A quick roundup

As many of you might have assumed, I have not been slacking off, lazing around and being generally unproductive. I’ve just been slacking off and lazing around while doing a fair bit of writing (and diagramming) as a result of the Indian Premier League. For those of you who don’t follow me on Twitter, this is a bit of a roundup.

When the IPL started, Sify commissioned me to do a bunch of “Jalsa and Jilpa visual guides” and I startedย with an unofficial introduction to the IPL as viewed through the bogus lens of cricket history as I saw it. (One of the advantages of claiming to be a humourist is saying that it’s a joke if someone points out a factual error. We have it easy really)

Eventually it turned out that Pathan and Sehwag did very little damage, but then I am not a cricket analyst, just a humourist, haha

Then once the ads were in full swing (with some cricket thrown in between), this

After that, I took a dig at the IPL’s Web 2.0 push

Once the Modi-Tharoor saga took center-stage I had to explain the difference between the 2 gentlemen’s responses to the accusations made against them

And finally, when the IPL drama faded away, it was time to look at the life of an Indian scandal

And on an unrelated note, a few friends of Twitter had a doubt about the difference between Ammanga and Atthanga and one cannot have a Brampunk movement if people don’t understand something as basic as this. So, I made a “Tambram Guide to Terms for Relatives” that all of you can use the next time you attend a wedding or have a family gathering for Deepavali (Click on image for a larger version)

Let me know if any of you want the psd source for this, in case you wish to translate to other languages

Right ho then. I’ll be back soon with a new post.