The Slacker’s Dilemma

There’s a scene from my all-time favourite TV show “The Wire” where one of the drug kingpin’s lieutenant grabs hold of a sheet of paper that one of his underlings seems to be writing on and asks incredulously – “Don’t tell me you are writing the minutes of a meeting to discuss criminal conspiracy!” and then proceeds to shred it to pieces. Well, the actual words used were a little more colourful, but you get the picture.

Ah, but the online world is distinctly unshreddable.

So if you are a slacker, a member of that noble breed of creative individuals who refuse to let the burden of something as trivial as work get in the way of focussed inactivity or alternative non-value-adding hobbies, you need to be aware of this

The fact that most managers dont use the web to cross check excuses comprehensively proves that all managers are n00bs