Vote for Me

I realize that it’s been a while since my last blog post. As I sat around airports and hotel rooms over the last couple of weeks wondering when to publish my next post, this happened:

I put two and two together and decided that it was funny in a darkly ironic way that politicians normally fail to deliver and then come looking for votes during election time. So it logically follows
Hey Hey Vote for me ya ok thanks tata byebye

Yes yes, you might point out that the poster is recycled from an earlier post. The hallmark of a good Indian politician is not only his ability to make one laugh till one cries, but the ability to reuse, recycle and republish posters, manifestos and ideologies, so there.

So people, vote for me. Let freedom ring like a doorbell that plays the Gayathri mantra. Yes we can, I say. This is change we can believe in. I think, therefore I aam aadmi. India is shining with the clicks of a million blog readers and the rofls of millions. Lal Krishna Advani might have failed, but Lolz Krish Ashok will not.

My manifesto

  1. I promise to post once every week
  2. I promise to respond to every comment, politely
  3. I promise to use a combination of Google Calendar, Basecamp, Post it notes, Phone alarms and plain ol’ memory to remember to keep my promises
  4. I promise to do item nr 3
  5. I will continue to tweet
  6. I will tweet my posts
  7. I will post my tweets

In addition, I declare that all blog reading citizens will be given posts in full colour. We will also undertake a full fledged agitation at the central level against the imposition of chatspeak as it is against our traditional Wren and Martin culture. Where there are masks, I will expose their temples. If they slap me on one cheek, I will crack jokes so that they say “what cheek!”.

It is our destiny, and destiny has a child. It’s called Beyond Say, and this blog will continue to look beyond and say the unobvious

Jai Hind

Update: I would like to announce some pre-poll alliances. Our Coalition of the Shilling, newly minted PUB (Progressive Union of Bloggers) includes

Please vote for them.

ps: The various city chapters of PUB are called Madras Union of Bloggers (MUB), Bengaluru Educated and Entertaining wRiters (BEER) and Hyderabad Online Pranksters (HOP), Delhi Online Progressive Entertainers (DOPE), Calcutta Association of Multifarious Pranksters Assembling Regularly on Internet (CAMPARI), Cochin Online Gang for Nefarious Activities & Conversations (COGNAC), Trichy Internet Professionals & Sly Yahoos(TIPSY) and finally the Ranipet Ultra-laughter Macchaans (RUM)

More alliances are being worked out as we speak.

UPDATE: The polls are open. Please vote here –