with you on the ‘spirit of Mumbai’. I don’t think we should hide behind euphemisms. It’s no consolation that the building is still standing. We get on with our lives because there is nothing much else that we can do.

    While the politicians and media continue their tamasha.

  28. Baidik Avatar

    Guess what – this operation I believe was funded by P-Notes before SEBI got its act together .. and then withdrew it.


  29. Hariharan Avatar

    Nice write up. Straight from the heart.

    Next time I hear they are planning to wear MegaDeath T-shirts and say “don’t tell us we didn’t warn you”.

    Pretty sure even if they had called up our intelligence services and inform about the bombings, anything would have happened.

  30. Manish Krishnan Avatar

    This terrorist guy looks so normal. Looks like one of us.. one of those fake versace wearing wannabes .. you know.. the kinds you find all over the place..
    Yet! God knows what happened to him in his childhood…(Allah knows I mean).
    But yes, promise of virgins might have done this to them considering the complete lack of skin show in ’em countries. Some sadist wouldve told em “Hey .. the more you kill the more you get!”…. AAAAArghh… &*^&*^&*^&

  31. Hariharan Avatar

    not anything.. nothing.. big mistake..

  32. 10yearslate Avatar


    You are closest to the mark. Mumbaikars will be sitting ducks for a very long time.

    For those who haven’t, do read Vikram Chandra’s ‘Sacred Games’. At the risk of spoiling the end for you, one of the dons, Ganesh Gaitonde (read Gawli) after a lot of smuggling of, among other things, arms and ammo, quickly builds a nuclear blast proof shelter in his hideaway in Mumbai.

    For those of you who have read the book, you will know that all the incidents in the book are as close to real life as possible.

    My fear is that the nuclear scenario from the book is NOT FAR-FETCHED AT ALL.

    If I was in Mumbai, I’d be afraid, very afraid indeed.


  33. prats Avatar

    Misplaced sense of revenge, brainwashed youngsters, and more…this was what butchered the sensibilities of everyone around. Forget Versace…I wonder if he even knew what he was wearing….i’m sure one day he’ll regret all this.

  34. ashwini gowariker Avatar

    great post! especially loved the title – and its take on the madness of last week 🙂

  35. cram Avatar

    “courageous displays of blowing up unarmed civilians.”

    this is war, plain and simple. there’s no room for righteous indignation; the enemy thinks it can walk into your living room and blow your ass off and you just let them do it.

    if you are foolish enough in this day and age to expect the enemy to wage war only on the borders of kargil and kashmir, then you might as well dissolve this nation and hand it over to the jihadis.

    “Playing video games involves more bravery because the AI at least shoots back.”

    here we go again. yaar, it’s high time we stopped this bullshit about “cowardly” acts of terror.

    why are we obsessed with consoling ourselves and informing the whole wide world that what the terrorists did was not a brave act? like they give a f**k! we just showed the whole world what sitting ducks we are, and all you can talk of is how “cowardly” all this is. pity! if anything, we should be directing our ire at the state for failing us time and again, and so, so, so miserably this time. look at israel – they are surrounded by hostile neighbours, but you never hear them whine. they are always ready to counterattack. guess what they said: our response was “slow, confused, inefficient.” basically they are telling us to stop whining and come to our senses.

    this wasn’t some mindless shootout, it was a masterpiece in sabotage; these guys were here for months, had received commando training, planned every single move, held out against our commandos – among the best in the world – for 3 days! this was pure war. and you want to “shame” them by bringing in video game comparisons. ridiculous!

    “So what was the point really? To shut India down?”

    well…with every attempt they are getting closer to that objective. unless we stop the bullshit that india will not be cowed down and that the “mumbai spirit” wll overcome, we are in for some big-time screwing.

    “While the NSG was flushing you guys out of the Taj, the city was already back on its feet, back to doing what it does best, learning from its mistakes and moving on.”

    this is precisely the problem – everyone parroting the same bullshit about how mumbai is a resilient city, it will bounce back (as no though other city does)….all that crap. look, a wounded man cannot run a marathon. he shouldn’t pretend he can. he should let the wound heal, strengthen himself and try and ensure he doesn’t get grievously wounded again. otherwise, he runs the risk of learning to live with wounds all over the body, fooling himself each time that he will bounce back and run with the same vigour. it’s high time we nailed the lie. and i hope the media bastards will learn a lesson and stop raising this nonsense whenever mumbai is under attack.

    >rant over<

  36. Jaya Avatar

    Definitely the commandos deserve a treat….now that the attack is over , wats the next step? everybody shamelessly told its India’s 9/11, wat about day-day bomblasts which are happening at J&K?
    are they ignored coz they do not affect the sensex? its definitely encouraging to see statistics that the percentage of voters have increased coz of this incident and also proud that there still people bothered about the country. especially has done awesome work, the map they have posted for each constitution is so accurate. but still….yaaruku wotu podaradhungo??? 🙂

  37. Clement Avatar

    The spirit of Mumbai is a fallacy and behind this fallacy politics hides itself. It is only because that every time after a terror strike business resumes like after a holiday break that nobody wants to do anything.
    My heart goes out to all those who lost someone in each of these attacks but till they do, pardon till WE do something like probably what is happening in Thailand, nothing will change. A few lame ducks will lose their jobs, people will walk around with false bravado and then when the novelty wears out back to work.

  38. Madhujith Avatar

    Not sure what will happen next, but is being resilient the only way that we can respond. I was truly inspired by the dialog in the movie “A Wednesday”- How can someone decide when I should die?

    These so called Jihadis (God only knows who they out to liberate :-)))) is there any way that we could induce the same fear in them again read- influenced by A Wednesday’s philosophy.

  39. Sudharsan Avatar

    Now that the attack itself has panned out, its time to sit back and enjoy our politicians cope with its after effects. Lots of drama, stupidity and (unintended) humour can be expected from these veterans of farce. Picture abhi khatam nahin hua mere dosth..

  40. buddy Avatar

    Mumbai’d rather take its own time to be back, but stomach calls for many.

  41. krishashok Avatar

    Chill dude. You are painting a strawman. I’m not quite calling for inaction while hiding behind veil of Mumbai’s “spirit”. The whole point about steeling ourselves, being more sensible about urban security and demanding better from our apathetic administration _is_ part of what we need to do.
    I am not an expert in Geopolitical equations or military strategy, but my question to you is – so declaring war, and dropping a few bombs on our “enemy” neighbour will solve this problem? How many places are you going to bomb? Or do you have a map of all training camps that our military establishment do not have? Ill just say that war is no better than inaction. We do need to fight a war, and that’s not on an abstract noun called “terror”. We need to fight a war to get better governance.
    Im with Clement on this. We need to do a Thailand, not a Dubya.

  42. B Avatar

    So many ppl died in the Mumbai terrorist attacks. Very sad day.

    We dont have any spirit left and its true. The feeling of numbness and resignation has always been misunderstood as mumbai’s resilient spirit. i Wish everyone stops talking abt Mumbai’s spirit.

    Mumbaikars are simply fed up of being treated this way 😦

  43. kbpm Avatar

    Good One! I especially like your last line… And yes I hope it does not degenerate into Dubya-ness..

  44. […] Suggestion.. to honor the commandos 1 12 2008 I vote for Krish Ashok’s suggestion – A small request to the Taj hotel management. How about a one-week, all-expenses-paid vacation for […]

  45. S Avatar

    Nice writeup and the commandos definitely deserve a stay at the Taj.
    I was watching the video of Operation Water Rats on ibn and it makes me shiver thinking how vulnerable our coastline is. The incoming ministry should look to strengthen it first.

  46. rayees Avatar

    WAR is not a solution, that could cost another few hundreds of our jawans and billions of rupees, while we still dont have enough for proper drainage or good roads or a hospital in the rural or sufficient judicial courts for the ever-rising population. There is no assurance that the terror attack will not return after a WAR with our rival. It is more important that we strengthen ourselves from inside, reform ourselves.


    I liked that last line, we gotto accept that there is a huge imbalance in the earning ability among us.

  47. cram Avatar

    hi krish

    ok, chilling!

    “I’m not quite calling for inaction while hiding behind veil of Mumbai’s “spirit”.”

    i never said you did. i only wish everyone would stop talking about this socalled “spirit,” which is actually counterproductive. during a time of war a city should be on guard, not pretend everything’s alright and go about its business.

    when indira gandhi was killed, delhi froze for 3 days, until the army came in and restored sanity. but last week, fools like rajdeep sardesai were already asking prominent bombayites whether the city would bounce back – at a time when the operation was on in full swing, people were still getting killed, bombs were going off…i mean, wtf? endha nerathula edha kekkanumnu oru vyavaasthai vendaam?

    is it a case of insecurity, i wonder. a need to contantly keep telling oneself that bombay is a great city, to romanticize every single aspect of it, even though much of its sucks. boys don’t cry, bombay doesn’t cry – even if someone kicks it in the nuts so hard its eyes bleed.

    whenever there are blasts, the media never fails to remind us that bombay says no to terrorism, as though every other city says yes to it!

    “The whole point about steeling ourselves, being more sensible about urban security and demanding better from our apathetic administration _is_ part of what we need to do.”

    i agree. 100%. why can’t we just keep the focus on that? ridiculing the jihadi’s motivation, calling him a coward, making fun of his 72-virgin aspirations…i think that’s dangerous because once you go down that road you stop taking him seriously. and when an establishment does that, it results in a mess like this.

    “I am not an expert in Geopolitical equations or military strategy, but my question to you is – so declaring war, and dropping a few bombs on our “enemy” neighbour will solve this problem? ”

    of course not. i’m no expert either, but i don’t think we even have the option of war. we just don’t have the international clout to drop a few bombs and get away with it. and remember, pak is a nuclear power. with the US on its side.

    “We need to fight a war to get better governance.
    Im with Clement on this. We need to do a Thailand, not a Dubya.”

    not about to happen, is it? we are too self-serving people to actually take to the streets. if at all we do it’s for caste-based reservations.’s your blog and you’re free to write what you want. But it kinda saddened me to see you too get sucked into this “bombay will bounce back” bullshit. Peace!

  48. Clement Avatar

    Hi, left a ref to your post in my page

  49. revathi Avatar

    You know why these virgins up there remain so? Nope, they dont do it with these fellows. They will just pounce on him and reduce him to a pulp.

  50. Ramanan Avatar

    Maybe a lot of people do not have the intelligence / maturity to accept the truth as proposed by Cram… even if it is the truth.

    Maybe people need to be re-assured that everything will be all right and they need to go about their business for that to happen.

    About Taj treating the commandos to a week long holiday… I feel this is rewarding people for going about their duty. I think the hotel employees deserve it more than the NSG.

    I personally feel NSG would just prefer a thank you and some night vision goggles or better armor.

  51. Raghu Avatar

    Krish. Good post.. While I agree that the commando’s deserve a break, it should be the land grabbing/crores making politicians who should foot the bill. And isnt it those politician b!@#$%^ who get Z category security everyday from these elite commandos? Why does Mayawati need 350 cops to protect her, were it not for the pomp? What hurts me most is that Karkare was wearing his (so called) bullet proof vest and the bullets went through it to kill him. Some one needs to pay for screwing that up.
    Also I read somewhere that these guys are heavily drugged. So I am not so sure if they can think. I feel it is time the Indian Govt shows the so called proof and call our neighbour’s bluff.

  52. anon Avatar

    “brainwashing” is far too lazy a response about anything… for instance why don’t we revert to our earlier stand against Israel occupation of palestine.. oops no! then the US would not let us have real Versace Ts or Macs… maybe then we’ll learn to feel a little angry over the death of 1700 cotton farmers who killed themselves in nearby vidharba because governments (Industrialists included in this definition, more so now than ever, in as much as their lobbies fund governments and push decision making and opening of markets and also the middle class who also believe in India Inc.) like ours can’t offer them support prices anymore because of treaties that the US pressures us to sign in offer for IT labour and multinational brands.

  53. Hidden Pixels Avatar

    Great Thought at Last… they really diserved much more… but our polititions are really **** Guys… i got one nice SMS want to share it here…


    TRULY GR8 INDIA!!!!…

  54. raj Avatar

    joining the discussion late – and seriously, I dont think cram is off the mark. Deriding the terrorists is stupid. They HAVE been smart in executing this. Give them that much credit. As for brainwashing, looks like the guy who was caught is talking about a ditch-poor family and the money gained by joining this operation. So, it does seem ikaloka benefits have been considered by him compared to paraloka benefits. The brainwashing may have been to the extent of making him believe that he could return succesfully after completing the mission.
    It is lazy thinking to insinuate that every terrorist is motivated by 16 virgins and so. It reduces them to caricatures – and they seem to be far more sinister than a mere caricature. They have guts, they have brains, they are multi-skilled as this operation shows. I do think that they are far more intelligent than “i-will-get-virigins-in-heaven-so-i-wil-kill-infidels” simpletons. Your post has subscribed to sterotypes and manufactured some half-decent black humour without understanding the issue or the people involved in full.

  55. raj Avatar

    As many of KA’s state-mates would know, people could self-destruct for a cause for various reasons – money for family, revenge for atrocities on their community/family , idle brain etc, including doctrination. But Doctrination is an after-effect not a cause. By insinuating that doctrination is the reason an otherwise sensible person turned to terrorism is to ignore real causal factors, which is dangerous. Doctrination is not a causal factor.

    Why is Pakistan a fertile breeding ground for fidayeen? We have been talking of Indians turnign to terrorism because of neglect of the minority community and the consequent poverty and poor conditions of their living. How about Pakistan? Seems like people turn to terrorisn there also because of poor living conditions. Isnt that a fascinating aspect to explore and highlight – remind Indians that poor living conditions arent exclusive to Indians and that the Pakistani heaven that these people might be imagining may well be a mirage?

  56. shivraj Avatar

    well the guys that they have caught is the one wearing fake versace .
    good post although lefties At the end leave a bad taste in mouth

  57. Hari Avatar

    Great post this Krish! Frankly, I think we need to do more than just went our anger like this. Pls take a look at this…

  58. Red Avatar

    Sad aint it and all the friggin’ politicians can only sit and state crapola as the cause. Dont even wanna get started with RT and his BSsing.

    I was at work and so noone bothered to call me, as if that wudnt get me pissed later on. To be able to call Mumbai and tlk to the folks back there was a treat.

    good pix

  59. Dubbagol Team Avatar

    You actually think it was a fake Versace…why it could be real given the kind of money and middle eastern links jihadi’s have what in buying a real Versace from Dubai etc to fit in at the Taj /Oberoi !

    Dubbagol Team

  60. Alfred Devanesan Samuel Avatar

    “How about a one-week, all-expenses-paid vacation for these guys at your hotel” – definitely these hero’s deserve more than that.

  61. Yashashwini Avatar

    Another good post. Made me laugh, at them. But whats the point?

  62. Martin Avatar

    You again elect United Pakistan Agency to power you can expect the India is sold to Pakkis and other Jihadis.. minority appeasement is a law.

  63. angry indian Avatar
    angry indian

    the b*#&;:-#& had a trial and got to eat biryani at the cost of indian taxpayers money all these days . I fail to understand why. He should have been given ‘their style’ eye for an eye punishment and been shot on the streets of the city like a rabid dog. Hope that is the verdict on may 3rd

  64. M3nt1c1d3 Avatar

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