Snacks, any one?

For some reason I was doing a “View->Source” on some webpage, and I ran across

<a href="#">Pull</a>

And I thought, what was missing was

<a href="#">Sthree</a>


<a href="#">Napunsaka</a>

That would have made my Sanskrit teacher at VM proud.

Have a merry christmas. No wait. That would be very selfish. Have a Teri christmas and a Hamari christmas as well.

Update: Naren and I are having a limerick battle. You can follow this sordid struggle here

Note: Perhaps all of the above is a result of some latent fear surrounding the impending theft of my wisdom tooth by malicious dentists next week. Please excuse.

52 thoughts on “Snacks

  1. Why is this some season for wisdom tooth extraction? My friends facebook status messages, two-three blogs and then my own jaw pains now and then. There is something strangely psychosomatic about teeth. Not good.

    Jokes were paddu worshtu mokkais btw!!! :p

  2. after wisdom teeth pulling (noooo not sthreeling or napunsakaling), hope ur post standard does not become like this post … hee hee!
    anyways, have a gr8 christmas.

  3. Vidya Mandir???
    Ashok: Of course. Is there another one? Oh wait. That shady Adyar one. They had just started that when I left VM.

  4. HaHaHa! Welcome to the subtle jokes club. Pull/Sthree/Napunsaska!

    One is inspired to poetry

    The Vidhavan Pandit Shastri was mulling
    Over the fact that all his students were pulling
    He marched out of the door
    Chopped the neem tree to the core
    Kept a branch in his class and called it Treeling.

  5. Naren,

    Make that “Two” are inspired to poetry

    A male baby seal may not be called a sealing,
    but when he pilfers, it is stealing.
    So when he goes to Denmark
    On a whim and a lark,
    Surgeons do some pulling and he becomes sthreeling

    Your turn now.

  6. I am pot bellied and balding, I fear
    And fascinated with Google Earth when drunk on beer
    From the bottom of his heart
    Wished a friend who’s very smart
    Hairy Christmas and Mappy new year

    This is turning out to be one of those qawalli ka muqabala between hero and heroine in hindi films.

  7. So we move on to cartography eh? Never mind.

    A geeky real estate agent named Ferrer
    was hooked to Google Maps like a jihadi to terror
    So when he opened Firefox one day
    and Google said no way
    He took his life because of a javascript error

  8. Hahaha! Reminds me of someone, in Catch 22 i think, who was “shanghaied because of a faulty diode in an IBM machine”
    Speaking of computers and their grand-daddy, shri gates, I have heard it said that
    Melinda and Bill did physically attach
    And Mel screamed “Faster! There’s a moment to catch
    Said Bill with a blush
    Darling I know you’re in a rush
    But my vista’s downloading a security patch.

  9. Ah the Beast from Redmond.

    There was a nubile assassin named Beth
    who snorted cocaine and crystal meth
    Posing as a curtain seller at village fairs,
    She would smear cyanide on her exquisite wares,
    earning her the moniker – blue screen of death

  10. the talk of lings reminds me of idhayam oil-pulling!

    someone was featured in the sunday chronicle!

    Ashok: Not my fault. I had no idea that they would put in enough visuals to suggest to readers that I was actually forming a political party

  11. There was a blogger called Ashok,
    or Krish, no one knew for sure.
    He put so much mokkai in a post,
    but it was the comments that were the toast,
    Of the bloggers, whose poetry came to the fore.

  12. Just received – Spy message from our underground reporter in Redmond WA

    Bills new secret OS is winning praise here
    It’s sexier than a Victoria’s Secret Brassiere
    It’s very chic and pro
    Though I think it might be slow
    Because they say it’s nick-named Windows Glacier

  13. I am a simple girl who grew up in Perambur
    Far from the peter-vuthufying folk in Mylapur
    Of railways and mills my mind is full
    But alas, not of stree, napunsaka and pull
    So could you please explain the joke to one from another oor?!

  14. Dear Kamini, it is but a simple matter,
    of mixing web technology and sanskrit grammar
    The a href and /a make a hyperlink
    while Pull and Sthree notify genders, I think.
    The joke mokkai is in mixing the former with the latter

  15. To Krishashok:

    Oh kind sir I give you thanks
    For at last I have joined the ranks
    Of those brilliant South Madras blokes
    Of those laughing at your jokes
    Now I too can go laughing all the way to the banks!

    (Surely wisdom tooth removal well be less painful than reading all these awful limericks!! Good luck anyway, and a very happy New Year)

  16. At work I’m often found reading Krish’s blog,
    Loved the bit about Achuthanandan’s dog,
    It keeps me entertained,
    Less stress, therefore less strain,
    As I find myself getting sucked into this bog.

  17. Microsoft may have called it Glaicer,
    which you might think is a tad easier
    But the Glacier’s hold Man United
    for which thousands are devoted,
    No point I think, might as well get randier!

  18. ioooo…… just to bring in an element of innovation/inspiration, i quote from the ‘karadi tells’ or karadispeak (i could do something original, but it would pale in comparison with the master and hence i make no effort):-

    soolakaruppan adi da
    idha sollikitte pudi da
    gumthalakara gumma
    idha vaangikada summa
    Aathankali Paduthakali Stinkali
    Vaada en thakali

    someone help me out with the last 2 lines

  19. Hamari christmas and teri happy new year to you krishashok! Been following your blog for a long while now, finally got to commenting.

    Grounded and Fried Spice mixed Curd liquid…….funny ! Wouldn’t some crispy sepankizhangu fry or parupusili be amazing with that?

  20. KA is a big-time blogger, and boy is he Peter
    Jalsa, jilpa, gilma, it sure don’t matter
    Witty, funny, naughty, he is by choice
    The southside shore ne’er got a better voice
    Id, Diwali or X-Mas, just don’t stop your natter!

  21. May I place my protest on record for such ling-uistic tyre-ani in limericks? St. Patricks Day is three months away, for Iyerappa’s sakes! Merry Krishmas, BTW!

  22. ok, been following this blog for ages, seldom tempted to comment, but can’t resist this:

    I usually think “will comment some other time”
    but now when I see this battle of rhyme
    between the funny Krish and the witty Naren
    I say, “naanum indha velayatukku varen”
    after all, writing mokkai is not a crime!!!

  23. Oh crap, HTML’s a sucker..
    Krish’s poetry has a bit of a format,
    it starts of wit a (name goes here),
    (The next line makes it sound as though,
    the line was written in rhyme with the former),
    The cunning plan of the man hath been revealed,
    but, oops.. I dun think I’m much of a Rhymer.

  24. The birth of JC is a festive magnum opus,
    Celebrated round the world with enormous fuss.
    But me, I plan to be a lazy dog,
    And read the past stuff in this blog,
    Thus giving myself a very merry ‘Krish’mas

  25. Alternatively you could have used the hindi equivalent of neech by putting up a pic of any “neech” (mean in hindi) politician !

  26. There lived a sage in days of yore,
    Who once drank a bucket of mor,
    When asked how he felt,
    He loosened his belt,
    And said ” I’m fine ! But my Liver
    Is a-Twist. Please, sir, I want some more !!”

  27. Traveling daily by a noisy three-seater,
    Harried by a sprinting auto fare-meter.
    Reading this blog everyday,
    On my new i-phone, hooray!
    Quick lessons on vuttufying peter

  28. “Have a merry christmas. No wait. That would be very selfish. Have a Teri christmas and a Hamari christmas as well.”- Priceless!

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