Concentration Camps

I once met a vibrant young chap at an Open source conference who did not have very nice things to say about his college. So, it was about time this was done, was it not?

ps 0: In case you don’t see the subtitles, check to see if the “Closed Captioning” option is on.

ps 1: The subtitles are easier to read in full-screen mode

Update 0: As mistaken_identity points out, it turns out this video is particularly relevant right now given that the “Single Window System into the Windowless Universe” Anna University Counselling sessions are on. Is there a user generated college ratings site? Shouldn’t there be one? Apart from factors that parents care about, I’m sure we could add “Rules-are-Rules-stubborn-idiocy-levels” as a critical factor as well.

Update 1: In the spirit of open source, I am making available the srt file (subtitles) I created while putting together this video. Those of you who are familiar with basic video editing can edit the srt file (it’s a simple text file), add your own subtitles and create your own Hitler video. In the interest of aggregation, do use the following tags: downfall, parody, hitler, desi

Subtitles file

Note: In the interest of security, does not allow me to upload an srt file, but in the interest of sheer irony, they do allow MS Word documents, so I’ve renamed it with a .doc extension. So please rename it to .srt after you download it.

The original video, without subtitles, can be found here: