Mile Sur Mera Tomorrow? Fail

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I woke up today, did my morning ablutions (Freshen teeth, Refresh Twitter) and quickly realized from a cursory glance at my browser that India Inc. had rebooted, reprised, refreshed, renewed and re-engineered Mile Sur Mera Tumhara. As the unauthor of the unauthorized uncut undocumentary on version 1.0, I was more than looking forward to find out if this new one was a case of “Empire Strikes Back” or Windows Vista.

But it had to wait, because I had a quiz prelims to participate in and fail to qualify. Anantha and Aditya, having seen the video before they came to the quiz, seemed a little dazed and confused, as if they had fought the Battle of Evermore on the misty mountain hops. I asked them how the new version was. Anantha, for some reason, could only incomprehensibly utter a few words. Like “Salman Khan”. And for some reason “Cut banian” as well. It did not make any sense. “Mile Sur” and banians are not the fondest of bedmates. But I decided to wait and find out more once the ritual of not qualifying was done with.

I then had a heavy lunch featuring a main course of Oil with a modest side of Channa and Bhatura. With a stomach mildly peeved at the lunchtime assault, I settled down to watch MSMT 2.0. The title said “Phir Mile Sur Mera Tumhara”, and I had some misgivings at that point. Why did Anantha call it MSMT 2.0 then? Nothing with the 2.0 suffix can be any good for anybody. Web 2.0 is a good example.

But I set aside all these thoughts, cleared my mind, opened my consciousness, and just before hitting play, I thought I’ll shave, but it turns out, there was no need to

Phir Mile Sur Mera Tumhara is EPIC BLADE. Way more blader than Anand‘s Max-100. This 16 minute Bollygasm will put blade like a Kiwi farmer on a sheep during shearing season. It’s a showy, shallow, cringe-worthy, slow-tempo, un-coordinated and unwatchable piece of crystalline Crappium Craptide wrapped in crapé paper.

Am I being uncharitable? Am I being, as Vir Sanghvi calls us, “elite”? Perhaps. To be fair, this new version does have its good bits, but the overall execution is um..literally an execution by hanging of everything that India represents. It is Indiawood, not India, that is presented in this video. Actor after actor, hamming to the point where pigs might have gone extinct, lip sync their lines with all the originality of a Soni Playbox 360 from Richie Street.

PMSMT is a user interface without a backend database. A film actor, at least in India, is a cosmetic, steroid-pumped, six-packed, waxed, silicone enhanced front-end for a script-writer’s ideas, a cameraman’s vision, a music director’s genius, a writer’s tale, a playback singer’s voice and a fashion designer’s art. India is not its film actors. We really are the people behind the scenes, and yet all we get in these 16 minutes are all hat and absolutely no cattle. If this is National Integration, the limits must have been 0 and 0. The area under the curves of Shilpa, Deepika and Priyanka is not India, or its sur. Leaving aside sad mathematical puns on a sadder video, did any of you notice any real integration, I mean, like people actually meeting and “milaoing”? No, of course not. Aamir wants his exclusive moment with the kids. Salman wants the other six-packers to stay away from his show-and-tell. SRK wants us to believe that he built the damn Worli Sea Link all by himself. They cleared Elliots beach so that Vikram could make love all by himself, to the Schmidt memorial. Sivamani wants us to believe that music is just about him, the percussionist, and Shahid Kapoor thinks he’s Robert Plant, without the band. Has there ever been a greater concentration of selfish, image-conscious, petty egos on display in the history of our country?

But let’s look at the video in detail. It starts with A R Rahman.

ARR tracing for us, his path on the Oscars' red carpet scale model

Continuum fingerboard? Really? The last time I heard something that sounded like this instrument was in my electronics lab back in college. It was called an Oscilloscope. Or perhaps you realized how much of an unmitigated disaster this was going to be so you decided to hold back on the good stuff. I don’t blame you. But later in the video, we have folks like Shahid Kapoor going all Robert-Planty and Freddie-Mercury on us without having a shred of singing talent. You sir, can sing, and all they let you do is play an oscilloscope. Sigh.

Amitabh showing the Pakis that if he starts a new IPL team named 26 Eleveners, he will not take in any Pak players

Big B + Taj Mahal Hotel + 26/11 + Hip Hop = Bollyxploitation. Yeah, Ahan, one time, two time, two to da six to da one to da one, peace out yo

Ehsaan demonstrating the Ajay Devgan Guitar Pose

Ehsaan, you know, you could have played more than just that one Paki-pop song style chord, you know? Oh sorry, you weren’t plugged in. My bad. Never mind. And also, did the directors tell you that your piece was the big crescendo ending bit? Cos when I heard you guys, I thought the video was coming to an end.

This is where we start to see the first serious cracks appear in this already shaky edifice. The video is not synced with the audio, and anybody who was looking at the Sitar would be totally confused because Anoushka’s fingers would not be at the note that was currently playing. Am I being too nitpicky? No. In 1988, with a distinctly smaller budget, DD managed to produce something for the ages. In 2009, with Avatar technology, Bollywood can’t edit video to be in sync with audio.

As an old lady once asks cogently in this brilliant Petronas ad, what’s with all the chest thumping, Vikram? Do you have a cold, congestion or cough?

Dear Mahesh Babu. I know you are the only star in India to represent 3 major companies, Thums up, Univercell and Navaratna oil but seriously, what with the producers already having audio-video syncing problems, at least move your lips to the actual words that are being sung. I’m afraid, you have no future as a member of a boy band.

Shiv kumar sharma + overacting dude – Nice Stock footage of Kashmir while the both of you are seated in the vicinity of the Qutab minar. But wait. Is that Rohit Bal? Why is he buying spinach?

Pnjaabi folks – I’m very happy, very very happy that you chose to ignore Bhangra. Your decision is one of the highpoints of this presentation. And Gurdas Mann, love your voice.

Zakir hussan and co – Awesome as usual. Respect.

Bhupen Hazarika – Whoa? What happened to the sruthi?. Fine, I understand he is old, but Rahman, could you not have autotuned him?

Hmm. Let’s see. Camels and Solar energy. Very royal, very rajasthanically royal, I might add.What is this? Product placement?

Salman demonstrating what these kids are likely to do 20 years from now when they watch this video

While I had been watching in horror so far, it was only when Salman came on the scene that I went “What. The. Funny”. Dear Salman, those kids were hearing impaired, not blind. Wear some clothes man. This is not a product placement for Poombukar Banians.

Salman demonstrating the dangers of kids joining the IT industry and becoming zombies

Also, you need to return those jeans back to the store. There’s a hole in the bum area. Or were you giving us a hint? Now, if I was Jon Stewart, I’d call you over to Camera 2, but I’m not, so let me say, come on over to the next sentence. In your desire to show off your steroid-pumped, cut banian body along with some 20 kids, did you even stop to consider how cruel it is to make deaf kids mime about “Sur”? Could you have got 30 adult hearing impaired folks to smile and mime about a sense that they probably have never experienced in their lives? These are kids man. They are just excited to be around the Salman Khan. They don’t know that you shoot black buck for sport. They don’t understand the dark irony of smilingly miming about “Sur”. It’s like asking a blind man to write a 500 word essay describing the beauty of a Van Gogh painting. What? You were expecting us to go all “Awwww so cute, see Salman miming with deaf kids” were you? Well, I almost did, but now I think you will earn more karma shooting paraplegic deer with a submachine rifle from a jeep.

Ustad Rashid Khan – Thank you sir, for breaking the monotony from the Sindhu Bhairavi (a.k.a Amit Bhairavi )

Drums Maestro Drums Sivamani – Saar. Nalla Thanni adikkireenga

L Subramaniam family promotion segment – 2 violins. Equalizer setting on violin = 0

Deepika Padukone – “If I become president of the world, I’ll ban this particular pose from beauty pageants and send everyone with a plastic smile to concentration camps. I’ll also call myself Mother Teresa Mandela.”

And dear vocalist, what’s with the erotic, Silk smitha type rain song voice?

Amjad Ali Khan – Nice Sarod. Must be expensive no? Please be careful ok, especially on Air India

The Kerala checklist. Yesudas – tick. Elephend – tick. Kaikottikali – tick. Fishing nets – tick. Mamootty – tick. Rangoli – what? Fail. Pookkalam is what’s required.

Sigh. Juxtaposing Shiamak with Shobana is like adding aspartame to Chakka pradhaman. Fail. Epic Fail. If there was any justice in this world, Shiamak would join Shobana’s Dance school and be rejected for complete and utter lack of talent.

Dear Aamir Khan Sir. Apropos of your bit in PMSMT, while I must say kudos to the yeoman service rendered by your indefatigable spirit, I must strongly lodge a protest against you for asking young children to accompany you to Khandala, where you propose to arrange for a high level meeting between Mr Sur and Mr Sur.

Sonu Nigam, who most certainly does not look like me, I believe, must have been told by the director that he will be singing solo for several Bollywidiots with no singing talent, for the rest of the video. Our man, due to the extra hair growth around his ear, heard it as “singing soul”, proceeded to listen to several CDs of R Kelly before letting loose. Whoever thought this style of singing was appropriate for MSMT must be made to listen to R Kelly’s discography.

PS: I do not look anything like Sonu in this video, contrary to popular speculation and baseless rumours on Twitter and  other “online portal”. My reputation has been seriously demeaned, defamed and threatens the ethical parameters under which I, a blogger, operate. I have no choice but to speak to my lawyer and file a lawsuit against Anantha. That is the only way we can come to a epicwin-epicwin situation.

Sonu douchebaggalogical singing + major front-of-mic overacting = facepalmmoment

Dear Shahid, Ima let you finish, but Sivaji in Mridanga Chakravarthy was the greatest ever overacting while playing a musical instrument. Ever.

Ranbir Kapoor – More R Kelly + Nightsuit

An finally. Shah Rukh, you *really* need to stop doing that wide-open-hands thing. Everybody else is doing it now, and damnit, if Amjad Khan was alive, he’d take those hands and spare us all.

And finally, after a Bollywood orgy, somebody goes – “Hey. We forgot the sportsmen, and after all these overactors, we’ve run out of budget to hire big guns like Tendulkar, Ganguly and co, so let’s go with sportsmen who’ll do it for free, yeah, like from all those obscure olympic sports where we occasionally win medals.

Thank you Bollywood, for telling us that Indian achievers are almost always celebrity children, and not people who are self made. Amitabh jr, Yesudas jr, Shivakumar jr, Shiv Kumar Sharma jr, Amjad Jrs, Rishi Kapoor jr and Padukone jr really encourage all of us towards the lofty desire of wanting to be adopted by celebrity parents. How else can you be successful eh?

And since the producers of this execrable mess have managed to take something that every Indian has good memories about and essentially unzipped their Bollywood designer jeans’ collective fly and let loose, they decided to include some inspiring Armed forces imagery at the end just so that they can be immune from criticism. Yeah. Wrap your sorry bodies with the flag and all will be forgiven eh?


500 responses to “Mile Sur Mera Tomorrow? Fail”

  1. pitu Avatar

    LMAO at “If there was any justice in this world, Shiamak would join Shobana’s Dance school and be rejected for complete and utter lack of talent.” What an utter waste of time this vid was. So sad that in the EIGHTIES they made something so fab and in 2010 this is the best they could do! I ripped into it at my blog too.

  2. giridhar Avatar

    this version of mile sur could have been complete with Rakhi Sawant. She was the only one missing…
    total abasuram… tantex salman, psyco begger sonu nigam, item number shiamak with shobana, were the highlights…

    timeslot for bindra+other sportsmen + indian army = timeslot for deepika’s rain dance in micro mini

    1. giridhar Avatar

      oh ya.. forgot abt the Kandala ‘Amir’ khan… literally sent me rolling with fits in laughter

    2. SVarma Avatar

      What the old version said in 6 mins, the new doesnt in 16.
      Totaly agree with you on Rakhi Sawant. Add Himesh Reshamya too.. 😛

  3. ganpy Avatar

    I feel your pain man! Specially, since you have had to analyze and break it down to this level, I can totally feel it..
    BTW, Loved your comments on Mridanga Chakravarthy and Amjad Khan (Is this how you stay in touch with the geeky side? – the code???)

  4. i_r_squared Avatar

    Like everything else of not-even-single-sesame-seed-amount importance in our great country, I think the most important question raised in this post must be thrown open to the bupleek of the re-bupleek.

    Junta, please to deciding –

  5. Vinay Kumar Avatar

    Here’s my 2 paise from twitter hash #phirmilesur #newmilesur:

    1) Theremin would have sounded better for the ARR bit

    2) think BigB forgot to pop paan in his mouth. Sounds too pseud

    3) Ehsaan would have been better off playing air guitar than electric guitar without power

    4) Anoushka doing her own mini concert in between…

    5) seems like Deepika flicked the cloth frm naked kids in the background!

    6) Amjad ali khan & sons recycle same tune from that ad

    7) Sonu Nigam should be glad that people around him didn’t throw change at him, well maybe they did!

    8) No wonder Phir mile sur is produced by TOIlet group!

    1. Vinay Kumar Avatar

      Here’s more to complement krishashok’s view :

  6. Divya Avatar

    Sonu Nigam most certainly looks like you, and you suing him for stealing your “image” will lead to better results than your epic win-win suit against Anantha!

    But you have neatly covered everything I thought was wrong about the video! This is what happens when the management is filled with empty skulled morons.

    1. Anantha Avatar

      Divya: Thank you. So more people saw what I saw. I must be right.

  7. Basudeb Dasgupta Avatar
    Basudeb Dasgupta

    Sir, you have nailed it.

  8. PS Avatar

    ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException in your Gabbar code.
    Surely u meant Actors[i] and not Actors [n] (unless I’m missing some hidden joke here..)

    1. Dhruv Avatar

      I’m sure it was a bug 🙂

      1. Kumaraganesh Avatar

        He he ..I was about to say the same…ArrayIndexOutOfExceptions saar..

    2. krishashok Avatar

      Looks like the offshore team (@Ramanisn, PS, Dhruv etc) have done some testing and logged/fixed bugs. Code moved to production 🙂

      Thanks for reverting back with concerns all

      1. That guy Avatar
        That guy

        Tsk tsk…after such a brilliant piece, you don’t go ahead and say “revert back” 🙂
        Ashok: In India, programmers always revert “back”. If you didn’t know that, you are probably not a programmer 🙂

        1. That guy Avatar
          That guy

          Yeah! You got me there. Hats off for this post. There is a GOD after all.

  9. hawkeye Avatar

    i do think you look like shankar mahadevan with little more dhaadi. Sonu Nigam, no.

    But what about cricket players? No Tendulkar? the other favorite india representation.

    Ashok: In a weird way, I was happy that whatever little screentime was reserved for sports was reserved for non-cricketers. Our billionaire wielders of bat and ball are all over TV in any case, peddling everything from sugared water to energy drinks. But I suspect they probably ran out of budget. I am told Shah Rukh charges untold lakhs per open-hand (Dimple display costs extra)

    1. hawkeye Avatar

      i agree. happy with no cricketers. But surprising that the people who made this could make such a sensible decision.

      btw brilliant post this one,

    2. Santa Avatar

      Haha!! How long did it take for you to pen down this blog? It must have taken longer than the making of the video i guess 🙂

      1. yeskay Avatar

        these days we should say ‘key down’ instead of pen 😉

        corrictaa 😉

  10. buddy Avatar

    ah the pleasures of scathing sarcasm!

  11. Sujoy Avatar

    Exactly addressed all the effin problems I have with the new version.
    They should’ve just played the FULL VERSION of the old one.

    With every single Bolly celebrity appearing one after another, the graph of epic-fail just went higher and higher.

    I have tweeted about it already, but would like to mention it here as well.

    Deepika Padukone representing Appa Padukone’s legacy posing in a Liril Girl avatar = #EpicFail

  12. Ramaa Ramesh Avatar

    I liked Anoushka’s playing, sync or no sync. Hussain = Godlevel as usual.
    But the big thingie missing in this that was all over the original is: it was REAL. You didn’t feel like people were waiting for “CUT! Apple juice kondaanga da” to readjust makeup. It was hazy, in little bits and pieces and wonderfully, warmly Indian. We loved the people in it. They were us- little bits of our hope and pride- and the entire family assembled in front of the TV to watch with mouths wide open while they sang to our hearts.

    This version = what? I forgot already. Chi!

    (By posting this, you’ve done a Good. I prefer this to any other post of yours ever.)

    1. Rahul Bhagat Avatar
      Rahul Bhagat

      Old is gold.

  13. Atul Avatar

    Haha, I agree with all your observations! It is indeed lacking a lot.

    Just one thing about the Continuum Fingerboard – it isn’t some weird name they came up with. It was invented by my prof here at UIUC and is actually a great complement to music – Rehna Tu in Dilli-6 used it. Here though, it seems misplaced.

    1. Gopi Avatar

      oh yes… the closing 1 min plus… that’s some gorgeousness.

  14. Arun Avatar

    ROFL!! Too good! I liked the last part where Gabbar enters to cut all hands! It tastes like an aviyal badly cooked… weren’t they embarassed releasing this one out? Seriously an epic fail!

  15. Raghav Avatar

    Totally agree.. This video is a sad sequel to the amazing Mile Sur Mera tumhara.. India is not only Bollywood.. Ws glad to see some sportspersons but they realized it was too little too late..

  16. Venky Avatar

    this is too much krish pavam pavam pa avanga.

  17. Anuj Saini Avatar
    Anuj Saini

    I guess if you yourself can’t do anything for the integrity of India, you should not depreciate what others are trying to do…

    Its atleast a try – after 20 years of the original one – If you think that you could have done a better job, then go ahead – give it a try – I assure you that the guys who have made this video would be the first ones to pat your back! – Thats the beauty of India and its people

    So, I guess, you should keep your mouth and keyboard shut… People like you have no right to call themselves INDIAN…

    1. krishashok Avatar

      Ah, good morning Anuj sir. Would you like some filter coffee? Or Tea? Please also let me know which department of the govt. I must apply to, forms duly filled, notarized, in triplicate, in order to get a approval and a license to express my personal, albeit negative, opinion of a commercially produced, multi-starrer national integration video.

      The makers, I believe, run a newspaper that also critically panned Ram Gopal Varma’s “Aag”. I must ask you to write a letter to the editor demanding that unless the newspaper could have done a better job themselves, they must keep their mouths and printing presses shut and also duly rename themselves to “TIMES OF” because people like them have no right to call themselves INDIAN.

      Have a good day 🙂

      1. Sathya Praveen Avatar


        am sure u must b a 100% bollywood fanatic / appraiser / lover….pls. understand wat was d original video abt…check in youtube and compare wid d new one…if that doesnt set a sort of fire in u, then there needs to be check on the item nationailty in ur – ration card / DL / Pan Card / Voter id / Passport etc…

        do screen current Padma shri / Padma bhushan / arjuna awrds list to find abt real stars of india & not MTV/ Sony / Colors / PVR / Inox for 4 bollywood stars…

        1. Rishi Talwalker Avatar
          Rishi Talwalker

          Its just so sad, the Padmashri, Padma Bhushan and Padma Vibhushan also honour the b’wood bandwagon this year. Cant comment about talent, because I’ve been entertained in the past….but i do agree that the new video felt totally insipid and lack-lusture. Not an ounce of the feelings it should’ve inspired.

        2. Arzkiya Avatar

          Err @ Sathya: (Cough) Sant Singh Chatwal (Cough) 🙂

      2. BloggingSpaghettiMonster Avatar

        As we’re all nostalgic at the moment, I would term that reply as a super “nose cut” to anuj

      3. Rahul Avatar

        Anuj sounds more like Amit.

        1. sachita Avatar

          exactly i almost misread it as amit instead of anuj.

      4. uma chandrasekaran Avatar
        uma chandrasekaran

        apdi podunga KA! yaaru andha anuj?? cheeeeee thoooo

      5. Rohan Avatar

        All you guys suck. Stop depreciating Anuj this way. If you’re doing it, at least use the Written Down Value method.

      6. Deepa Avatar

        Hey Krish…

        That was real cool…. i am from chennai…and have moved to bombay…among other things that i miss such as saravana bhavan, grand sweets (yup me a sappadurami!!) i miss your write up in deccan chronicle…..just thot i must thank u for making me laugh every week….

      7. Prathima Avatar

        You forgot to ask which palms are to be greased and how much, along with filling the forms in triplicate which they will invariably lose, if ‘something-something’ is not paid.

    2. kicha Avatar

      Mr. Anuj,

      In view of your brilliant insights and voice of reason, and of course, with the permission of KA, in your honour, we rename amit_123 as anuj_123 for 24 hours starting now.

      An Indian who does not have to put patriotic status message on Republic Day to feel Indian

      1. BloggingSpaghettiMonster Avatar


        I was just thinking about amit_123 and I couldn’t have put it better

    3. Dee Avatar

      “Patriotism is a virtue of the vicious.”

      Go figure.

    4. Doorbin Avatar

      Actually, with the Indian diaspora, in India and abroad, if you put a call out for a 2-3 minute clip of them singing this (recorded on their webcams or videocams), and uploading it to a site (wiki model), you can generate a far superior version of this and this will be real, it will be relatively low cost and I am sure far more enjoyable. People locally can go out into the streets, get videos of dabbawalas, rickshaw pullers, vendors in our train stations, children in schools, students in colleges, our parks, rivers, our successful entrepreneurs (small and large) and add that to the collection and someone can easily put these together and come up with a real MSMT 3.0.

    5. Venkat Avatar


      Are you a bollywood plant? Maybe you were behind all the wrong things in that video. In either case, you should run away and hide for another year or so.

      How can one stop from criticizing the crap that is shown in that video? Copying the name, words and tune does not mean it is the second version. My 3 yr old nephew who says “fufumani” for subramani would probably have made a better version 2. Shame on you for criticizing the criticism. Or maybe I should stop criticizing the criticism of the criticism.


      1. Ramaa Ramesh Avatar

        Dear Anuj_123,
        Welcome to India. Are you aware that we have a Constitution? No? Let me do the honours:

        Article 19 {Protection of certain rights regarding freedom of speech, etc.}

        1. All citizens shall have the right –
        (a) to freedom of speech and expression.

        Please remember to drink your filter kaapi upar se.
        Thank you. Visit again.

        1. suvarnasundar Avatar

          @Anuj, took a while to keep up here. Dude, do check yourself with a psychiatrist, how can you not puke at the first instant of seeing Big B chanting the song like a mantra, and how in the hell can you actually criticize KrishAshok for this awesome piece of writing? Seriously, what is going on with ppl like you? First you guys forget what our identity is and are now looking at ppl from Bollywood to relate yourselves to India, and you think ppl who criticize that are not Indians? are you sure you don’t want to take back at least that last line? really?

        2. Sruthi Radhakrishnan Avatar

          What rediff? This is where everything is happening!

          Oh, loved the post! Especially the Mridanga Chakravarthy reference. Isn’t that the one where the bananas fall from the roof when he plays?
          Ashok: Not sure about that but it *is* the one where he goes bananas playing the mridangam

          1. Pal Avatar

            Yes it is..the bananas ripe and fall because of the music that our chakravarthy playes.. 🙂

            1. Prathima Avatar

              ‘Sounds’ like the bananas are in a ‘tearing’ hurry to go somewhere away from the music.

        3. Neil Avatar

          (Totally unrelated to the unsavory comments by anuj_123 who resides to the north of the Vindhya mountains)

          Free speech in India is a myth. Read clause (2) in
          Obviously, the definition of ‘public order’ is open to interpretation and hence is the biggest cop out for the constitution.

    6. liberalcynic Avatar

      Anuj, I must say, it sounds awfully like you are related to someone who made the video…either way…be a sport…any piece of art will have its detractors, and such clumsy, ill-conceived fellatio of bollywood stars will be panned to the end of the world. So, buckle up!

      Having said that, it is unfair for others to criticize you on your north-indianness considering you have not made any comments derogatory to south indians.

      1. Nisarg Avatar


        considering you have not made any comments derogatory to south indians

        is this your idea of national integration or talk about criticism to PMSMT?

        i totally agree with every1 about anuj’s critic being wrongly critical to the criticism of something worth critic… but are you putting the right words out of ur pockets? frankly speaking.. the right to free speech gives him a right to speak what he want too.. dont u think? doesnt matter if he is related to the author or not..

        btw, amazing blog.. totally agree.. and yeah! no wonder people outsource mundane tasks like QC to indians… because we cannot think beyond the obvious and crib over a piece of code that did not even mention what language it was written in.. rather than appreciating the creative beauty reducing economic distress with non-functional assets (actor’s hands) being cut-off for good reason.. probably this was a self correcting program that handled array index out of bounds on its own..

        just my two cents.. i wud say reading this was time well spent, and keeps me composed when i remember that i still have to somehow recover the 16 minutes i have lost in eternity!!

        1. liberalcynic Avatar

          Really nisarg…I commented on the video, and anuj’s unqualified support for the video invited my sarcastic remark. However, if you notice the tirade of comments where he has been called ‘amit’, you would understand where I come from on this one. Those ‘amit’ comments were uncalled for. That’s all. As for Anuj’s comment itself, it doesn’t seem to have much logic, and hence I joked that only someone related closely to the maker of the video would support it so unconditionally.

        2. liberalcynic Avatar

          Also freedom of speech as you have mentioned gives one the right to speak sans logic, but one does not have to exercise it.

        3. Prathima Avatar

          QC work is not mundane. I protest. Any job in this world can be made creative enough if the person doing it is willing.

  18. Praveen Avatar

    ” In 1988, with a distinctly smaller budget, DD managed to produce something for the ages. In 2009, with Avatar technology, Bollywood can’t edit video to be in sync with audio.”

    You said it all there dude!!!!

  19. Jayadev.J Avatar

    After seeing Salman in that get-up it’s PMS Mila Tumhara only … # I’m sorry my mouth is kuppai thotti lorry ..

  20. Indian Avatar


    Ashok: Here’s a tip on speaking in governmentese. Don’t use ellipses at the end of a sentence. That’s very Orkut, not GOI.

    1. Noname Avatar

      HAHAHAHAHA… had to laugh at this! 😀

      1. Nash Avatar

        lol…criticism seems to be a virtue not yet understood by most to be taken sportively…glad GB Shaw didn’t live right now in India…he wud have been….ashamed…just like me(though Im just an aam aadmi who’s opini0n cannot be expressed if it does not lie in sync with the power brokers)

    2. i_r_squared Avatar

      I suspect this might actually be an irate Mahesh Babu fan. A (make-believe) government representative would surely have said “ARTICAL”.

      1. nakkala Avatar

        What were you trying to say.Can you make it clear??

    3. usha Avatar

      Ashok, what is ellipses in ‘blog article’……..:-)
      Ashok: Those dots at the end of your sentence

      1. usha Avatar

        sorry, ‘BLOG ARTICLE’ !

    4. ramaaramesh Avatar

      ROFL ROFL ROFL! 😀 Ivlo life la roll pannadhe illa 😀

  21. somebody Avatar

    i am pleased to see the aam junta on youtube have panned the video.hahahhahhahah good on you people!

    1. somebody Avatar

      well, the junta on youtube anyway, how do i know if they’re aam or not!

  22. Gradwolf Avatar

    Ten years from now kids with F1 visas in Wake Forest University or something will post this on Facebook and say, “I miss India”. And then there shall be 25 comments within 25 seconds in similar vain. That will be epic fail-epic fail situation!

    1. i_r_squared Avatar

      Tch tch. Wake Forest University “or something”? Showing our intra-state contempt, are we?

      1. Gradwolf Avatar

        Yeah, be happy we didn’t belittle our lesser known southern neighbors!

        1. i_r_squared Avatar

          What sort of pomposity is this that makes you refer to your single self in plural? Tch tch.

  23. Junker Avatar

    Too bad that Rakhi Sawant could not make it to the video. Its incomplete without her, and she must be upset too. Hope they make a new edit for half hour long, our tv soap duration+ad slots…

    1. B V Harish Kumar Avatar

      Do not worry. When NDTV Imagine comes up with a re-re-hash ish…version, they will give top billing to self-made stars of modern India like Rakhi Sawant. Your wish shall see the light of the day – someday.

  24. Tunicamycin Avatar

    Remake of the remake sounds like a good idea.

  25. Harini Avatar

    Agree a hundred percent with your view on this new release of Mile Sur Mera….

    LMAO on the Salman Khan part …..

  26. abinas Avatar

    nice review, completely agree. btw r u ashok subramaniam??
    No. Had tradition had its way, I would have been Gopalasamudram Krishnan Ananthanarayanan, but my father used this blunt edged weapon called “Passport Friendly Name” to brutally hack it down to “Krish Ashok”

    1. Anantha Avatar

      What???? You are/were an Ananthanarayanan too? :O

    2. Nash Avatar

      wow…I’ve always wondered this 😛 will this to all my friends who constantly ask me ‘Is Krish Ashok his real name??’ 😀

    3. Nash Avatar

      wow…I’ve always wondered this 😛 will this link and send it henceforth to all my friends who constantly ask me ‘Is Krish Ashok his real name??’ 😀

    4. abinas Avatar

      ha ha..well said..
      i was just guessing u to one of my mates i had in adyar-TIME classes..

  27. Sathya Praveen Avatar

    ncie one saar..wish d producers of d vidoes drown themselves in d coovum…atleast ISRO whcih has taken us to real heights shud ve be showcased for a sec, its totally missing…

    my blood was really boiling after seeing d vidoe..shame on our tv channels 2 screen it & promote it…

    Pranab roy & arnab goswami wil now start screaming in thier news channels wid barka, fighting 4 missed screen space for media…

    worser shame on 61st R-day of us…thanks bollywood 4 demeaning the rest of 1 bn of us…as though v dont exist…no wonder u guys are suffering frm piracy…
    Ashok: Heck it’s not even about not showing a specific person or group of people. I mean, I understand that in the limited amount of time one has, it’s impossible to be perfectly inclusive especially with something as diverse as India, but it’s the sheer thinness of the spectrum that they have showcased that is bothersome. Fine, if all you wanted to show was the film industry, why not directors, scriptwriters and heck, stage boys from every part of India? It’s the fact that Deepika, ironically the daughter of an overachieving sportsman, in Miss-Universe-Question-Round pose takes up as much screen time as all those medal winning athletes that is wrong, utterly wrong.

    1. Prathima Avatar

      Dear Ashok, the comments mostly are applauding your criticism and then appending more to what you have said. I saw a couple of them saying what could have been done to the existing video. This video, going by your post and the mango-people’s comments, is just a indicator of the Indian mentality at large, which is equating Bollywood and/or Cricket to ‘India’. And this is exactly what is being portrayed to the outside world as well. I am sure India has more depth and grace to it than this.
      I have a question to all the ones and you too, dude, to think about. Applies to me as well. Given the time, resources and money budgeted for this video, what / how / why would each one of us, portray as ‘India-Integrated’? Include achievers in all walks of life (now, how many walks are there?)? Now, who do we consider as achievers? Are actors, play-back musicians and cricketers the ONLY achievers in India? What about people like Narayana Murthy, Azim Premji, Dr. Abdul Kalam, wonderful cooks, Kiran Bedi or those who have silently gone about serving the society without a big hungama? And does bringing in our Armed Forces show that we are very patriotic? How about our own parents who have struggled against all odds? Aren’t THEY also achievers (though of a different kind?). How about the blind person who obtained a PhD? Isn’t she/he an achiever? Have we Indians become so numb to our ‘real’ achievers? They are the one’s who have taken on challenges life has thrown at them and not just survived but made a difference. These videos involving actors and cricketers are just ‘dreamy’ stuff, they are not truly inspirational for the mango-man, unless the common-man aspires to be a film star. It’s like endorsing the chasing of ‘bollywood’ dream. This is also seen in the so called ‘reality shows’. While they provide a good platform to show-case the talents of mango-man, they are all aiming for just one thing and that is a place under the Bollywood Sun. While I am not saying it’s wrong, how many of these youngsters or TV channels are producing good nationa building programs whcih will help the youngsters learn and excel? Like excellent quiz shows (Quiz Time comes to mind), like Surabhi? I haven’t seen a decent quiz show in ages. Sorry it became long winded.. Got carried away…..

  28. Anantha Avatar

    I asked them how the new version was. Anantha, for some reason, could only incomprehensibly utter a few words.

    Actually, I am incomprehensible to almost everyone, ALL THE TIME.

    And I got up from bed, switched on the TV and saw you (i.e. Sonu Nigam) immediately. This was my “hypnagogic output” from my own “Hypnagogic zone” 😉 [P.S: Explanation from an expert here –

    Idea for tweet happened. When my thought process was fertile. Hence I must be right. You and Sonu Nigam #sameguy. Heh!

  29. Solilo Avatar

    “Sonu Nigam, who most certainly does not look like me”

    Hahaha of course he styled his looks after you. #fail 😀

    SRK’s Suraj hua Madham pose + Aamir going aati kya khandala + Salman as usual shirtless and clueless = Bollywood overdose of non talents.

    Shilpa Shetty representing Rajasthan because she owns a IPL team. Hahaha

    North East is not in India any more. Every other state was majorly represented by their actors. This just shows that films are our religion and actors our god. 😐

  30. Nash Avatar

    Caption sivamani photo ‘I dont see the pt, The only combination where drumstick and water works for me is sambhar’ epicwin! 😀

  31. ProudIndian Avatar

    So fucking true.

    But later in the video, we have folks like Shahid Kapoor going all Robert-Planty and Freddie-Mercury on us without having a shred of singing talent. You sir, can sing, and all they let you do is play an oscilloscope. Sigh.

  32. Nova Avatar

    Loved the review… had me either nodding along or in splits throughout!!! 🙂

    Specially loved “An finally. Shah Rukh, you *really* need to stop doing that wide-open-hands thing. Everybody else is doing it now, and damnit, if Amjad Khan was alive, he’d take those hands and spare us all.”


  33. Ranjith Avatar

    Reading your review was like spending more quality time than watching the video….. Well said sir…. Scene by scene

  34. Debadeep Avatar


    This was awesome man!

    I really like the way you have paid keen attention to details (“unplugged” electric guitar, Anoushka’s sitar etc…)

  35. Sri Avatar

    Well said…all your comments does comes to the level of throat for me..but for you…it has come to level of posting it in your blog…Good posting!!!
    check out my blog

  36. Zishaan Avatar

    Fell off the chair.

    You said it. You are the man.

  37. annie Avatar

    Whoa? How proud am I of my country! It is only here that the greatest tax evaders are also the greatest patriots!

  38. Idling in Top Gear Avatar

    You are going to speak to your lawyer (singular) to sue Anantha? Clearly, sir, you don’t know about the army of freelancing lawyers who use SMS lingo who serve to set right such immoral acts done on online portals! They are the “Knights who say “Ni”” of Chennai.

    That aside, you should sue Sonu Nigam for copying your hairstyle. 😀

    Onto the video, everything I wanted to say has been said with one exception. When you have an EPIC BABE like Deepika Padukone whose perfect figure gives complexes to ancient Egyptian hourglasses, only a complete idiot will put her up in a dress that looks like a maternity top for a very pregnant woman (with the pants missing of course.) What kinda idiot costumier chose that over something that’s even remotely figure hugging?! This is a crime that can not be forgiven. Not now, not ever.

    1. i_r_squared Avatar

      Epic babe? Who, Deepak Padukone?

    2. Venkat Avatar

      Deepika Padukone is not even a babe, let alone Epic. You need to emigrate to Brunei right away. Please answer the door, that’s the immigration authorities coming to deport you.

  39. Sricharan Avatar

    Well said (written, whatever). But even if we were to agree to the ridiculous logic of film stars = india, why vikram? Where is the namitha ‘madam’ i say???

    What are they gonna come up with next?

  40. Anagah Avatar

    Its a horrible rendition of the original iconic song…
    Please put Deepika in a camp in her “look at my legs” dress…
    Shaid and Ranbir should be thrown out of the country for subjecting us to the pain they have…
    My biggest concern is WHY does Karan Johar get screentime in this video??? WTF is wrong with the makers…??
    I though at least Aamir and SRK might have some sense but proved to be royal letdown too…
    This video should be BANNED…

  41. Miss Cellany Avatar

    Oh my my! You have done quite an analysis, worth a Ph.D.

    Liked every point of yours.

  42. hardik mehta Avatar

    couldnt agree with you more. The new version is what India has become – a land of celebrities and the idiot box. The older version had a mahout on his elephant, fisherwoman, normal people like you and me…this one is a slap on our face….Lets call for a national ban on this video. Lets stop this nonsense served to all of us daily in the name of national integration. Its bull shit…
    Ashok: Amen to that. That, I think, is the single biggest failing of this version. Even if we were to grant that this was the Film industry’s tribute to the republic, all it showcases are the superstars and celebrities. Where are the script writers? The editors? All those extras who dance as well as the heroes and heroines? The cameramen?

  43. JLT Avatar

    Loved your review.
    Once, they were playing the classic Mile Sur at B’lore station while I was waiting to receive my relatives from a train that was of course arriving late. In about the 20 times I would’ve heard the song, the charm was as fresh as if I were hearing it the first time…. It was/ is/will always be lovely- the song as well as the video.
    I HATE remixes of ANY kind. They JAR. period.

    1. uma chandrasekaran Avatar
      uma chandrasekaran

      Totally agree. Thats bcos real singers sang that one. the jaaarrrrring in this PMSMT starts with the big B … bull all the way fwd from there

  44. Kalyan Avatar

    I am glad someone took the pain to dissect this awful piece of shit I have seen in the name of National Integrity. Mr. Surendranath shd retire and TOI shd immediately form an internal committee to probe this disaster. And My sincere request to all channels – Pls dont play this and make India and Indians a laughing stock all over the world.

  45. Tania Avatar

    I so totally agree – India is all about celebrities now…You did miss out Priyanka Chopra and AbhiAsh jodi though….Its a bollywood music video replete with designer sarees and Mac waterproof makeup!!! What are we leaving for the next gen?

  46. Kaichu Avatar

    You forgot, Ravi Shankar Jr. And hoo boy, was I surprised to not see Jaya Bachhan there!

  47. Guru Panguji Avatar

    I cannot concur more on your comments with PMSMT. Kudos to awesome writing!!

  48. Abhijit Bera Avatar

    Man ur ultimate! TOOO GOOOD TOO GOOD!! This entire analysis was simply hilarious. Made me feel happier after getting frustrated watching 20 minutes of that crap. You should be my official spokesperson for my lack of humour. =))

  49. Hindustaani Avatar

    This was like a “page 3” version of MSMT – Pathetic. The article is beautifully worded – enjoyed the lil bit of programming at the end… LOL! Deepika looked out of place and so effin FAKE! And yeah… where are the north-eastern states being represented?

    All I see is makeup, fake expressions, totally messed up a-v sync, and a LOT of celebrities promoting their offsprings! Wtf were Karan Johar and that fashion dude in Kashmir doing in this video?

    I am glad that true heroes like Sachin, APJAK, Tata, Ambani, Narayana Murthy, etc. were not shown in the video. I am however unhappy that the Military forces were shown in such a “clumsy” manner.

    There’s no soul in this video – its like food without SALT!

    1. Archith Avatar

      It was more like salt without food!

  50. Mahadevan Avatar

    Phenomenally raped! krishashok stamp. Bravo. You ‘DA Man!

  51. nandu Avatar

    Hey, Salman has a Rajasthan link too and that’s why he comes after Shilpa. He killed the black bucks there.

  52. Harish Avatar

    Great article, Krish.

    The only point where I mildly differ is the sarcasm on the “continuum fingerboard” – It is one of the most complex electronic instruments of today, and only one which will allow you to play sympathetic notes (gamakams) on a midi touch surface. Rahman pioneered playing the instrument in his lead at the end of the song “rehna tu” from Delhi 6.

    Ashok: I know. I liked it in “Rehna Tu”, but in this disastrous video, I’d have liked to hear his voice

    1. Bala Avatar

      At the end of it, I was more than happy that Rahman din’t sing in it.
      btw, any idea ab’t who “composed” the whole thing.

  53. Noname Avatar

    Now that Bollycrap’s MSMT-Reloaded is released.. I hope to see Lalit Modi’s MSMT-Revelations on air soon!

  54. aswin Avatar

    i was too pissed with the version. has written a review too. do let me know what you think?

  55. Rakesh Avatar

    I was sad when I saw the video, but u made me see the funny in it. Rahman’s visual metaphor was the best!

  56. Nikhil Narayanan Avatar

    This is uber awesome.

  57. bhatnaturally Avatar

    Fantastic piece. One of your best.

  58. Sudhir Avatar

    I did my own ripping here (not as brilliant as yours though:)). http://serious–

  59. Srinath Avatar

    Awesome yaar and totally hilarious .. I totally agree with you and wish the makers of this video had not embarked on this disastrous venture. Good going 🙂

  60. N.V Avatar

    You want a Padma Sri? Tell me, I’ll arrange for it. Nice Padma Sri sir, discount rate, good for keeping on mantlepiece. No one can tell difference from real award. Call to me sir…
    Seriously, a PadmaSri for the piece. Awesome stuff.

  61. Arun Avatar

    heh epic pass 😀
    terrific humor !!!

    PS: how about a mini lolcat caption version of all the above pix?!

  62. Neera Avatar

    Oh Well yes…the new version is so BADDD !!!! and Really BOOOORRRIIING!!! Everyone was trying so hard to fit in…dat they fall out…hehehe…neway…wat can u really expect f ZOOM Tv???

  63. Ankit Avatar

    This is uber awesome!! *bows down in respect*

    Extreme Attention to detail and then the typical Jhilpa style humor. I almost fainted reading the Gabbar part with the code and all:-)

  64. Abhijit Bera Avatar

    Dude u missed out killing Priyanka Chopra, Abhishek and Aishwarya Bachchan, Karan Johar! HOW COULD U? I mean KARAN JOHAR? Why was he there at the end?

    1. somebody Avatar

      Agree. How could you spare abhiash or whatever it is they’re called? Or were they sitting targets eh KA

  65. viswajithkn Avatar

    even going by celebrity count this was a touch too much…no premji or narayana murthy? or Ambanis?

  66. Arjun Avatar

    Here’s the website of the producers who made this 16-minute shit:, courtesy:

    Amitabh Bachchan claims he’s the only person who has been repeated in this epic ordeal. Well, I suppose even he didn’t had the patience to see the entire thing. The other person who has made it twice is Zakir Hussain. Anyway, whatever you add to the shit, it still remains a shit.

    PS: Well it’s must for those who are having constipation.

  67. Sidharth Madhav Avatar

    Brilliant..bang on target. Especially peeved with the fact that genuinely inspiring role models and real heroes like Tendulkar and Paes where left out. And I guess you are right, todays ‘top’ celebrities are all celebrity kids..oh the shame!

  68. Poornima Avatar

    Came to this post through a link sent by a well meaning friend. Dude, you are a gem of a critic. If they ever give Padma awards to critics – should go to you:)

    LOL! Loved every dig you took at Bollywood, Tollywood(tamil?), Kollywood, whatever wooded areas that exist in Indian Urban cities:)

  69. vinay Avatar

    Amazingly well put..Phir Mile Sur Mera Tumhara is more like de bollywood enterprise promoting thr respective movie lol

  70. Vivek Bhat Avatar

    You have just put my feeling in the words. I was so disturbed after watching this disgusting joke on our nation, that too on our 60th republic day. It seemed India just begins at bollywood stars and ends at their kids. Sportsperson do not deserve to be Indians, neither does “the common man”. It seemed that all of of them were busy in churning one more disgusting Karan Johar flick. Can someone show these morons their right place!!!

  71. Baby V Avatar

    This video at worst is a waste of time and money and at best incites feelings of sedition and insurgency. This could be the single biggest reason why a new generation of kids outraged by the lamery of this video take up arms and violently militate against national integrity.

  72. Long Black Veil Avatar

    Just for you KrishAshok:

    Loved this. Esp after my entire yesterday was spoilt when I sat through the new version and though, wait… something’s wrong. Horribly wrong.

  73. Harshad Joshi Avatar

    We missed Annu Malik, Bappi Leheri, Himesh Reshammiya. This is not fair. We know Shivmani brutally bangs drums (or anything living or non living thats near him) to create noise, but I saw him hitting a flowing river frantically to create a unheard sound..!!

    Are these guys crazy ? And now we are tired of seeing too much Bachchan(s) on tv.

  74. Sagar Avatar

    They killed the child in me by destroying that wonderful wonderful song. Most of us grew up listening to it. Has this new shit also been made by RGV? So what’s he gonna destroy next? (Sholay, MSMT, … )

  75. aurorawonders Avatar

    You said it. All the frustrations on seeing the video that didn’t have an outlet earlier – here it goes. It was such a relief to read you rip it apart. Why did you miss Ash and her plastic smile and expressions? Was it a family video?

    Why..oh..why was Vikram thumping his hand to his chest? There was nobody else for “namadhaagum” Balamuralikrishna and everybody else in it in the old version and comparing this makes me cry!

    Very true! This is just the make-up faces of Bollywood who needed all those background people to make something beautiful, even make the wretched actor’s faces beautiful. Felt like watching plastic puppets in the name of national integration!

    Somehow, there’s a little consolation in the fact that we didn’t have actors of mega serials showing up to express solidarity to the millions of jobless countrymen who pay for their existance.

    WHY..WHY..WHY????? did they even attempt to make a re-make? Sigh!

  76. Anshuman Avatar

    Thanks and congratulations Jalsa Jilpa.

  77. Mridu Avatar

    No comments on Priyanka Chopra? What did you think of her?

  78. Sudhamshu Avatar

    This post had me in splits! Every portion of it! The images, its captions & mouse-overs and the accompanying text. I could try to pick a favourite line, but every jibe trumps the previous! Being a (sort of) geek, I shall settle for the code that adds all actors’ hands to his personal collection!
    I wish that the Government keeps coming up with more & more such videos. This is what gives us motivation to remain humorous! I suggest we approach them to have a new version twice a year, Aug 15 & Jan 26!

  79. Manvi Avatar

    And what about singers like Lata Mangeshkar? Where are the representation of the likes of Ela Bhatt and say the dabbawallas…they were atleast representing us at the R DAy parade… what a useless piece of waste for the 16 minutes of R Day…

    Awesome review, ek dum chapak faadu…

  80. Balaji Avatar

    Have not seen it yet. But I assume it is as bad as the Times of India newspaper(?).

  81. Prateek Avatar

    did anyone notice the couples making out in the stock bandstand scene?

  82. Dissection time! « The Song of Life Avatar

    […] .. no comments I think Vimmuuu has said it all   Another dissection post I enjoyed reading is KrishAshok’s!  Thanks  Shru for this […]

  83. Hathim J Avatar
    Hathim J

    Good post. But the choices of people coming in this video are the maker’s. And i feel the execution is also theirs. Its like all these bollywood actors would have been privileged to be part of this, as like you and me, if we were chosen. But the conceptualisation is not the fault of the actor/personalities coming in it, but the makers. because when you comment about people like Big B, ARR it sorta doesnt look nice.At least to me. Its my personal opinion and it is nothing against u. to be honest, i didnt like the Deepika,Ash & Priyanka part.

  84. Puppy Manohar Avatar

    This video at worst is a waste of time and money and at best incites feelings of sedition and insurgency. This could be the single biggest reason why a new generation of kids outraged by the lamery of this video take up arms and violently militate against national integrity.

    – Baby Vaijayanthi

  85. Bubbly Avatar

    Thank god for the straight talking! It’s amazing how some of the best talent we have were put together in such a shabby manner. Like what were they thinking?

  86. vaibhav Avatar

    LOLs.. i agree that this edifice fails.. no way anywhere close .. and i want a lot of orginality from all these people. its time india was about creation and not imitation

  87. Vikram Rai Avatar

    This is semma sooper adi-thadi review of the video…kadhai kandals..! Naaru naara kizhichified..!

    Btw all kannadigas in my part of town are feeling terribly humiliated for non-representation in this master-piece ( cant accept L.Subbu thambi and family passing of as kannadigas singing in thippe kannada…illa saar…aaagalla..idu sari alla)…to equal chiyan vikram, aadhavan surya, pokkiri mahesh babu and pazhassi raja mammootty, we should at least have had a mandya gandu(kannada word..not hindi word..!) ambareesh or A for Upendra come and strut their stuff..!Location courtesy could have been by IIMB which nowadays doubles up as a shooting location also..

    Also what was Sivamani doing by the banks..!?Looked as though he was disturbed from his morning duties and asked to play something..

    and who were all those angry-looking goons surrounding sonu nigam..!?i think that affected his singing quality….seriously…maybe he was thinking they might beat him up saying all hindi singers should compulsorily know and sing in marathi..!such man(h)oos ppl i say..!

    As rightly mentioned, it was only zakir hussain and co. and louis + gino banks (in my opinion) who saved the blushes for the musicians….

    1. Swaram Avatar

      LOL .. Upendra beka 😛

    2. jings Avatar

      Kannada “gandu” not Hindi – that was too much !LOL !

  88. shruti Avatar

    awesome review!! i am usually very easy to please but this PMSMT had me going crazy!! i mean, i was furious!!
    What a sorry state out country has come to!

  89. suvarnasundar Avatar

    Your review is very Influential I should Say! Think I have to Agree one hundred percent 🙂 I saw the video after reading the post. 🙂

  90. Albert Pinto Avatar
    Albert Pinto

    For the record, the 1988 original was not made by Doordarshan, it was aired on Doordarshan. It was created by an extraordinarily talented man named Suresh Mullick, then Creative Director of Ogilvy & Mather, and produced under his direction by Kailash Surendranath of Far Productions, who has produced the new version too.

    To know more about this gentle genius visit

  91. no signa; Avatar

    People will suicide after watching this video. I already feel like puking. Biggest disastrous video ever made/can be made.

  92. Sridhar Parthasarathy Avatar
    Sridhar Parthasarathy

    To be honest, I never liked the original (despite being the right age). But, the sincerity in that came through in every frame.

    In this one, the insincerity comes through in every frame. Maybe this is how creative India sees itself – as a bunch of pseuds all wrapped up in their own importance to care about anything else.

    1. Sridhar Parthasarathy Avatar
      Sridhar Parthasarathy

      PS: Loved that link to the Petronas ad!

  93. adarsh Avatar

    how come no politicians, scientists in the video???

  94. Narayanaswamy Avatar

    Thalaiva….oh ho…sooper na sooper!!! just like A-1 kaapi…

  95. Suresh Avatar

    Too much of criticism. Its all because of more expectations. It can be made better, but its doesn’t mean that its worst.

    You have taken many flaws out of it, now with positive mind try to highlight as many as Points. I’m Sure you cant. we always tend to see things negativly.

  96. Nirmit Avatar

    One of the best reads in a long time.. I feel the post actually sums up the underlying meaning ot MSMT 2.0 .. Pure CRAP!

  97. Pal Avatar

    Hats off, Ashok, for this SUPER-WONDERFUL review (er.. rip-apart) of the New Mile Sur. It is indeed disgusting!! Who decided that the Bacchan family represent India? Or that drama-queen Shila shetty feature in this video? And like you have very rightly said, the armed forces just came in for a meek few seconds, like they were celebrating the achievements of Bollywood. Makes me feel so sad, that the producers could screw up the old Mile Sur, so badly, as to make this crap out of it. I hope we, the people, have more sense to rip this apart, than to shower it with accolades.

    1. Pal Avatar

      Er, can I give a link to your post, on my FB status? Am sure u wont mind, so am going ahead with it. If u do mind, do let me know 🙂
      Ashok: Dude, no problems 🙂 The license I’ve used is so feel free to share anywhere as long as you provide one teeny weeny link back to this post

      1. Pal Avatar

        Great, thanks. And, its Dudette 😉

  98. బాతాఖానీ-లక్ష్మిఫణి కబుర్లు–’మిలే సుర్ మేరా’ « PHANI BABU -musings Avatar

    […] PDRTJS_settings_220778_post_1518 = { "id" : "220778", "unique_id" : "wp-post-1518", "title" : "%E0%B0%AC%E0%B0%BE%E0%B0%A4%E0%B0%BE%E0%B0%96%E0%B0%BE%E0%B0%A8%E0%B1%80-%E0%B0%B2%E0%B0%95%E0%B1%8D%E0%B0%B7%E0%B1%8D%E0%B0%AE%E0%B0%BF%E0%B0%AB%E0%B0%A3%E0%B0%BF+%E0%B0%95%E0%B0%AC%E0%B1%81%E0%B0%B0%E0%B1%8D%E0%B0%B2%E0%B1%81–%27%E0%B0%AE%E0%B0%BF%E0%B0%B2%E0%B1%87+%E0%B0%B8%E0%B1%81%E0%B0%B0%E0%B1%8D+%E0%B0%AE%E0%B1%87%E0%B0%B0%E0%B0%BE%27", "item_id" : "_post_1518", "permalink" : "" } Mile sur mera […]

  99. Kalyan Avatar

    Same feelings bro….. xactly same !!!

    Y no word on Karan Johar… even he makes entry!!!!

  100. Ambika Kumar Avatar
    Ambika Kumar


    Am a recent follower of your blog…infact the first piece I read was the one on MSMT and BTW I think you look like Pratap Pothan, in his younger days ofcourse..(if you know who he is) and not Sonu Nigam.

  101. Swaram Avatar

    Hey I left a link to ur post too on mine .. I think u won’t mind 😛

  102. anand Avatar

    Taaaaaliyaaaan. This is it. a blunder of such proportions needs to dissected thus. These guys, the makers, or the re-makers, should withdraw it NOW, will help avoid fighting loads of legal cases that India/ns will file against them… Aptly written, Jai ho!

  103. Minal Avatar

    Nailed it to the hilt! India is not Bollywood period, it is all but that!!!! Thanks – I hope the makers read this excellent piece and mend the video

  104. Adi Avatar

    This is the first time I’m reading your blog, and you sir are simply BRILLIANT 🙂

    I think this version of MSMT reflects the heightened individualism present in our society.

    And I absolutely agree with you about the second gen star kids… Very true… It’s the same everywhere, be it politics, media etc etc.

    Looking forward to more interesting reading…

    Thank you,

  105. Mina Avatar

    After spending all morning leaping impotently from wall to wall to ceiling to floor, and having to clear away the bodies of people who told me to not to take it “so personally”, I am soothed, so soothed. And laughing. Great breakdown of the tin-foil plated plastic monument (authentic 21st century Bollywood) to national integration.

  106. Parag Avatar

    well said my exact thoughts when i saw this omn youtube last night.
    it is empty just like most of the Bollywood films. i did like the part with aishwarya rai and Abhi. everything els was so unreal and out of sync.

  107. anand Avatar

    where is mallika sherawat. sorry /

  108. Kartik iyer Avatar

    Absolutely enjoyed this post. Have shared it with a lot of my friends! I feel you totally! and then who did they choose besides all the wonderful film makers in the country. Musically, they lose it!!

  109. Niranjan Avatar

    Who is L subramaniam to represent Karnataka ?? And that too with his family. Utter mismatch. This video is rubbish.

    Wonder why the Ganapeeth awardee like Girish Karnad / U R ananth murthy etc werent selected. L subramaniam of all the people and for Karnataka, LOL ( rolling all over the floor) .

    The people involved in selecting celebrities must have smoked up some cheap stuff.

    Krish Ashok, well written mite.

  110. mraj Avatar

    Superb …..but you forgot the Abhi Jr – Ash hamming…..

  111. Motormouth Avatar

    ROFL! Thanks for the post.When my facebook friend posted the link to this disaster and added that she had ‘goosepimples’ watching it, I was grinning.It was like the legend is back. Then i did watch it.And I had goosebumps but of a different kind.I mean what was the great director thinking?. He and his wife had taken the onus of repeating history. The last time I saw him was on Page 3. I guess he should have stayed there. I had a feeling this entire exercise was carried in between their shopping expedition for their next Page 3 outfit. So next time he and his producer wife is seen wearing some mega mirror work, you know where it came from. Its just that I am pissed. I think if they had an iota of doubt about pulling this off, they should have left MSMT alone.
    You forgot the ABX3 sequence. The Big AB is watchable, but the other 2 should be locked up in a showcase and the key fed to a whale. All Madam AB did was bat her eyelids and master AB walked hand in hand playing the good husband. I am miffed. A lilttle too much. Guess mr Surendranath should hug Ramgopal Verma. They tie at the worst sequel ever made..:)

  112. Priyam Chakraborty Avatar
    Priyam Chakraborty


    Brilliant post, although needs no mention. Putting down what a lot of us were feeling inside post the disastrous ‘re-made’ Mile Sur..

    From my angle of things, it was rather painful to see that Prosenjit and Rituparna Ghosh were chosen to represent Bengal. Quite shocking to those of us who feel proud to belong to that part of the country. They could have rather had a still of Jyoti Basu, with a garland on it!

    Also noticed the mismatch of audio-video in Anoushka’s piece. Tsk tsk.

    Fabulous read, though.

    PS: But from some really old pictures I have seen of you (courtesy: Sottai), you do look like Sonu Nigam from certain given angles. But in this video, I want to know who is his hairdresser =p

  113. Ankur Avatar

    Whata Analysis. Totally agree.

  114. Naarayan Avatar

    Awesome post Ashok.. or Krish.. was incessantly laughing.. but at the same time was feeling bad that after all this while, with supposed advancement in technology, with so many distinguished people around, we had to come back with crap like this..

  115. Revathy Venkatachalam Avatar
    Revathy Venkatachalam

    Hey KA
    Brilliant Buddy! Loved your post. have put a link on my fb profile…..

    I couldnt stop my self from cringeing at the thought that some people still believe that India is only about movie stars and a few musicians who promote themselves more than their talent/music…. Zakir H and Rashid khan excepted…

    Also to one Mr.Anuj who said shut up if you cant do anything ur self. Last time I checked India was still a free country… so hey if you cant write a brilliant review shut up and let the people who can……Do!

  116. L Romal M Singh Avatar

    I hate this version and can’t seem to understand how they had the guts to even release it! First things first: Where it ees the NE? At least the last one had one 4 second hand-in-hand dance sequence showcasing at least the major ethnic groups in this area, this one just ignored all the other states and apparently that Hazarika oldie was supposed to make up for it!
    I prefer the single lined Assamese byooty from the old one anyday!
    Then, like the makers didn’t screw Karnataka last time enough with some random Kodava (Coorgi) representation, this time had an even more obscure Kannada quintet! Who were they sans Kavita ‘screech-raani’ Krishnamoorthy? Her full kudumbam aa? And where were they singing it? Some random grove or orchard… Pathetic!
    God! I can go on! But will crib later 😛
    I just detest this one from the bottom of my pumping hrudayam!

  117. Shankar Vanavarayar Avatar
    Shankar Vanavarayar

    Today I shall sleep in peace! WOW, that was out burst was the only food that my soul was willing to take in and accept what was done to an epic national hymn!!! Even thought I love the idea to re make it, to think of new ways, music, people and locations!!! it is yuck, thoo and sad!!! India – is not about celebs!!!! its about a billion people….

  118. Sasank Sleeper Avatar

    Dude, I think you feel that mahesh’s singing is out of sync because the youtube video is not properly synced.

    Just watch the video on TV.

  119. Yuva Avatar

    ya..its horrible done…this only proves how good the old was.. or may be we are just too old to accept the new…
    Ashok: I thought about that, but I dont think this is one of those classic cases of indulging in the nostalgic “old is gold” fallacy most people over 30 seem to indulge in. I mean, 1980s English music sucked. 1990s Bollywood music sucked. The old Mile Sur was simply better

  120. nisha menon Avatar
    nisha menon

    omfg! what a riot! this post was hilarious!!!! 🙂

  121. nirvana demon Avatar
    nirvana demon

    hey krishashok,
    did all of us have good memories about the original mile sur mera tumhara?
    a generation of malayalis did not. As the rest of India showcased their music/singers/actors/metro/monuments, kerala was represented(and this is before good ol’ natgeo traveller and amitabh mohan put god’s own c. on the map of the 50 must-see places) by a slender mahout, swarthy, bare chested and clad in a grubby lungi, bowing subserviently atop his elephant and clasping his hands to his chest in the universal symbol of obsequiousness.”… otthu chernu nammude swaramaayi…”, his bow at the end indicating that he was done with his piece, and was content to pass on the baton to the next state: balamurali doing his violin/vocal piece on marina amid soft setting sun.
    tho, after seeing PMSMT, I guess that maybe this time, we could have done with common people from different parts of india depicting what they do daily:
    a baahubali in bihar, an insurgent in kashmir, a farmer committing suicide in maharashtra, a rioting right winger in gujarat, a nostril-hair sprouting baabu in dilli, etc etc…
    hmmm… maybe the underlying message is that there is no milaap of the surs, only chaos, confusion, and cacophony.

    Ashok: Totally agree. Looks like they compensated this time around. I wrote about this here –

    1. abinas Avatar

      hey, there is more than what meets ur eye. one could see the wave of rural development. remember a big chunk of rural india was the reason why india saw a growth in automobile sales last year. stop being cynical about them and ask urself if u cud get the message from the song..

    2. Incognito Avatar

      >>>a rioting right winger in gujarat

      or perhaps, the charred body of a child and her mother in a self-immolating train

  122. window siller Avatar
    window siller

    I don’t want to see it ever. It will scar my childhood.
    shobana and shiamak: aspartame with chakka pradhaman… beautiful.
    much more than MSMT 2.0.
    ~ window siller 🙂

  123. Junker Avatar

    Its only Mile Sur – Mera aur Tumhara .. there is no Hamara … none of them get-together in the video……….

  124. Hirsute Hipposaur Avatar


    You very bad, bad man. No respect for kalchaar. India is great, ok? As for the north east, they don’t look like ‘us’ and they don’t have representation in the films, ok? (Discount the odd Ganesh from Kannada cinema). Bollywood is great and (therefore) so is India, ok?

    Anyway, back to the point. How dare you insult the video, huh? It is great and so is India, ok? And I love Salman Khan ganjee and have wet dreaming Deepika in rain dancin with mini outfit, ok? Unless you do the shame you not Indian, ok? And wear saffron as well from now on, it is Indian, ok?

    Keep it up, ok?


  125. abinas Avatar

    finally the verdict has come its a failure. source yahoo india..
    may ver. 2.0 RIP.

  126. Madhavi Avatar

    Very good analysis the icing on the burnt cake was bringing in Karan Johar… since when the hell did this guy become Icon of India. They should of closed this with shot of karan lip locking with Rakhi Sawant……

    Idiots number one. The music wasn’t that great either too long and draggy and I was left to wonder what was happening.

  127. anjali manoj Avatar
    anjali manoj

    WAY TO GO! Don’t think anyone could have said it better!

  128. Suraj Avatar

    I came across this page (was ‘tweeted’ by a friend of mine)- found it to be the perfect response to the crass piffle by these ratbags that they try to label as “India’s Song”.

    I would be generously distributing this link around. 🙂

    Not to forget, your writing is absolutely hilarious.
    Good work.


  129. UmmON Avatar

    excuse me while i go die laughing!

  130. Aakanksha Avatar

    Way to go! couldn’t have said it better . Mile Sur Mera Tumhara was developed to focus on national integration and unity but seems like they forgot about that in this video. The only redeeming aspect was the incorporation of the song in sign language

  131. Ram Avatar

    Lalith Modi was missing too. It would have contributed to the overall apathy that this video is.

  132. Saagar Avatar

    Great blog man….Had a lot of fun reading it.

  133. Mary Thomas Avatar
    Mary Thomas

    Some people make a hyperbole of everything… You are a classic example…. It was not a well crafted piece but it can be remade in a btter manner… I loved the Aamir Khan style… it was one of the few things that didn’t look unnatural in the video; most other things I agree… and especially the music and dance bit and the masses of India didn’t figure in the video anywhere! On afterthought I feel it was truly not made too well… just checked out the old one which depicted the true folk flavour of India and its villages, its masses; Phir mile was like a bollywood trailer… It didn’t have the classical touch and folk tunes that the old one brought out! It didn’t give credit to the greats in our country and the technological… See the progress we’ve made for the last 22 years…. it has been a sea change, a paradigm shift – even the way the world views us now and for all that; this is dimunitive and superficial in context! Thumbs down Mukesh…. get down from your high horse and feel the ground.. the terra firma! India is great much more than the video brought out!

  134. Manoj Mathachan Avatar
    Manoj Mathachan

    Hi… I must say reading your blog was more enjoyable than watching this video….. it was jst bollywood and for the sake of showing national integeration.. they included sme other indians in between….. they spoiled such a beautiful video…like u comment abt the erotic silk smitha vocal….

  135. Venki Avatar

    well done saar… they could’ve spared the time for pakistanis also… you see the aman ki asha of times of india… it was also a part of india… 17 minutes of torcher… we wouldn’t mind being put in the gallows for a miute more… already died seeing the video…

    1. Venki Avatar

      *torture… my bad…

  136. subha Avatar

    wow! Very well written… nice style and yes, absolutely true comments.. through and through…

  137. Kumudha Avatar

    Hilarious! Couldn’t stop laughing or reading… Thanks!

  138. viswajithkn Avatar

    Hey…I whole heartedly apologize for any copyright violations as I had shared your Dan Brown post link on facebook! 😀

  139. subha Avatar

    hehehe.. read it again…. hilarious! God Bless… 🙂

  140. Technolect Avatar

    I doubt bringing India together on Republic Day..
    Luvly point that hands wide open in the air thingy.. 🙂 LoL

  141. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by maxdavinci, Aparna . Aparna said: RT @maxdavinci The govt now doesn't like @krishashok's post #womygaad […]

  142. Joe Zachs Avatar

    Too many characters I suppose.
    There should be a ban for improperly dressed people (Salman)
    And who was that with K J Yesudas ? His son ?

  143. Archana Avatar

    Awesome post.. Loved the Mridhanga Chakaravarthy and the Gabbar code 🙂
    Having hearing impaired children was thoughtful but Salman in cut banniyan is a BIG NOOOOO
    Luckily, Rakhi Sawant was not in the video. But Karan Johar’s appearance was adding fuel to the fire..

  144. empty PMS Avatar
    empty PMS

    ROFLMAO… how come nothing about PC’s bit?

  145. Archana Avatar

    Oh and this video should have been titled “Om Shanti Om 2.0”. It was the only other song that matched up the number of star appearances.

  146. maddy Avatar

    Loved your write up. Added your link here for more people to read. Thank you for giving us a good laugh.

  147. Sapna Hirani Avatar
    Sapna Hirani

    Awesome!! I felt exactly the same after seeing this 2.0 version 😛 … what a disaster! and what about the Bachchan family video?? amitabh, aishwarya and baby b??? such a put-off… this video should be banned or no! All these actors should be locked in one windowless room and this video should be played again and again and again…

  148. Anjan Avatar

    I totally agree with each and every minute detail of your review !!
    Must say … it was a nice read.
    And am proud to see most of Indians did find fake in this utter nonsense-PMSMT…

  149. punjabimami Avatar

    What the PHIR MILE video lacked was a soul…. when the original was aired, it gave me goosebumps, still does. This one had me looking out for celebrities. The same old music, in a bigger, brighter, newer bottle but the old wine tasted or rather sounded much finer.
    The man who created the piece put in his heart and we all watched amazed… this is a pale shadow of the original, a shallow copy!

  150. Ravi Chander Avatar

    LOL! Good review. Yes, what’s with the wide-open-hands-thing? 🙂
    Gabbar needs to come back and spare us all from these annoying hands. Good one!

    PMS-MT : suffers from hormonal imbalance.

  151. Vishwas Heathcliff Avatar

    I have not yet seen the video, but have been hearing reviews. Heard it is a total disaster. Can’t seem to think I will ever be able to see it without prejudice.

  152. Mahima Avatar

    Godly. Love thy sarcasm!

  153. apeksha pathak Avatar
    apeksha pathak

    Great analysis. The new version makes me angry and heartbroken. Its an insult to the old one. I think your post should be aired to public at large. I especially like the code at the end…

  154. Toby Avatar

    Dear Krishnashok,
    Your article has made my day and hopefully for millions of other Indians. Your style of ripping Bollywood and the creator of MSMT 2.0 is beyond hilarious. You should have a dedicated column on Page 3.


  155. Zahra Avatar

    “Louwly” post, I say!!

    “..adding aspartame to Chakka Pradhaman”…ROFL!! 😀

    Yeah, I’m sick of that arms-wide-open thingie that SRK does ad nauseam…all said and done, I don’t think any audio/video tribute will be able to do justice to the wonder that’s India.

  156. Mahesh Avatar

    We have to be thankful that the Gandhi (Maino) family was not in the video.

  157. Sakshi Avatar

    Will laugh to my heart’s content and till stomach loosen up and then come back and comment. I have been reading all over blogs about this video and yours is the best…sobs!! Too short of words to comment to match your words 😛

  158. Bala Avatar

    Regretted watching the entire video until I read this. Would have missed the fun if I hadn’t watched it. Thanks Sur… 🙂

  159. sam Avatar

    Kalakitara Da! ChanceIllya!
    This is the best answer to the horrible remix of the classic MSMT.
    I hope these idiots wake and stop messing with Indian classic items.
    The Gabbar module for excessive use of hands was awesome!

  160. @nks Avatar

    and you forgot to mention the krishna Jr.. .very own mahesh babu …

  161. Abhinandana Avatar

    Oh come on! you guys are no fun!
    Think about all the things they could have added to the video like Rakhi Sawant, Mallika Sherawat, Cleaveage , Butt Cracks, Shilpa Shetty’s belly button, Shahid kapoors 8 pack, SRK’s wife and children, Karan Johar and his current gay boyfriend, the Tata Nano, Rose, Namitha ( how could i forget!) , Britney spears new Indian Mongrel, and the Laloo prasad Yadav picking his nose.
    Cheer up, it was cliche yes, but it wasnt as bad as it could have been!

    ps: Oh wait, did i forget to Mention Rakhi Sawants rather controversial Implants?

  162. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Abhishek Rao, Abhishek Rao. Abhishek Rao said: just dealing with normal #PMSMT disappointment then had to go read this. smile & feel shite at same time @ krishashok […]

  163. paroma Avatar

    Couldn’t have expressed it better! Kudos!

  164. Anil Raj Avatar
    Anil Raj

    what you have written is very correct.

    though, there are some points, where i disagree.
    its about “sur”.
    so, musicians are ok.
    and in india, musician’s face is actor.
    so, actors are also fine.
    just that of 16 mins, they didn’t even spend half a minute on sportsmen.

    also, deepika padukone and priyanka chopra.
    i am ok with them too.
    india has changed a lot since 1988 (the original mile sur).
    fashion sense has changed everywhere.
    india really is not what is shown in slumdog millionaire.
    in bangalore, girls wear short skirt at schools (like in US).
    i saw skinny girls, jeans, and skirt in trivandrum, last year (2009).

    people are so attached to the old ones that they fail to appreciate the changes.
    when you see the new mile sur, you feel like you just saw your 70 yr old dad wearing jeans and gap t-shirt.
    instead think that its your son who is wearing it.
    had there been no original mile sur, i guess, everyone would had appreciated the new one.

    too bad, farhan aktar didn’t remake the mile sur.
    i really liked his “don”.

    comparing it with the old one:
    1. we had hema standing in the rain and singing.
    2. none of those people were singers
    3. there is more in kerala than elephants
    4. not much time devoted for sportman
    5. got bored of watching the old and starting to compare

    the old one was around 6 min, which was good.
    16 min is too too much.

    mile sur in 1988 was fake. ( india was not what was shown that day. )
    mile sur in 2010 is also fake. (india is still not what is shown today. )
    why bother compare?
    in 1988, they showed the hit actors and musicians that day.
    and now, its time for the newer generation hit musicians and actors.
    thats it.
    mile sur is nothing more than that.

    i remember this small boys singing in the “gali” in front of our residence back then.
    “mile sur mera tumara,
    sasur bena hamara”

    he liked the song, just because there were lots of movie actors together.
    (( his fav was amitabh, mithun and jitendra. ))
    he never thought of everyones “sur” matching up and nominating for grammy.

    india’s sur won’t match up ever.

  165. Vaish Avatar

    What a posting! Enjoyed reading the critics throughout. I also wanted to write a critical review of this album, but could’ve not done 100% justice like yours.
    Coming to this topic, Old is gold. Always!! This album is a 18 minute disaster. And the most disgusting part is Ms. Padukone’s entry. APJ, Narayanmoorthy and many other legends were replaced with skinny actresses and bollywood debutants. Way we go India!!

  166. Mile (apa)sur mera tumhara « Infinite Ascent Avatar

    […] do not want to reiterate this excellent review of ‘pmsmt’, but I want to, just, highlight the lows of this disgraceful rendition of […]

  167. Chittaranjan Avatar

    Super post saar, all very well said.

    The first thing I did when this piece of whatever was airing on Zoom channel was to pick up the remote and switch to Doordarshan…in the faint hope that they’d be airing the ‘Original’ Mile Sur Mera Tumhara!

    That one was unparalleled….so good that it made me hum those other-language lines, knowing very fully what they meant. Heck even after so many years I can go “Nanna dhwaniye ninna dhwaniya, serinante namma dhwaniya” or “tomar shoor moder shoor…srishti koroor koi ek shoor”!

    BTW, wasn’t the dude who made it – Kailash Surendranath – been a secretary to some of the bollywood bigges once upon a time?

  168. subha Avatar

    i agree to anil raj’s comments.. yea true.. yesteryear’s bollywood kings n queens have gvn way to their princes and princesses .. 😛 india is all about ‘family’ culture.. movies, music, politics..everywhere.. coming back to his comment.. there were atlst a few common indians in that old video …. and sadly none here.. there were no tatas or any notable politician in that.. so its all the same.. it was for 6 min and didnt test so much of our patience, but this one failed in that miserably.. all said n done, the original was cuter.. whether it was a true reflection of integrity or not.. this one, ahem.. lemme be the kind soul as there is nthg left to add to the ruthless ravage that it has already been put to…

  169. Chittaranjan Avatar

    And some enterprising soul has already edited Wikipedia’s page on the ‘Original MSMT to include this ‘new’ PMSMT bit as well


  170. NJ Avatar

    Good job dude.

  171. Apercevoir Avatar

    Muhawhawhawhaw!! 😀

    Loved this post and loved all your observations, this one being my favourite: “Saar. Nalla Thanni adikkireenga.”

    Bhupen’s ending made me want to pick up a Tinu Anand Knife from the fridge and stab myself. Apasruthi Personificationaya.

    And Salman Khan’s weird “I’m going to eat you” thing in the end looked like Child Abuse which I’m sure he’d love to add to his ‘been-there-done-that-crime’ list.

    Sonu Nigam looks mental with that hair. And the R Kelly bit is giving me nightmares ever since I witnessed that tragedy. There should’ve been a warning before that piece.

    But forget all that, what struck me as most annoying was the incredible lack of co-ordination. How could anyone release something so disjointed and bad-sounding and a sequel to THAT original? Sheesh.

    Honestly, they should’ve all worn horns and called it Mile-Asuras. Foolish fellows.

  172. Dexxzter Avatar

    Krish, You are a true observer! Hats off to you!

    I can’t imagine that the director/producer thought of convincing the whole India just with film stars. Well, it was a complete let down and they need to understand that there are other areas of achievement that represent India as well.

    And whats with the film stars? [over-acting-psycho sivamani, salman with no (dressing) sense, shahid kapoor singing like rock star?? yuk! and after all Aamir? you too?]

    What’s this video go to do with Republic Day or National integration for that matter?

    If I haven’t seen the older version, I would have probably seen this new ‘Phir Mile Sur Mera Tumhara’ as a sheer stupidity by some film fanatic.

    Damn! Such a waste of time!

  173. Runa Avatar

    Great post BUT ..

    this celebration of vacuity is not limited to India and the obsession with Bollywood.

    Just see the absolute craptastic Prime time “news” that we are subjected to daily in the USA . There is a war going on but the only thing given importance in the media is that Brangelina may have split or that Paris Hilton ( the classic example of being too rich and too thin) has done some appropriately Paris Hiltonian thing.

    The world is going to hell in a handbasket.

  174. litterateuse Avatar

    What can I say, that was the best of times; this is the worst of times. The first (and only) word I could think of after the video was “W.H.Y.??!” And the answer was a resounding (and lame) “Why not?” After that, I decided it isn’t worth more than 3 mins. of my time.


    PS: In its defense, each video is a fair representative of the media & times. All you need is one look at either video and you have your answer to the depth, thought, creativity, effort and insight then – and now.

  175. Kaushik Avatar

    What a stupid, misrepresenting video on national integration by remixing/making a great old song, close to so many Indian hearts…

    Now look at the kinda resentment it has evoked! The PMSMT getting woaatha ripped apart, like by KrishAshok, with the backing of so many of us is infact National Integration. Here’s a chance for other TV CHANNELs to air these rips and public comments and ‘right’ the ‘wrongs’ done by Zoom TV and gain popularity!

  176. Dess Avatar

    Well…100 out of 99 ppl are throwing eggs, brickbats …what not….
    Lets try and find something appreciative about this song…

    I guess everyone related to this song have done a fantastic job by giving an overdose of Bollywood. So the scathing remarks are restricted to blogs, internet reviews and tv channels.

    Just imagine if the video is made with political heroes, sportspersons etc..etc..
    First, there would be an uproar in Maharashtra saying, non-Marathi ppl were shown singing in Mumbai, Railway Minister would say there is no representation of railways., another state CM would say ‘Are we not part of India’..And the icing on the cake would be somebody filing a case saying so and so line humiliated my community…

    Now sports..Definitely cricketers will be part of it..1000’s will say ‘I thought hockey was our national game’ ..Ok lets rope in a hockey player..And again they might quit practicing saying I was not shown in the video…And the female hockey team will say ‘Where are we’….Next day we have news channels with discussion panel one representing ‘women’s welfare organization’, one from hockey federation., etc….

    If someone popular from Andhra is shown, ppl will fight on streets saying Telangana is neglected…
    I believe one can fill a book…..

    Infact, I always thought this song can never never never be re-made..Kudos to the guts of producers…but ya..IT WAS BAD.PERIOD.

  177. Arun Anjay Avatar

    It is easier to comment and harass. But difficult to create! I agree its filmy. But you ridiculing musicians is unacceptable.

    The continuum fingerboard is one of the most difficult instruments to play and do respect talent!

  178. […] Mile Sur Mera Tomorrow? Fail I woke up today, did my morning ablutions (Freshen teeth, Refresh Twitter) and quickly realized from a cursory glance […] […]

  179. […] Thanks to a crappy internet connection, I didn’t notice that Krish Ashok has already made a much better analogy of this phenomenon. I am leaving this here because too much […]

  180. Ram Avatar

    yenna kodumai saravanan … director moonjilae yaen peetchaan kaiyae vaekae …

    This is the first blog of yours that i read, and i immediately became a fan of yours esp. for the ‘tanglish’ language. The thing most impressed me is “About the author column’ jalsa and jilpa … orae gujalsava irindhudu … going through it made me re-live my good old chennai days … waiting to valadhu kaal vetchufy in koyambedu …

    keep up the good work kris … namaku pin varum sundhadhigal thangal jalsavaiyum jilpavaiyum padithu gujalavaagatum …

  181. Celine Avatar

    Thankfully, Tanvir Mahmood Ahmed wasn’t included in the video…hehehe!

  182. Ameen Avatar

    Simply splendid.
    Started my day reading this. You made my day. 🙂

  183. guhesh Avatar

    Brilliant. Simbly brilliant.

    I loved the Gabbar Singh bit … specially the lip-smacking look he seems to have 🙂

  184. Shilpa Avatar

    Awesome job Krish !!!! I have been sweating blood to spread (be)awareness about this ‘Item Song’ in US, but now I just have to send a link to your blog 🙂 !

    I guess this song comes from the same people who are distributing Padmashri’s to all these young actors.

    The entertainment industry is getting shallower with every passing year. I adored the old “Mile Sur’”!!

    Good work, keep it up!


  185. suneeta Avatar

    Completely agree with Krish. The video completely lacked the essence of rural and cultural India. One of biggest flop remakes ever. The money that had gone into the making of this video, could probably have rehabilitated a whole village.
    The thing I hated most in this video was Aishwarya’s expression. Looked like she grossly misinterpreted the meaning of ‘Mile Sur Mera Tumhara’..

  186. Sarah Nathan Avatar
    Sarah Nathan

    Oooooooh! You don’t just critique, you castrate !!! ha ha ha ha ha ha

  187. Rashmi Avatar

    Shah Rukh, you *really* need to stop doing that wide-open-hands thing.
    Everybody else is doing it now, and damnit, if Amjad Khan was alive,
    he’d take those hands and spare us all. 🙂 🙂


  188. […] Ashok has methodically dissected the video (frame by frame) on his blog here. In his words: ” This 16 minute Bollygasm will put blade like a Kiwi farmer on a sheep during […]

  189. Borna Avatar

    hehe nice article. Awesome actually. As one of my friends I forwarded this article said “Detail main maara hai” . 😛

    I actually liked the Salman Khan bit, though he could have certainly done with some clothes. That was the only soulful part in the whole video.

    And I thought Anoushka was getting a little orgasmic over her sitar

  190. Surya Avatar

    Very well written, saar… respect! I almost felt ‘why leave Jaya alone when the whole Bachchan family is here?’ Also, the Kulkarni couple to represent Maharashtra?! For heaven’s sake, there could have been someone better… Maharashtra is known for its Natya Sangeet… they could have even got Kishori Amonkar… and no Sindhi representation this time? Last time there was Narendra Hirwani… And Bhupen Hazarika is trembling rather than singing…

    Btw, the Mridanga Chakravarthy video is hilarious :))


  191. DP Avatar

    This has absolutely made my morning, my week, my 60th year of the republic.

  192. Surekha Shetty Avatar

    Great post. I have been so angry about these guys ripping apart that beautiful audio/video. And to think that TOI was hyping it for the last 4 days like it was the best thing since sliced bread. I wonder who gave these guys the right to futz around with the original?

  193. Abhi Avatar

    Brilliant work dude! Keep it up! 🙂

    You missed mentioning Rakhi Sawanth, Mallika Sherawath and others. 🙂 They might feel bad. Any possible additions?

  194. Jack Avatar

    Yeah really bad. Just a list of bollywood stars who had a hit in 2009, is more like it.

  195. Mayuri Avatar

    PHIR Mile Sur Mera Tumhara is an oxymoron – no Sur meeting Sur this time.

    A very clever piece to prove that point.

  196. Janak Avatar

    3 times longer and 20 times the budget of the original and not even 10% of the empathy of the original. Typical of Times of India group. Kitschy upper class family promotion film touted as authentic secular make India proud film. Thumbs up to DD. Boo ToI.

  197. Sandeep Avatar

    @KrishnaAshok Awesome post!! Respect.

  198. Abhiram Natarajan Avatar

    “…PMSMT is a user interface without a backend database…”. A bad user interface to that. That line just about sums it up.

  199. Swarna Avatar

    This is hilarious! I thought I was the only one who felt that way. But you have nailed it! Hats off!

  200. Anupriya Avatar

    Well…All i can say is i agree with most of what you said. The video is more in lines of celebrating Selfishness, Individualistic society & yes it does promote the celebrity kids.

    The music & singing for most is way off to be appreciated, though i still like some of the different language bits… However all in all it’s a huge disaster at displaying any sense of Integration.

    This is not the true India. No way is this India!

  201. Surekha Pillai Avatar

    it took me ten minutes to recover from the “Saar. Nalla Thanni adikkireenga”. you should have had a statutory warning at the beginning.

  202. Kay Avatar

    Thanks for applying the much-needed salve; I was frothing at the mouth, my BP hitting the roof! Oh, and on a conversation on twitter, I was told that “…the old is not relevant to the new generation … this is supposed to be the foundation for today’s generation…”

    Loved your analysis, absolutely, spot on! Thank You!

  203. PJ Avatar

    Brilliant! With permission, I’d like to put up a link to his on my FB page.

  204. Shenoy Avatar

    Sooper post man! Could this post probably be the best thing about PMSMT?

  205. Sowmya Avatar

    Man… ROFL… Hilarious…to good… Best abt the mahesh Babu… dude they changed the lyrics into his idiotic ‘Murari’ way styles… the original is so soulful…”na swaramu nee swaramu sangamamayi mana sawaram ga avatarinche”…. and they killed ittttttttttttt:((((
    And God knows when AP is split…KCR wud come into this vid… how idiotic was tht…Someone post this blog to the producer of the video…

  206. thedailytamasha Avatar

    Brilliant! But aren’t we thankful that the video didn’t have Sharad Pawar, Pratibha Patil (Maharashtra), Rahul-ji-baba (UP), and (shudder) Shibu Soren (Jharkhand) etc. to represent their un-states?

    And Shahid looked like promoting ‘Chance Pe Dance’.

    Here’s The Daily Tamasha take on the issue, slightly tangential:

  207. rbpravin Avatar


    The original tamil lyrics is “thisai veru aanaalum Aaazhi ser aarugal….”

    These idiots are singing “thisai veru aanaalum Aaazhisai aarugal…” utter rubbish.. Surya, being a tamilian should have known the lyrics. Big disgrace to the Tamil language..

    Sorry if the fact has been mentioned already. I didn’t have time to read the entire article and comments..

  208. Arturas S. Avatar

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  209. sandeep Avatar

    i dunno why you have so much scorn towards olympics sports !!! your IPL drunk cricketers have time and again sumbitted in court that they dont play for india !! they play for BCCI and now play for their franchicees … worthies like shilpa ,preity etc who can never be like alex fergusson and will never invest in acadmies to devlop young talent anywaz thats besides tha point .. if you want to add one more reason as why even i didnt like this video was that the “group ” that has now gone on “peace offensive ” with our worthy neighbour has tried to mil 26//11 … notice the location where kasab and friends came calling during their mumabi sightseeing trip have been extensively included… and then they say “aman ki asha “

  210. Anupama Avatar

    Dude, how could you forget Abhishek Bacchan and Aishwarya Rai?

  211. sachith Avatar

    Good observations and i too agrree.. so does so many people.
    the reponse to this blog is mindblowlling.

    Sachith Kumar Rai

  212. deepthi Avatar

    ROFL!! awesome one… for loop code is like adding the toppings to delicious cake 🙂
    old MSMT is hazaar better than the new one… the new one doesnt connect to the indian feeling at all… god save aka punish the producers for such worst remake

  213. Thinker Avatar

    Completely a Bukwaaaaas mixture Old Mile sur is faaaar faaaar better than this. No cricketers yaar f****k these bloody film stars

    1. Thinker Avatar

      Krishna your comments are best

  214. Chaitra Avatar

    You’ve captured the flaws of this documentary brilliantly….

    Yes, it has failed to capture the essence of the original,

    Too much Bollywood, too little credit to the people who deserve it,

    Melody fails to create the magic the original created….

    Everything agreed.

    Just one question, why can’t it be looked up as a just a song of celebration of diverse cultures on the occasion of Republic Day?

    Why does everything have to be so brutally dissected?… To the extent that it has been addressed as “SHIT’ by some fellow commentators here.

    They din do a great job of it. But they certainly don’t deserve this.

    1. Harshita Avatar

      That was the original version, no doubt. But PMSMT, a song of celebration? Of what, the ‘Remix Culture’?

    2. Soumya Thomas Avatar
      Soumya Thomas

      Hi Chaitra….

      This is being dissected to this level cos they used a song attached to a lot national sentiments and could not come up with something good..

      and it was addressed as ‘SHIT” cos thats what the person felt of it …

      And if they really wanted to just come up with a song for republic day, why did they use this one (with their limited calibre to resist the bollywood lobbying?)….

      Mediocrity neednt be handled with care or respect … when pple bring out outright atrocity in the name of National integration , this is what they should have expected….

  215. stavirs Avatar

    lovely writing and very honest review, loved every bit of it!

  216. Aishwarya Rao Avatar

    Naalavadhu vaati padikaren.

    To the point that I can recite by heart the ultimate line of this piece – “Juxtaposing Shiamak with Shobana is like adding aspartame to Chakka pradhaman. Fail. Epic Fail. If there was any justice in this world, Shiamak would join Shobana’s Dance school and be rejected for complete and utter lack of talent.” ROFL
    Purushanum naanum sendhu paidchi kizha vizhundu sirichirkom.

    As they say, Thala pointa pudichiteenga!

  217. Harshita Avatar

    What a brilliant dissection! Thoroughly enjoyed it…

    Though I must say, my sentiments fully represented in the video — in the confused/disgruntled/disinterested people standing behind Sonu Nigam bleating away.

  218. Amit Avatar

    Awsome observation krishashok, I agree 2000% what u said… it was more bollywood add than.. remake of MSMT…… I hated this to the core..

  219. Soumya Thomas Avatar
    Soumya Thomas

    Brilliant … reading this helps a great deal to get over the agony of having watched that thing …

    Brilliant analysis on every detail… surprised u eevn noticed the rangoli instead of pookalam bit ….

  220. Latha Avatar

    LMAO. The best thing I ever read on the MSMT fiasco. My two cents though:

    Whatever happened to the North East? Oh we must have already given them away to China. Mary Kom is the residual piece.

    Or the cricket uncles? Busy doing Parachute oil ads maybe.

    Hrithik, who has been ignored here because he could only dance and not sing? Or he will say, “I love India” and dance away in quick moves confusing the f*** out of you.

    Kareena and Katrina: Both ignored because they couldn’t include the hair-pulling each other subtext.

    Goa was immersed in the sands of time I think. No, not just Louis Banks, but maybe Wendell Rodericks or that Remo boy, maybe marc robinson?

    Apart from this, my serious grudges are with the mass put-downing of all of south. I haven’t grown up with Amitabh, so will they please include Kamal Haasan? Or Chiranjeevi? Or Nagarjuna instead of mahesh who is just another small fish? Whatever happened to Mohanlal, or Sudeep? Revathi, Amala…Suhasini? A small peek at Mani Ratnam, or Rajinikanth….you could make do with Aishwarya Rajinikanth.

    If I had my way, I’d also include Lakshmi Menon, Vishal Baradwaj, Amol Gupte, Manish arora and Sabyasachi and Bipasha Basu. And probably, some bands like Swaratma and Raghu Dixit and…..some rock bands like Pentagram and Parikrama. Indian Ocean, too.

    1. nakkala Avatar

      Man people forgot about Nagarjuna…The present generation likes mahesh and thats why he is in the video.But personally i think all bollywood,tollywood or some wood stars must be replaces by actual stars that brought prosper to our country

  221. uthra Avatar

    can Aarti n kailash surendranath — the divine couple responsible for this brilliant massacre of a beautiful DD product — be sued for mental, physical n emotional trauma? And PMSMT banned, taken off air, censored etc etc……?

  222. Jaya Avatar

    for the sake of lending his voice, they could have atleast shown TK karthik along with Surya!! 😦

  223. sairamnath Avatar

    haha..thalaiva pinniteenga.. i totally agree with u. The DD version is far superior & it brings me tears when i think abt those days. But after seeing it, I shed tears coz of laughing heavily & reading ur review abt it. Comments on Salman khan is wre i rolled on the floor laughing. that ass needs to knw hw to dress for a song like this. there wre few good ones among them but truly agree with u it was too bollywoodish. they cud have got sportspersons too. but thank god they wre not part of this crap. else we wud see sreeshanth & harbhajan hugging each other for this. Wonder if they cud bring a song for world Integration. Vijaykanth, Osama,George bush, harbhajan & andrew symonds.. :D..ROTFL

    1. cram Avatar

      Mudiyala! Mudiyala! ROTFLMAO!

      U.R. Awesome. Also kudos: Never seen namma oor aalu using phrases like all hat, no cattle. And the Petronas ad from so long ago! sooper appu.

      What other ghastly rape are the devious Kailash and co planning now? Baje sargam in (Vi)Desh raag, with NRI “achievers”? ><

      1. cram Avatar

        many such travesties are happening around the globe. oru chinna example (

  224. Harikrishna VP Avatar
    Harikrishna VP

    You ripped them royally, Ashok.
    Awesome writing style and very keen eye to details. Keep it up. Hats off to you.

  225. sankaruuu Avatar

    The bit abt ,if Amjad were alive he would’ve cut off the over-stretching hands..That does it for me..LITO(Lauging in the Office) which is more than LMAO but less animated than ROFL!

  226. Ramkumar Avatar

    Awesome article. I hate all of those phoney smiling bollywood actors, especially Amitabh and SRK, to the core of my being. They are everywhere you look be it TV, newspaper,yahoo frontpage,bill boards..there is no escape from their ugly faces.

  227. Chetan Avatar

    The only thing this video proves that we still have a lot of talent for screwing up….
    May be the producers of the video can put up a challenge… can you screw up better than this!!! — the screw (things up )better than us campaign !!!
    National insult this is…..

  228. moimystique Avatar

    Crazy stuff! You’ve been linked!

  229. ruchi Avatar

    yo. nice review. now i shall watch the video just to add to the criticism 😛 and the person who gave me this link, told me the author looks like sonu nigam in this video.

  230. blueberry32 Avatar

    Why did Karan Johar come? It already seemed like an extension of that Om Shanti Om song where all the stars party, here they sang instead.
    And why oh why was Vikram dressed like that. Love the Petronas ad reference.
    And the Amjad Khan thing- LOL.
    All in all, well done thalaiva!!

  231. Shailendra Gupta Avatar

    Loved your article.

    Some things should not be meddled with .. hope the creators of PMS learn this.

  232. Anshul Avatar

    nicely addressed mate……
    just to say original ki “chaddi uttar di” naye walay nai…..FAILIURE!!!

  233. Archana Avatar

    Loved + agree on all the comments you have posted on “Phir Mile Sur Mera Tumhara” ,it was really a complete disaster. The old one was far better even when it would have been low budget. Every time i watch it I feel patriotic, but definitely not with the NEW one.

  234. anita vachharajani Avatar
    anita vachharajani

    hey, found your piece so funny i shared it on my fb page! just caught the excrescence right now on zoom and it is such douchebaggery, man. poorly shot, terribly conceptualised, badly edited. shameful! the worst bits? deepika, shahid, rohit bal and karan johar. yembarrassing man. just shows that we’ve won the race to the bottom…

    only one thing – we do have a form of ritualized rangoli drawing called kalamezhuthu in kerala – which is sort of like a sand mandala, in that it is drawn in highly ritualized steps, and when done, is worshipped and then wiped away. so these guys got practically everything wrong, but on this one score, they were ok! see

    and dude, you made my day with this piece and all, but you DO look like sonu in the video! i’d suggest you avoid going to court over this, you’re bound to epic-lose!

  235. Manjula Avatar

    Abso-blooming-lutely brilliant!!!!

  236. Anshuman Avatar

    Don’t blame Ustad Amjad Ali, he’s justified. He lost his ‘sur’ on an Air India flight and hopes everyone finds their own!!!

    Btw, I never liked the original Mile Sur. It seemed to go on forever and one had wait impatiently for ‘Flop Show’ or something like that. One couldn’t switch channels in those days. Now, in the Age of Rakhi Sawant, one almost wishes one didn’t have so many channels to choose from.

    You nailed the video, though. Great job!!

  237. BD Avatar

    LOL! Loved the hand removal code!

  238. Bhargs Avatar

    Brilliant article..PMSMT is an attempt at corrupting the collective childhood memories of a generation. The only good thing abt the new one is that it makes me watch the old one once more. I have a doubt abt the new video: Towards the end, in the segment where they show the army, the Jaya Hey music is interspersed with some other music. Is this allowed, I mean remixing the national anthem,even in bits?

  239. dipna Avatar

    the older version had the sindhi version of mile sur mera tumhara. it is missing in this version. I also have similar complaints to what all you have with the new version but at this point of time what bothers me most is this..
    As i kid, and even now, i waited for the whole song to listen to ‘mile sur’ in my language… bit it upsets me to see it missing in this version…
    They had space for these so called ‘celebrities’ but how could they miss the whole race all together…
    This is the question of our integrity, our being, we have been a part of the country since independence…did so much for it.
    And is this what we get in written??

    1. Alka Avatar

      Really Dipna?? That is your complaint?

  240. Huck Avatar

    Hi Krish,

    Started following your posts recently!
    Heh! I can’t control my laughter at this review! truly awesome!

    How about some ruby code in future for expressing a point better 😉

    class Video
    attr_accessor :actors
    def initialize(*actors)
    @actors = actors

    class Actor
    attr_accessor :name, :act
    def initialize(name, act)
    @name = name
    @act = act

    mile_sur_mera_tumhara_video ='shahrukh',:open_hands),'vikram',:open_hands),'surya',:open_hands),'aamir',:open_hands),'ranbir',:open_hands),'amitabh',:walk_n_sing_n_talk_n_introspect))

    gabbar ='gabbar', {|a| a.act == :open_hands}.collect{|a| "#{a.act} of #{}"})

    puts gabbar.act

    So gabbar goes on a ‘collect’-ing spree! 🙂

    1. deepak Avatar

      wat’s ur point mate??

    2. gharsh Avatar

      You’ll still have to ‘hand’ a couple of matchets to Gabbar before he goes on a collection spree!

  241. Blackjesus Avatar

    W.r.t all the 290 responses posted above, which is a WIN WIN situation for “Mr. Ashok” in terms of overall alexa page ranking of this specific page and of course the popularity of your writings, I had to concur with you almost on every single post you made with every phase as shown in the video.

    That’s one disaster there. Hope the producers learn the lesson and stop bowing down to them stars (Stars, My A**).
    The post is humorous and quite entertaining. top of it, its an eye opener.

    Much Respect and Appreciation !!!

    Gaurav Bagdi

  242. Shails Avatar

    This post is hilarious!
    I saw this video yesterday and it was a blasphemy.Hated the ‘bollywodization’…
    The original video was so very good.No comparision to this at all.

  243. AK Avatar

    Nei Nei Nei …………… I insist it was you who was singing while standing amidst a crowd of clueless uncles and how dare you slander Sonu Nigam.

    14 min into the video, I was hoping some undersea cable gets cut.

  244. Bharat Avatar

    Brilliant stuff Krishashok – really cracked me up and made my day! And so very true – each and every one of your observations!

    I am the nephew of Suresh Mullick, the man who created the original Mile Sur (my only claim to fame!), and let me say this – I don’t think his colleagues, friends or relatives could have reviewed PMSMT any better 😉

  245. Swathi Pradeep Avatar

    Yes, I agree with you completely!
    Even I had written an article on this yesterday. It was on IAM(India Asso of Memphis) Blog yesterday and Deccan Herald Website today!

    Here is the link of the article on my blog:

    My article has also appeared on today’s Deccan Herald Website!

  246. Sands Avatar

    Loved your post. As one who doesn’t care for remixes, I felt this one took all the charm out of the original and replaced it with below average music and superficial glitz and glamor.

  247. Srikanth Avatar

    Ashok, konteenga saar. Vettu pecchum witty pecchum senthaa romba jalsathaan.

  248. Nirmal Avatar

    Nice one.
    But you cant just define India with these ppl.

    You are right about the pointing the Jr’s in the video.

    If you were given the chance to caste whom would pick and drop?

    Kalam is a big miss imho

  249. Rocky Avatar


    It is always easy to criticize others.Look for the reason y this video was made, dont find out the mistakes or rather the Personalities u wanted to see. Someone has commented salman is not wearing a shirt, i think u were the 1st one to observer it, u should have looked at the smile of the children around him how excited they were. So just dont comment because u r free.

  250. Monika Avatar

    Have grown up watching and singing along the lines of ‘Mile Sure Mera Tumhara’…
    The song that truely could replace ‘Jana Gana Mana” – that most of us dont understand…

    And here was a song so simple yet so soulful, a song that truely represented a “United India”….

    Oh God.. this was the beauty of ‘Mile Sur Mera Tumhara”, u just can’t stop praising it, the way it was represented, the way it was sung….

    Comming back to ‘Phir HILE Sur Mera Tumhara”

    Oh what!!! what did I type ‘HILE’, but no need to correct, I think this is the better way to praise this song

    “There r no SURs to join’

    but yes It has shaken our soul, so TOI can better call it ‘Phir HILE sur mera tumhara’…

    Well the song seems to be composed the best way, and yes picturization is also equally justified…

    This is what India is going to be, TOI has put forward the Image of NEW INDIA, India that gives everyone equal rights, India where you do not need to struggle hard to achieve something”

    “Good Job TOI”, who else could have shown us the real Image of NEW India…

    Confused!!! guys…. Now you and I have equal rights to Padma Shree – The Hightest Civil honour in the great Nation…
    Now you dont need to struggle your whole life, show a real contribution, a valuable contribution towards the progress of
    your nation or Society and then be bestowed upon with such an honour.

    No wonder Mother Teresa was bestowed with Bharat ratna in 1980 only after her capability and contribution was confirmed by the ‘Nobel Peace price’ she got in 1979

    Wasn’t this easy for them….

    And now see you and I can aim for Padhma Shree, just a few conditions –
    1. U need to be a Bhachan Bahu (Dont understand why Abhishek was dropped this year, but no disappointments next year for sure)
    2. You need be a person Chargesheeted by CBI, but yes not many liberties , CBI should give clean chit before receiving the award 😉
    3. You should have Six packs (Gajni) – Padhma Vibushan applicable here

    Obituary :
    This is in the everlasting memory of our ‘Mile Sure mera thumhara”, a song brutally murdered by – TOI in collaboration with ‘BOLLYWOOD”

    2 mins silence please….

    1. Rocky Avatar

      Yes the people shown in video are not worth…they heve done nothin for our country who r they we don even know them…
      Amitabh huuh….A R rahman…
      I think when it comes to watching movies we forget all this don’t we:
      Aamir is God, 3 Idiots and stuf…Amitabh still rules AR rahman is the image of india…haha and then another day y r these bollywood stars featuring in this video where is the real picture…
      These people have not achieved any thing in life, they know nothin….

  251. abcd Avatar

    very rightly said….really an insult to the innumerable sportsmen and scientists who make a name through hard work and dedication. the film actors get publicity as part of their profession and most of them certainly does not lead a life worth emulating.

  252. sowmya Avatar

    This is the most hilarious analysis i have ever read…you are unbelievable. I didn’t watch this video, but i understand it’s time to watch for an uncontrolled laugh

    I liked Maheshbabu’s lip synchronising problem 🙂