Kaka Kronicles: Astrology Fail

Surely, somebody, somewhere in the dark recesses of ISRO is speculating that the launch of Chandrayaan was astrologically inauspicious, and that the failure to account for the Katapayaadi Sankhya of Mars being malefic in Capricorn while calculating the launch time. Or perhaps it was Rahu kaalam when it went on its way.

I refuse to believe that they launched this thing without any astrological considerations

Original Image credits: Johniponken


16 thoughts on “Kaka Kronicles: Astrology Fail

    1. You cant invite him for DK party. They are senseless idiots, mobilizing people and wasting their time as well as peoples time causing disturbance to public but Ashok sir is next generation Karl Marx and Osho

  1. Trivia: The positions of Rahu and Ketu as calculated in Indian astro{nomy|logy} are those of the north and south lunar nodes, and eclipses happen only when the path of the sun/moon intersects one of them. This is probably the origin of the mythology (unless it’s the other way round, which is too freaky to believe).

  2. Maybe next time, they’ll break open a pumpkin and make sure someone ties a black thread with a lemon and seven green chillis on it! lol

  3. Reminds one of the Vivek joke ” Ada paavingala, aayirum spare parts odaatha vandi, indha oru elumbhichai payyam nalla odarudha”

  4. Since the hallmark of a geek is to get their trivia straight, just thought I’d enlighten :).. technically Mars is malefic no matter which zodiac sign it is in. And it is actually “exalted” in Capricorn

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