A quick roundup

As many of you might have assumed, I have not been slacking off, lazing around and being generally unproductive. I’ve just been slacking off and lazing around while doing a fair bit of writing (and diagramming) as a result of the Indian Premier League. For those of you who don’t follow me on Twitter, this is a bit of a roundup.

When the IPL started, Sify commissioned me to do a bunch of “Jalsa and Jilpa visual guides” and I startedΒ with an unofficial introduction to the IPL as viewed through the bogus lens of cricket history as I saw it. (One of the advantages of claiming to be a humourist is saying that it’s a joke if someone points out a factual error. We have it easy really)

Eventually it turned out that Pathan and Sehwag did very little damage, but then I am not a cricket analyst, just a humourist, haha

Then once the ads were in full swing (with some cricket thrown in between), this

After that, I took a dig at the IPL’s Web 2.0 push

Once the Modi-Tharoor saga took center-stage I had to explain the difference between the 2 gentlemen’s responses to the accusations made against them

And finally, when the IPL drama faded away, it was time to look at the life of an Indian scandal

And on an unrelated note, a few friends of Twitter had a doubt about the difference between Ammanga and Atthanga and one cannot have a Brampunk movement if people don’t understand something as basic as this. So, I made a “Tambram Guide to Terms for Relatives” that all of you can use the next time you attend a wedding or have a family gathering for Deepavali (Click on image for a larger version)

Let me know if any of you want the psd source for this, in case you wish to translate to other languages

Right ho then. I’ll be back soon with a new post.


57 thoughts on “A quick roundup

  1. Very interesting! Esp loved the Tambram guide to relatives πŸ™‚ Must print this out and carry in my wallet, esp for any social occasions :-))

  2. Enjoyed your post, as always! Especially loved the relationship chart. Should save it for posterity, and also for impressing my tamil relatives by calling them right using this cheat sheet πŸ™‚

  3. Loved the post!

    On second thoughts, what’s new about that?? πŸ™‚

    The TamBrahm-alese guide’s really cool…can’t wait to show off!

  4. Krish,
    Everything else aside, you gave me a nice cheat-sheet for dealing with my wife’s family πŸ™‚ This goes on my wall (the brick/mortar/paper kind).


  5. One flew over the Tam bram Family nest :-). Grihasta stage is the most annoying of them all x-(
    Arnab ah arna kayiroda oda vidanom. Avasarthula porathavam.

  6. I flew over the tam bram family nest. Grihasta is the most annoying of all the stage. It is when Arnab pissed you off.

    How was Arnab Goswami born?
    a: Suga Prasavam or Normal pregnancy b: Caesarian

    A: Caesarian because he is bundle of Interupptions πŸ˜€

  7. humph!! i scoff at your lack of knowledge of book cricket..
    i thumb my nose in your general direction..

    obviously, the even-numbered pages, used for scoring, are on the left, and not the right..

    again, humph!!

    [not really, i just enjoy nitpicking..]

  8. Ashok, what about Mama and Mami in relation to “You” in the picture? coz Mama’s daughter is Ammanga. I see your explanation in relation to two of “you”‘s cousins. πŸ™‚ Funny regardless. :))

    1. Ramya,
      if u start that way, there is no end to it
      U want Marumaan ans Marumahal (or Marumaa)??
      What about stuff like Ammanji Thatha, Ammanga Paatti, Atthan Manni, etc.??


  9. LOL !.

    However I will dispute the dating of WI fast bowlers and book cricket. AFAIK, late 70’s was when we kids started reading about the fearsome WI bowlers. Book cricket was popular well before 85.

  10. wow.. very creative.. esp the ‘Nalli sorry.. and ICICI Personal Loan Telemarketing interruption” hahaha πŸ™‚

  11. The Tam Bram diagram made up 1000000x for the mediocrity of the IPL post. I will print out and hang copies in my office, bedroom, bathroom and kitchen, and recite after my morning prayers. My entire family owes you big time…

  12. ah book cricket – brings back fond memories of college and getting caught during boring Econ class. Cows and bulls was another one that got me and my friend into trouble all the time…
    Tambram relative guide is awesome!

  13. Saar…

    Sent your TamBrahm guide to two maamis in our appice and their discussion simply shows no signs of abating since then. Ore furious analysis of ‘Orpadis’ and ‘Ammanjees’ only. They even seemed to have picked up some hitherto unknown relations thanks to your guide. They do have one grouse though…you have ignored all mummy side relatives it seems.

    Since the maamis don’t know who you are they asked me to convey this.


  14. Awesome work on the Tambram thing πŸ™‚ – Off it goes as a Forward mail right away (with due credits to you and the site of course πŸ˜› )

  15. Oh my god! I havent seen a better humorist than u! Loved the Online Archana and Thigh Poosam! Creativity at its heights!!!! Please continue doing what you are the best at!!!

  16. Ashok….the tambram relative chart was quite enlightening….you should come up with a board game based on this! πŸ™‚

  17. I only just read this. It’s brilliant!
    Your Tharoor v Modi is the supremest synopsis I have seen!
    The 4 life stages of an Indian scandal I am going to use (and pass off as original) in general party conversations when I’m sure no one’s read this post (or if they have, I will brazenly claim that I independently thought about it)
    But the Tambram terms for relatives graphic stands unique. Deep bow!

  18. Just saw this πŸ™‚ LOL …. IPL galatta .. kunal kohli’s “slaad”, the other headlines on virgin exploration, the galls of shashi and lalit … too too good ROFL
    The tambram roadmap thalaiya sutharadhu … reminds me of all the weddings where someone comes up and says he/she is your ….. pichundu odara time πŸ™‚
    This 2in1 post total genius πŸ™‚

  19. The amount of effort you put into this is incredible! Amazing piece of art and funnier than the concept IPL itself. Hats off, good sir!

  20. Lalit modi is a faster minded man.I can see his better example in IPL.

    Tharoor is political &business minded.The combination of both are person to make a brilliant idea.

  21. I Love your blog! I need to print the tam-bra, family tree guide and carry it with me. I have never been able to sort through this maze!

  22. On the Tam Bram relative guide:
    – Some that you missed are Mami (Mama’s wife)
    – Maternal relations (Chitti, Chittappa, Periamma, periappa, Mama, Mami) on mother’s side
    – Grandparents (Generic thathas and pattis aside, there are chinna thatas, chitti pattis, mama thathas and so on)
    – Great grand parents – Kollu thatha, Kollu patti (with today’s longevity, you see a lot more of them than you used to)

    Guess you ran out of space!

  23. The road to scamnesia was rocking. and the grihasta part too too too good!

    I am going to over the chart very carefully and see if you got it absolutely right. little doubt on shadtagar.

  24. dude..do ammanga atthanga etc actaully exist?? or did you just make them up?? ivnt heard those in my family EVER. and we are a preeetttyyy typical madras tamizh iyer family. which unnily i take pride in being πŸ™‚

  25. Gold!

    Also like Aroon, I am totally stealing that “brahmpunk” – and if you ever write Brahmpunk fiction I will buy it πŸ™‚

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  27. Fantastic tambrahm relationship map. Jogs back memories of childhood. I remember an incident as a 7-9 year old, I once cried to my mother – “ennaku ammanji-aa irruka vendaam!”. To me, “ammanji” personified somebody who is a dim-wit, butt-of-all-jokes.

    Today, we (ammanjis athangas and athans) are all just “cousins” to each other. How prosaic?

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