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I once met a vibrant young chap at an Open source conference who did not have very nice things to say about his college. So, it was about time this was done, was it not?

ps 0: In case you don’t see the subtitles, check to see if the “Closed Captioning” option is on.

ps 1: The subtitles are easier to read in full-screen mode

Update 0: As mistaken_identity points out, it turns out this video is particularly relevant right now given that the “Single Window System into the Windowless Universe” Anna University Counselling sessions are on. Is there a user generated college ratings site? Shouldn’t there be one? Apart from factors that parents care about, I’m sure we could add “Rules-are-Rules-stubborn-idiocy-levels” as a critical factor as well.

Update 1: In the spirit of open source, I am making available the srt file (subtitles) I created while putting together this video. Those of you who are familiar with basic video editing can edit the srt file (it’s a simple text file), add your own subtitles and create your own Hitler video. In the interest of aggregation, do use the following tags: downfall, parody, hitler, desi

Subtitles file

Note: In the interest of security, does not allow me to upload an srt file, but in the interest of sheer irony, they do allow MS Word documents, so I’ve renamed it with a .doc extension. So please rename it to .srt after you download it.

The original video, without subtitles, can be found here:

67 responses to “Concentration Camps”

  1. Harish Avatar

    The last line reminds me of this. “Close the doors of the windows, I have winter in my nose today”

  2. curdriceaurora Avatar

    Kavithaakku payment seattu :))

  3. Idling in Top Gear Avatar

    I loved the bit about MK Stalin.

  4. Rahul Jauhari Avatar

    Ha ha ha ha – love that last line – think every college had a teacher who used that line 🙂

  5. rads Avatar

    Neatly done.

    Though I have to air my pet peeve. It’s MADRAS for cryin’ out loud, not Chennai! I don’t like Chennai, I like Madras 😦

    1. krishashok Avatar

      It’s Chennai when I speak about all the things I don’t like about it nowadays. It’s Madras when fondness is involved.

  6. ashwin Avatar

    Stalin portion dhoolu! 🙂

  7. Marc Avatar

    Absolutely hilarious! This definitely had to be done.

    Closing with the Jeppiar quote was a masterstroke!

    Man, colleges are seriously terrible these days.

  8. sid Avatar

    Can’t stop laughing!

  9. […] Engineering colleges are so bad even Hilter is pissed off that they’re copying his ideas. Krish Ashok managed to score an exclusive: Concentration Camps […]

  10. Chittaranjan Avatar

    Soooper Da!

    That MK Stalin dialog/subtitle was a masterstroke.

    And Why Kavitha? I thot Cowsalya wud have been more appro 😀

    1. krishashok Avatar

      In the original, the girl is called Gerta or something, so Kavitha sounded phonetically similar.

      1. Varun Avatar

        A brilliant parody. 🙂 Btw, in the original it is Anna.

  11. KarSub Avatar

    Hope Kavitha manages.

  12. Naren Avatar

    Too much! Just can’t stop laughing!

  13. Sowmi Avatar

    That was very good job.. and Kavithaku payment seat is just amazing.. Congochacko (Congratulations) Kavitha 🙂 MK STALIN part was very very hilarious lol! Superb Video Krish 🙂 and if you manage to get Jeppiar’s english speaking skills, I request you to put that also 🙂

  14. Nandini Vishwanath Avatar

    Love it. Very very apt and hurts a lot.

  15. Dharini Avatar

    Awesome! too good! I m speechless! 🙂

  16. GajabKhopdi Avatar


    By the way I happen to be a victim of the worst of those concentration camps and believe me, its not for the sake of just words. Those places can actually frustrate and drive a rational person to heights of depression…

    I have penned down a few experiences from my own life:

  17. Suresh Ramasubramanian Avatar

    That guy isnt the only uneducated lout running a college .. plenty of others that fit his stereotype to a T. This guy though is unique enough that he has a bunch of Ajeet / Lallu Yadav etc jokes recycled into his name ..

    Might as well work towards telling your family members to pick a college for better reasons than “good discipline”. I did that, and haven’t regretted it so far, neither has my cousin.

  18. Venky Avatar

    well what can i say u are the king of satire.

  19. pri Avatar

    haha. i was curious what you would made him say before the part where the room clears out. perfect. and perfect ending.

  20. mistaken_identity Avatar

    I bet the funniest thing is the counseling happening at Anna university. Single Window System for window less concentration camps.. 😀

  21. webalfee Avatar

    எப்படி இப்படி தோழரே !

  22. Rampee Avatar

    Totally lou it! 😀
    (The Chennai and not Madras nomenclature is just class, total respect!)

  23. Gradwolf Avatar

    ROFL brilliant. Girlfriendless zombies was awesome.

    Is this part of the movie that cult? Lol, I am sure you’ve seen the video of Hitler angry with Watchmen, the movie, ending without a squid.

    Here it is.

  24. Gradwolf Avatar

    Ah I just found out how big a viral YT meme it has been all of 2008! Mea culpa…

  25. Karthikeyan Avatar

    copied from the iphone vs 5800tube comparison video..

    1. abc Avatar

      Brilliant finding! Mind visting this ?

  26. Jeff Jenkings Avatar

    Hitler is a joke

  27. Daniel Avatar

    Hmmm.. nice subtitling

  28. Dinesh Babu Avatar

    haha lol at the final line – Open the window let the climate come in!

  29. thequark Avatar

    Hilarious! And last line is cherry on the cake

  30. maami Avatar

    Sehr gut!

    1. krishashok Avatar

      Vielen dank bitte

      1. yeth Avatar

        Dei, ponnu comment adicha reply panriye da !

  31. Ab Van Kenabi Avatar

    Ultra gethu video.

    Should be loling, rofling and other abbreviations….but frustrated/sad that things have come to this.

  32. Bala (Karthik) Avatar
    Bala (Karthik)

    ROTFL Brilliant

  33. wanderlust Avatar

    not that much humour in this one…. though the stalin bit was a masterstroke.

  34. scudie Avatar

    having seen the original Der Untergang when it realeased in Madras (yes it did! Satyam occasionally does such social service!), i laughed out aloud for the first time in the past one week!

  35. Kavitha Avatar

    HAHAHA! But aiyooo en manam pochu. 😀

  36. Karthik Avatar

    Just Brilliant!

    “Open the window and let the climate come in”. Indeed a concentration camp!


  37. hariharan Avatar

    superb sir! asusual, you are a great satire. If you start one weekly magazine krislak, I will be an eager buyer of yours 🙂

  38. Meenaks Avatar

    This is incredibly brilliant! So good! “MK Stalin” bit was ultimate! And yeah, tha “Kavitha payment seat” too! You are rocking!

  39. Pannikutty Ramsamy Avatar
    Pannikutty Ramsamy

    I think its, “Open the window and let the atmosphere come in”

    Great post as usual!

  40. Pramod  Biligiri Avatar

    Am I missing something? The video was all about Michael Jackson’s death?

    1. krishashok Avatar

      Not sure what you mean. Yes, there is a “Hitler finds out that Michael Jackson is dead” version of this same scene as well, and it was pretty popular. Mine is the Chennai engineering colleges version

  41. jynn Avatar


    That last line deserves an …oscar(aaaskaar )

    How did you think of that……..mindboggling…

  42. Ranga Avatar

    You truly are one of the most lateral thinkers i have come across. this was hilarious and like some of the other comments above, i loved the kavitha payment seat and the last line. absolutely amazing blog!

  43. mathew Avatar

    howlarious!!! had a good laugh!!;-)

  44. Srivatsan Avatar

    Awesome post man!! Stalin part was ultimate!! sooper!

  45. sudharsh Avatar

    This isn’t fair. You just made a joke of all the torture I faced in one of these camps. You know what, you should be made to attend one of these camps. Boy, I will be so happy to see you cringe over the impossibility of talking to the girls.

    Just another IT zombie

  46. Meera S Avatar
    Meera S

    Hello Krish,

    I’ve been a regular here, for months…I’ve spent hours reading all your previous posts. You’re funny, sensible, smart,entertaining… and so are so many other readers of this blog.

    I felt my vocabulary was too small to leave a comment here, but couldn’t help myself this time.

  47. Anu Avatar

    Yours is a good one!

    “open the window, let the atmosphere come in” – JPR rules!

    And guys checkout “Benny Lava” in youtube. Our very own Prabhu Deva’s songs recreated by Croatians….Awesome! Have fun!

  48. Robbie Delon Avatar

    Greetings from another South Indian, trying to run away from the mediocre system of almost everything prevailing in Kerala. This is my first comment on your blog and I am sure there will be more. My comment isn’t relating to the post but rather to what you write for Zeitgeist. I absolutely adore it. What you said about schools not teaching rhetoric, argument and scepticism was very similar to what I had been pondering about for a while now (although I wouldn’t have laid it on paper even half as well as you did). I’m 15 and I find it rather awkward in school because I have no one to talk to about my interests. No one here has heard of Freud, Godard, Dostoyvesky or Nietzsche even. My interests lie in literature, music, cinema, art and fashion but I don’t really have much of an opinion on all this since I have only recently developed a liking to these subjects. Before this I was blindly copying and following what the popular kids in school did. Now I laugh at myself and them, knowing that I know much more on various topics than them and that I will continue to learn more than them.

    I wanted to know what movies interest you and what kind of art interests you. Also do let me know how you started to be interested in literature and philosophy. It will mean so much to me as I already have started siting you as an influence and inspiration for me.


  49. Nishita Avatar

    While talking about my blog redesign in my post, I have referenced your blog. Just to highlight the fact how much difference can be seen between one Vigilance theme blog and the next. Hope you don’t mind 🙂

  50. Srinath Avatar

    That made a lot of sense! Being one of those zombies that have passed out of an Engineering college in Chennai, and gobbled up by an IT “giant” for a couple of years of mindless work, I can relate to it so well. Unfortunately, there is no light at the end of the tunnel, unless the whole education system/social outlook changes right from secondary school (I’d say our primary schooling is kinda okay)

    [SHAMELESS ADVERTISMENT] A post that I wrote in this context, about Indian and cheap IT –

  51. […] Churchill stole his Big Mac or when Nikon overpriced the D3x or EVEN when he found out that the engineering colleges of Chennai are concentration […]

  52. ganesh Avatar

    it is funny….for me it was doubly funny..happen the watch the movie just a week back with english subtitles (i think it was called downfall)….amazing creativity….kudoos to you man

  53. nrispot Avatar

    good stuff….i just came up with the next round

  54. katriona Avatar


    how about the .srt file of the original English subtitles for this clip (not the whole movie). Do you have them? can you upload them, please? I can’t find them anywhere.

    Thank you in advance.

  55. Hathim J Avatar
    Hathim J

    My God!! Creativity at its best. The revised subtitles was amazing. You’re on blogroll from today

  56. […] Churchill stole his Big Mac or when Nikon overpriced the D3x or EVEN when he found out that the engineering colleges of Chennai are concentration […]

  57. amar Avatar


    thanks a ton for the subtitles file , god bless you…..

  58. Roscoe Tall Avatar

    Thanks for taking the time to write this write-up. It’s been rather helpful. It could not have come at a better time for me!

  59. groupe malakoff médéric Avatar

    Salut, Merci de partager autant d’informations. Maintenant, j’en sais plus à ce sujet. Auriez-vous des forums ou blogs a me recommander.

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