Web 2.0 at work, chapter 1:The Meeting

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A while back, Sangeetha Kodithala (@skodithala ) told me that Slacker’s dilemma turned out to be a useful comic to introduce Web 2.0 to n00bs in companies. Now, why someone would want to do that is questionable, but what she did do is give me ammunition for a series of “visual guides” to Web 2.0, as is relevant to companies internally. So here’s the first one:

Feel free to use it liberally to misinform and confuse employees in your firm about the serendipitous architecture of viral participatory wisdom of crowds that is Web 2.0

116 responses to “Web 2.0 at work, chapter 1:The Meeting”

  1. /urgu Avatar

    Haha! Too good. Repeated ad infinitum.

  2. Logik Avatar

    That’s just the kind of pun that Monsieur.Srivats would do.. bravo.

    and i loved the lagna putting for meeting requests. very auspicious.

  3. shyam Avatar

    Since meeting room unavailabel.. i making bokking of five star hotel conferance room with swimming pool attached..

    on deputation from heaven

  4. Sahil Rizwan Avatar

    I’ve always wanted to do this, so bear with me…

    First Comment!

  5. Sahil Rizwan Avatar


    Page Refresh Fail.

    1. Chittaranjan Avatar

      Ha! You can claim to be the “first” to *facepalm* 😈

  6. Kumar Appaiah Avatar


    But I couldn’t help observing one thing: your names seem to have sufficient regional diversity and representation for women. What about also adding a “Blah Khan” and “Blah Thomas” to the recipe next time to make it a genuine melting pot? Or is there some other reason?

    1. Dee Avatar

      “Or is there some other reason?”

      The reason, as I suspect, is that he wasn’t thinking about religion when he wrote the blog.
      Good thing too, because annoying, trying-to-be-politically-correct people like you will only cause the quality to go down.

  7. sriks7 Avatar

    Like the escalation mechanism from Mails to cell phones.
    I see “please do the needful & revert back with concerns if any” has become #kvlt.

  8. Sathya Praveen Avatar

    its simply an awesome post..cant help laughing Krish…can relate every bit of it…

  9. Badri Avatar

    I think your wordpress comic avatar is much better. Has a tinge of Cartman to it!

  10. Twilight Fairy Avatar

    LOL, meetings did and do go exactly that way! sigh.. the days of yore :p

  11. Kumar Appaiah Avatar
    Kumar Appaiah

    And nice “Remember the time” reference! It’d be nice if one could disappear from meetings as well, Michael Jackson style, turning into sand. πŸ˜‰

  12. Karthik Abhiram Avatar

    Awesome. Simply brilliant.

  13. Ramaa Ramesh Avatar

    Jalsa_dude! I got one! Finally!!
    HAH! πŸ˜€

    Brilliance! πŸ™‚
    I yam a fan.
    Ashok: Ah thank you πŸ™‚ But yams would make poor fans though

      1. Ashwin Avatar

        Hey, what’s PJ?

          1. Nimish Avatar

            pakaau joke

  14. Shyam Avatar

    Too good, awesome !

  15. Chethana Avatar

    I am working on a Sunday night ( through the whole weekend).
    So you can imagine how spiritually refreshing it was to read this post while I make pointless PPTs on cor-blah-ate strategy and blah-rket aspirations.

  16. idlichutney Avatar

    hilarity after a long time

  17. Kally Avatar


    I can get the full essence of this as I had prev experience of booking conf rooms for meetings!!

    We dont book/reserve these days, we just chek each room manually (walking past them!!) and occupy one of them. Then call others team members!!

    & Location will be: Any Conf Room in the MS Outlook meeting request!!

    Hmmmm. hilarious one form u as usual!!! πŸ™‚

  18. selvaGK Avatar

    Absentees – People who do real work, LOL ! Awesome sir..!

  19. webalfee Avatar

    Hilarious post Ashok. Will corporate ‘s policy allow twitter? So many thing’s in the world are changing. why corporates are so rigid in holding policies for a long time?

  20. Sanjay Avatar

    Sakath post ri swami… πŸ™‚

  21. chutney Avatar

    Whatay awesome! πŸ˜€ many giggles πŸ˜€

  22. Deepak Venkatesan Avatar

    Couldn’t stop laughing for a loooooong time… πŸ™‚

    Why is it that meeting rooms are always named after rivers?
    Ashok: Rivers flow. Thoughts flow. Rivers confluence. Thoughts conference. Rivers meet and cause fertility. People meet at conferences and cause futility

    1. alice-in-wonder Avatar

      LOL @ that succint (and so logical) explanation of conference room names.

  23. Gayathri Avatar

    Wow!!! Its extremely amusing!!!

  24. Sriram Avatar

    lol. super!

  25. satts Avatar

    @Ashok u forgot to mention the petervuttifying pasang

    The who welcomes all and the Shuts TFU the duration of the meeting..

    and later again thanks one and all
    Ashok: Ah yes, the “facilitator”, but this was way too much detail for this post. Perhaps a full “anatomical dissection of an office meeting” later

  26. Labakku Das Avatar
    Labakku Das



  27. Shankar Ram Avatar
    Shankar Ram

    Krish –

    Your posts always make me smile.

    Loved this one.

    I love the old plog “Loose Mani & Lighter of Beedis”. Read it every time I visit your blog. Cant help grinning even now. πŸ™‚

    Thanks man !!

    Ashok: Thanks sir πŸ™‚

  28. Violet Avatar

    Totally floored! Can I schedule a comment for every posting, stating I loved it?
    Ashok: Thank you, but what if I end up writing a post about blog commenters and how they do silly things like this? πŸ˜›

  29. KAaddict Avatar

    Where are the Blamits in the meeting? Are they the “ones who really do work” ???????

    BTW ..why is all this stuff floating around websphere for free?… it is high time you published a book …so that we can buy the pirated copies off the streets near central station.
    I never tire from reading these posts… you have been so ahead of times in the 2007 posts.
    Also, it is copyright violation if I post links to this on my FB page…want to spread the good word around
    Ashok: No problems with sharing on FB at all. As for a book, not made up my mind yet. I dislike editors, so I am mulling self-publishing straight to the pirates (forget deadtree, Kindle, iPad etc)

  30. KAaddict Avatar

    *that was “Is it copyright violation to post links on my FB page….” unarchi vasapattu “it is” pottuten

  31. Labakku Das Avatar
    Labakku Das

    KA – One non related doubt. Have you created the icons which appear beside the name for people without photos in the comments section? I strongly suspect it is your work πŸ˜›
    Ashok: It’s not πŸ™‚ It’s a WordPress feature for commenters who don’t have defined avatars

  32. scanman Avatar

    Conference room β€œSaraswathi … shifted to basement. Not available” is absolutely brilliant. πŸ™‚
    I don’t think The Blogeswari will take kindly to your β€œBlaheswari” reference.
    Ashok:Ah, so someone finally spots that πŸ™‚ Actually, I just needed an obligatory south indian girl name with Blah and nothing else came to mind πŸ™‚

  33. Wewake Avatar

    Awesome! Can relate to it completely, and am so forwarding it within the office…

  34. santhosh krish Avatar
    santhosh krish

    hai ashok,

    gr8 post as always , i guess u shld make a dedicated jilpa post on coporate meeting and etiquette , would be gr8 fun,


  35. sricharanc Avatar

    Nice post. Got one of your posts as a forward, the lying to the boss one.

  36. Prakash Avatar

    Ganga, Yamuna, Saraswati – brilliant πŸ˜€

    Hilarious post. Can related to the conference booking job being assigned as a ‘role’ for new, junior members of the team.

    On an unrelated note, like the equal importance given to both forms of Iyengar naamam. πŸ˜‰

  37. Labakku Das Avatar
    Labakku Das

    Btw I have noticed that in all your posts related to work, you never miss mentioning “revert back” (and of course some comment asking you to rectify and your explanation that in IT we only revert back). Can you include some more like “Could you able to login” , “I can able to take the call at 4PM” etc. I am so so sick of this “I can able to”. I am afraid I will end up saying this soon.

    1. Alter Ego Avatar
      Alter Ego

      Oh yess.. my sentiments exactly… I remember a new error message ” User cant able to select XXX” was delivered once. The reactions from the Gora Lords was of course, as expected.

  38. Abhi Avatar

    Bloody Brilliant !!!

  39. Chittaranjan Avatar

    Absobrillorolfmaosooper! Can totally relate to almost everything in the image.

    Though the MoM template had more tables than a 7th standard Tables Book!

    Believe it or not, the HR at a friend’s company had a meeting to address the non-availability of meeting rooms for the delivery teams. After 2 hrs of “discussion” they decided to allocate the times on an 80:20 basis. Last heard, 80% of the meeting rooms were being used by the 20% of the organization who were *not* into delivery!

    BTW, why is it marked ‘Beta’? Isn’t that also too web 1.0?

  40. KP Avatar

    “A/S/L Pls”

    “Guys, this is serious please”


    Soora kalaai.

    What software you use to write the texts and draw these images? The text looks really good, like a pencil writing.
    Ashok: Photoshop and the fonts used are Scott and Akbar

  41. KP Avatar

    “J41s4_dud3” ==> Is this Jalsa Dude? or Jalsa Duddathri?

    Laguna: Dhanush. Any reason behind this?
    Ashok: Nope. Totally random choice.

  42. Tastemaster Avatar

    Great post. Btw, is 22 July your birthday by any chance?
    Ashok: Nah. Since meetings usually go around in circles without getting anywhere…22/7

  43. Tastemaster Avatar

    Also, 22/7/10 is a Thursday. Rahu Kaalam is from 1.30 to 3 PM on Thursdays πŸ˜›
    Is this one of the easter eggs you leave in all your posts? Have I stumbled upon one?

  44. maxdavinci Avatar

    ah the missus makes an appearance in the post!
    Ashok:Ah so finally someone spots her πŸ™‚

    1. Gradwolf Avatar

      I was going to say the same thing. Paavam missus!

  45. Labakku Das Avatar
    Labakku Das

    Meeting Minutes: We spoke

    Crazy stuff!

    Shenoy is right – You must be one of the funniest guys on the planet (along with Anand)

  46. Mei Avatar

    Even though I have been a computer science student in different capacities for the last 10 years, I never really understood of what the term “Web 2.0” meant. As a computer science graduate from Anna Univ, I understand dabba diagrams better πŸ™‚ . I thank you for these Web 2.0 Dabba diagrams. I only hope that in the future when someone is searching for an explanation to web 2.0, the search engine returns this blog as the first result!!!

  47. Marc Avatar

    Brilliant stuff as always. “Please do the needful and revert back with concerns if any” is a plague and must be killed with fire.

  48. Nikunj Chauhan Avatar

    Great Start for a series on Web 2.0.. eagerly waiting for Chapter 2……

  49. Sukanya Avatar

    Oh Man.. this post is really cool… took me back to the days i used to sit and book the meeting rooms for the so called KT sessions and status meetings… wait in the meeting room for the attendees to come.. call up their desks till they turn up.. this is exactly wat happens in every company…. jus enjoyed every bit of it πŸ™‚

  50. gajee Avatar

    hahahaha….good one.
    I loved the ‘booked by HR for reasons that they don’t need to tell you’ bit. πŸ™‚

  51. Ramya Avatar

    ‘a/s/l Plzz’ , ‘security dispatched with tasers’

  52. Suresh Ramasubramanian Avatar

    It is even more fun when you have a team in mainland china working with a team in india. Try it sometime.

  53. Dinesh Avatar

    Laughed, Laughed, Laughed! That a/s/l reference was so funny!

  54. Bhupender Avatar

    True !! happens everyday at offices !!!

  55. Deepak Avatar

    lol @ “a/s/l plzzz” . Do ppl still use that?

  56. Manikandan Avatar

    ‘How do i voice chat?’ – that was a nice addition.. πŸ™‚
    great post..

  57. scudie Avatar

    have u registered a djsj domain? like xkcd.. πŸ™‚

  58. philramble Avatar

    Ah. Fun-tastic. Mind Blasting post.

  59. Deepika Avatar

    Have you watched “The Office”? πŸ™‚ Its got an american version and english version. My cousins and I always wanted an “Indian Office” … Your posts are going that way πŸ™‚

  60. Prashant Avatar

    LOL at the Avatar — lets fly together… πŸ™‚

    So you guys use yammer at work ?

  61. trauma queen Avatar

    “pliss to do the needful”

    “revert BACK”


    I assume your real life boss is an iyengar with viboothi on his forehead?
    Ashok: Not at all πŸ™‚

    1. Labakku Das Avatar
      Labakku Das

      Not at all for vibhooti or not at all for Iyengar πŸ˜›
      Ashok: Both

  62. Madhuri Avatar

    ROTFL absolutely brilliant, outstanding, strategic, superbly leveraged, words fail me, only gibberish coming :)!!!

    The cartoons are special mention!

  63. […] I have the same calendar system as you – so I probably already know I’m late for the meeting. If you still see me here, it’s because if I don’t fix this, I’m getting fired, which will […]

  64. Atrisa Avatar

    OMG I completely identify with the booking conference room part! Dayum! I should’ve waited for Google Wave to come before I left the goddamn IT company.

  65. Sri Avatar

    Hi Ashok,
    I’ve been following your blog on and off for a few months, and thoroughly enjoy them. This one speaks to me on so many levels I had to comment. I used to work in Chennai a long time ago (85 – 90) and there wasn’t a meeting culture like this per se. I work in the US now, and it’s amazing how much meetings here are similar…
    Another thing I’ve noticed is I never heard this ‘revert back’ thing back in the 80s and was taken aback when I kept hearing it from our offshore team.
    Hilarious post!
    If you’re seriously interested though in having useful meetings, ‘Death by Meetings’ by Patrick Lencioni is a must-read.
    Thanks for the laughs!

  66. Sameer Avatar

    good one…are you planning to take potshots at the swami and mayawati in your next creation?

  67. Niv Avatar

    LOVE IT!!!!

  68. theishu Avatar

    Careful with the publicity. Blah Menon might ask you to print this out and hand a copy to each to the noobies.

    What’s with the “Beta” btw?
    Ashok: Everything in Web 2.0 is perpetually beta

    1. theishu Avatar

      Noob me!

  69. Yogesh Avatar

    The very #epicworsest people are the ones that send no response when you send a meeting invite

    Accept : Will come to meeting after 10 urgent sms, 2 visit to cube and 7 phone calls- is reachable

    Reject: Self explanatory ( I dont like you. I wont accept. But at least tell me why)

    Suggest new time : Looks like that person is a) busy and doing work on other meetings or b) matinee show will not be over by then

    Out of office : either gone to wife’s sister’s wedding or to some pujai which we describe to goras as ‘family function’

    But, when there is NO bloody response, what is one to think?

  70. Rohan Avatar

    One of your best dude. How you have so much talent only I can’t understand.

  71. uma chandrasekaran Avatar
    uma chandrasekaran

    “booked by HR” … “gentle reminder” … “revert back” …. the blahlisted attendees in raavu kaalam …. LOL πŸ™‚

  72. sandsekh Avatar

    KA, We are not wortheee..We are not worthee..
    Love such graphical Posts!

  73. Veejay Avatar

    This blog is rocking.. i love it…..

  74. Puneetha Avatar

    Hi Ashok,

    Great post!! Nothing less than masterful.
    I’ve been a fan of your blog since I stumbled across your Moosee de Louvre post quite by accident. Somehow I find myself going through your archives every time I feel down. Its nothing less than social service I tell you. Making people laugh.
    Dunno whether it’s a coincidence, but I see your work pop up at unexpected places online. Just an hour back I happened to be reading the comments on Aamir Khans blog and Voila! There you are. Your video on the Chetan Bhagat controversy is commented upon by the man himself.
    You are becoming a celebrity in your own right.

    Cheers and keep up the good work.. for, without you cyberspace would be dull indeed.


  75. Harish Avatar

    Wow !!! ‘Relate’ is the keyword πŸ™‚ ‘Lol’ ing, rotfl,lmao and wat nt :))

  76. SaiG Avatar

    Loved the MoM template! πŸ™‚
    I will try to introduce it at my work place. Anyway, it is not something new. Don’t we generally say “the project went all wrong probably it was started in some yama gandam or rahu kalam”?
    hehe… πŸ™‚
    And, the “booked by HR…” is so true. Actually, you could have added another “… for reasons they dont remember”!

  77. arvind Avatar

    Oru maasama aal address e kanam?
    chattu buttu nnu neenga naal kalai pota, naadu konjam urupadum !!!

  78. scycer Avatar

    LOL!!… the usefulness of useless meetings especially for those useless ppl who get billed for no useful work other than running useless meeting.. A guide course 101 πŸ˜›

  79. Bluejay Avatar

    When u doing chapter 2 .. it’s been sooooo long!!

  80. Anuradha Avatar

    Funny as usual…

  81. Tamanna Avatar

    ROFL! this is so totally like the meetings during my brief stint in an IT company.. πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

    Especially loved the minutes of the meeting πŸ˜›

  82. Liverach Avatar

    ROFL “Reverse mitosis”
    haha i’ve been following your blog closely, and pretty much all my recent tweets consist of funny stuff from your posts.
    keep posting! updaaate!

  83. TheAv_ator Avatar

    Super stuff this! You cant expect anything less from @RameshSrivats πŸ™‚ Hilarious post πŸ™‚

  84. gold coast marketing consultant Avatar

    Outstanding work over again! I am looking forward for your next post:)

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