Kumbakonam Degree Copy

Update: The video has been now been removed, and one hopes it will be back up with credits going to the original script writer

I saw this today

And then realized that our Lavanya Mohan had, in Nov 2008, deviously time-traveled to Jan 2010 and with immense patience, listened to and wrote down the dialogues in this video by Charukesh Sekar (co-written by Vichar Hari) and turned into a blogpost in the past and shamelessly attracted several adulatory comments thanks to the dialogue’s unquestionable wit.

Shame on you Lavanya.

Do you not know how hard it is to be creative in an era when creativity abounds like milk powder in Aavin milk? Did you not realize that even shady 1970s intrumental rock bands got caught for note-by-note plagiarism of Anand Milind’s classic “Akele hain” from QSQT? Or did you actually think that your readers would be so naive that they would fall for your time-traveling trick?

Wait. What?

You say they copied your blogpost word for word, syllable for syllable and slathered on top of it, some lame-ass overacting and released a slickly produced 8 minute video on youtube?

Yeah right. You expect us to believe that? Hardly sounds plausible. The only explanation that makes sense (and obeys all known laws of physics) is that you chanted some arcane Iyengar mantra and opened a time-portal to Jan 2010 early in the morning and quickly transcribed the dialogues and updated your blog, just before the 1st commenter, Shankar said “hehe goodness love this”

In addition to shameless time-traveling and ripping off Charukesh Sekar’s intellectual property, you have blasphemed his faith by retroactively changing all Iyer references to Iyengar references. Clearly, Charukesh‘ original future wish was for the title to hint at Aparna Sen’s “Mr & Mrs. Iyer”.

I must say that I have a very confused attitude towards plagiarism. I enjoy laughing at Anu Malik and Deva, both masters in the art of singing elaborate alaapanas to Alaipayudhe, but rarely go after folks who copy stuff from my blog and pass it off as their own. Once or twice, I did leave lighthearted comments about the strength of the Kumbakonam Degree Copy these plagiarists were drinking, but beyond that, I usually let it go, but if there’s one kind of plagiarism I cannot tolerate, it’s time traveling Iyengar girls copying from hardworking, amateur Iyer filmmaker boys in the future.


44 thoughts on “Kumbakonam Degree Copy

  1. these guys are engineers. guess the habit of copying thesis from another corner of the world got carried over here. we need a systemic change methinks.. or awakening thro’ media

  2. Thanks for the humourous take on plagiarism, one of my biggest peeves. As a society, we can all pretend plagiarism doesn’t hurt, but it stifles innovation and clearly sets us back. I try to teach my students the seriousness of the issue, but ironically, there is Dr. Kamal, he of the serial plagiarism fame, on campus today delivering a ‘cultural lecture’. Oh, well, I guess I have to try just a bit harder in class next time!

    And what’s with the bloody overacting?

  3. hmmm….did u read the last comment on Charukesh posting the link on FB?

    By Vichar Hari

    I dont remember reading it anywhere else. I might have read it somewhere else, and incorporated it. Nonetheless, why so much scrutiny? 😛

    tells u the state of our pride on faking not knowing the stuff existed as an excuse 😦

  4. Cut C some slack please. Its clearly two different stories.. This one talks about Iyers.
    Lavanyas was completely about Iyengars.

  5. The villain of the piece seems to be this vichar hari, who, on being asked point blank on Charukesh’s FB page if he had lifted it, said he didn’t remember reading it anywhere. Here’s the screengrab http://twitpic.com/z6sa3

    Charukesh compounded the felony by not verifying this even after seeing those comments.

    I hope they realise your post is sarcasm and don’t end up using it as a defence.

    On the other hand, it will be jolly good fun if they do 🙂
    Ashok: I have sent them both personal messages expressing my solidarity with their cause of ridding this world of time-traveling Iyengar girls

  6. And the studios’ logo is eerily symbolic of the ‘copyright’ signal. Oh, the bloody irony of it all 🙂

  7. I owe you a drink, saar. 🙂 thanks so much. I’ve sent them a personal message too. If you ask me, they should get someone to get a video of their reactions when they see their fb inbox. It’d be more entertaining than THAT movie anyway.

  8. Ah. My sister has been a victim of a nitwit.
    Why so much scrutiny?

    Now, if you all will excuse me, I would like to leave a message saying ‘Your short film sucks. Oh, I’m sorry, did you realize that I hurt your feelings? No, you probably wouldn’t have since you don’t have a brain, to speak of.’
    Where should I post it?

  9. It is not a faithful reproduction. There is atleast one glaring factual error. Do Iyer brides get to sit on their father’s laps when tying the thaali? I thought it was reserved for Iyengars alone.

    1. Aw. Maami you are too nice 🙂 Talentless, and in this case, also the IQ-less. It didn’t occur to the maker/”scriptwriter” to do even a single google search! sigh.

  10. Yuck! Total idiots to plagiarise online stuff … I do hope they get the point which is a bit of a cerebral challenge …. see, Hirani was soooo clear and beyond doubt ….

    I’ve seen the Mr & Mrs Seshadri stuff ages ago …. Lavanya, what a hostile overtake!

  11. Krish,

    Thanks for finding that crap video. That prick has to know that he cannot get away with his prickly work. I dont post much on yours as well as Chutney’s , but am following them for a very long time.

    Yeah, it is a blatant copy but he has to learn his lesson. I am not so well versed with beating the crap out of that jackass over the web, but do let me know if any support is needed.


    1. Finally,

      Those prickheads have removed the video…….

      I too voiced my opinion against their video and went to chk for comments again after some time….and was surprised….. It’s removed…


  12. Thanks to this post, I got to read Chutney’s hilarious post – thanks Krishashok.

    “Copyright” It sounds to some people like “Copy it right”, and they do it right royally I guess! *Oops – This sounds so T Rajender-ish sorry!*

  13. You won’t believe it if i tell you but i recently had the privilege of discovering (call it a freak psychic vision) that one of my classmates’ blog (which was “super blog da machaan”-ed) for quite a while, was actually a collection of existing blog posts from various innocent, creative, unaware people. The clever person that the person is, said person changed the “whys” to “ys” and the “thats” to the infamous “dats” and thought to said person’s self “I wrote this blog”. Repeated it again and again until said person believed it. Sadly for him, intuitions and psychic visions exist.

  14. As much as I hate verbatim plagiarism, I find it hard to believe that the _idea_ took till 2008 to (travel back in time and 😛 ) get on the internet. Just when I thought that (thaathaa, paati et. al. notwithstanding) we were in tune with times…
    Puthu material podu paa, thalai suthuthu.

  15. Pannara thappiyum pannittu, chinna ponnu kita kali pasanga madhiri threat-viranga.

    True Kollywood style!!

    Chee thoo…. Ketta ketta words are coming to my fingertips…

  16. Saar,

    u wont believe, even ur blogs are circulating as forwards esp. that one on boss checking on your leave…he he … definitley no stone is left unturned when it comes to plagiarism…

    Ashok: No worries about that. It’s an image, and it has the words “Krish Ashok” plastered all over. It also has a link to by blog at the bottom. So the more it spreads, the better for me. It’s going to be hard for anyone to take credit for creating that 🙂

  17. @Chutney: Brilliant Blog… that post was my fav. 🙂
    @krishashok: Nice post!!!

    And here to support you as well.

    1. @this post
      Deviance is one my all-time favorite posts, but saad to know that me and many others had fallen for the time-travelling trick of Lavanya! 😦 Bad! really Baad!

      @in general
      Good that lots of people supported this issue.
      The best to do was to disable comments on the latest post in chutney! 😛

      Congrats on your first (that i know of) script for a short film! Keep writing! Your work is the bestest!!!

  18. Hate to break it to you, but you should be aware that your accusation of plagiarism against The Shadows is entirely wrong – it is in fact the other way round, unless you believe they somehow travelled forward in time and stole the so called ‘Anand Milind Classic’ then went back in time and released it. Return to The Alamo (writers: Welch/Marvin/Bennett) appears on the EMI album ‘Tasty’, which I think you will find was released in 1977. It is a shame that Anand Milind are happy to take the credit for music they stole – I would be embarrassed if I were being praised for producing a great piece of work knowing I copied it wholesale, obviously these thieves aren’t. However, I believe credit should go to the actual writers and people should be made aware that the work is stolen.

    1. It just occurred to me that that might be what you were saying in the first place, in an ironic fashion, in which case I’m stupid. But the point still stands – some people might not know the song was plagiarised.
      Ashok: 🙂 Actually, the entire piece is sarcasm/irony and filled with chronological reversals. I do know that the QsQt song was plagiarized, note for note, from The Shadows’ original

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