Jalscifi #1 – Sabarimala, circa 2287 A.D

Like most kids, I used to love sketching. And like most kids, I gave it up the moment I realized that I wasn’t very good at it. This whole business of wanting to do only things one is good at is one of the first adult corruptions of a child’s mind. But I recently bought an iPad and after several hours of AppStore surfing, decided to buy this $4.99 app called SketchBook Pro from Autodesk and all of a sudden, the app made me feel like a kid again. I’m still not very good at it but all of the brushes and effects made it rather addictive to use. Using ones hands is so much better than mucking about with the mouse on Photoshop. One of the first things I drew was this:

It then struck me that I could do something I’ve always postponed because I was too lazy to do it in Photoshop. When I was in Vidya Mandir, I used to draw space battles featuring my classmates in the back pages of my school notebooks, and thanks to Sketchbook Pro, here’s Jalscifi, a new Tampunk series at the blunt edge of Scifi, Madras and Pop culture.


Click on the image to see a larger version

Still rough at the edges (and the middle as well) but hopefully my iPad sketching skills will get better with time. But sometimes I wonder if it’s really about skills anymore. I get this feeling that technology is getting better at polishing mediocrity more than anything else.




267 thoughts on “Jalscifi #1 – Sabarimala, circa 2287 A.D

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  1. Ayyapatenuse! Awesome.

    – Creative mediocrity or technical mediocrity? The way I see it – maybe all it does is to provide an outlet for creative people who are not great at one particular skill. For example, I have a terrible voice, but my sangeetha gnanam might find its in a violin, mandolin or Ipad synth app.

    1. That Grafitti is sick… so is the author and so are you.. sabarimala is divine and please for god’s sake dont pollute it… do something worthwhile with your iPad…. Pleaseeeee

  2. [i] Fell into the pit of the HTML raakshasa. Let me try again[/i]

    Ayyapatenuse! Awesome.

    [i]Tech and mediocrity[/i]– Creative mediocrity or technical mediocrity? The way I see it – maybe all it does is to provide an outlet for creative people who are not great at one particular skill. For example, I have a terrible voice, but my [i]sangeetha gnanam[/i] might find its [i]moksham[/i]in a violin, mandolin or Ipad synth app.

  3. It polishes mediocrity more than anything else but in your case, sharp wit goes with technology and it is eminently enjoyable…
    PS: some vaadhyaar is likely to scream abhachaaram on reading the post.

  4. Amazingly LOL’d when I read through the diagram 😛 I’m tempted to buy an Ipad to improve my sketching skills too 😀 thanks to u 🙂 Airappa and Ayyascalator for Irumudi transport was awesome! 😀

  5. Nice post but the sting is in the tail. “I get this feeling that technology is getting better at polishing mediocrity more than anything else” is fundamentally profound” like the recent X Factor Autotune controversy

  6. Wow!!! Yet another brilliant post from Ashok!!!
    Thalaivaaa!!! Nee vaalga!!! 😀 🙂 😛
    Ayyapatenuse and Ayyalevator!!!
    Awesome imagination… Only you can compete with you in your imaginations…
    BTW, have a few challenged parts in the pic:
    1. How is Airappa compared with current situation?
    2. Whats that “Temporary Deperiodizing Clinic”?

  7. OK, this was totally awesome! Difficult to believe that you aren’t an expert at sketching with good old-fashioned paper and pencil.

  8. Ashok,

    You still seem to be concerned about not producing high quality sketches. What really matters is that you are doing something that very few people do, at least in Chennai.

    Your cartoons convey a lot of information and they do so with humour and accuracy. One of the best examples is the relative name cartoon, which is much more convenient than a dictionary. As I see it, you are the xkcd of urban Tamil/Indian culture.

  9. Nice cartoon. Much as I disliked the thought of using ‘Sabarimalai’ as a topic for a cartoon sketch (you see, some things are better left pristine and untouched), I do believe some of what you’ve done might eventually come true!

    1. Sabarimala is far from ‘untouched and pristine’. The sides of the forest are strewn with plastic, there are gross violations of safety and the Pampa is a dark, dull, sludgy mass of garbage at base camp.

  10. Y’know, your sketching skills are a bit – er, sketchy… but OMG, your new-term-coinification skills are absolutely world class second-to-none!! I cannot offhand think of another word that I fell in love with the moment I laid eyes on it as I did with “Ayyappatenuse” – no, not even supercalifragilisticexpialidocious is as fundu! 😀 😀 😀

  11. Trust me Krish, its better to have great ideas with mediocre drawings than great drawings with mediocre ideas… “Shiny Metal Astra” Ha ha ha!

  12. Excellent KA. Loved both the sketches. Pampa mineral water and Makara jothi laser show…18deg ramp..you are one heck of a “Draw”er.

  13. ‘Deperiodizing clinic’?!!

    If you had a Sketchpad pro equivalent n years before, everybody else would have done a KA. Besides, XKCD is too linear in their choice of subjects.

  14. True True. Even apps that let you make ‘music’ on virtual instrument come only so far near the real experience. They are all celebrations of mediocrity at the end of the day.

  15. Is Sabarimalai a deliberate attempt to show some Internet Hinduism so that you can balance the Cross you tipped over in your earlier post?
    Ashok: Haha. Equal Opportunity Offender 🙂

  16. Its fantastic . But its missing the kids angle.
    You need an entertainment center or a day care where parents can drop off their kids, like in satyam chennai.
    Of course it would also screen animated Ayyappa – The Tiger Movie
    and have Roaring Tiger Awesome Ayyappa video games
    Ashok: Very true. Let me see if I can add that when I’m feeling slightly non-lazy

  17. I do not know drawing, but the theme is superb. Very much what is expected of you. I am sure Ii will be there in 2287. But may be, I will choose to go to moon and make abhishekam from there.

    Dilipji’s comment too was superb.

    Thanks for making us all cheerful .

  18. you should sell the temporary deperiodizing clinic app. handy for kalyanotsavams in tirupati booked last decade; and jet-setting go-getter career women types.
    (awesome post)

  19. What omsiht…. very very true … “I get this feeling that technology is getting better at polishing mediocrity more than anything else.” – but don/t we call that enablement these days……

    1. What insight…. very very true … “I get this feeling that technology is getting better at polishing mediocrity more than anything else.” – but don/t we call that enablement these days……

  20. Your circa drawing above kept me wondering where you must have got inspired from, to have come up with such a funny concept. Then it struck me that it has got to be Anjeneyelu’s art classes at VM 😉 I remember he used to ride right into the school every morning in his mega maha bike that made that earth shattering noise, announcing his arrival !! He used to pass around the sheets during the art class and call out the “theme”. Then promptly go to sleep to be woken up by the bell. Your mind must have wandered through those “themes” letting the creative juices flow, since the good man was sleeping anyway and that’s where it all started, I am sure. lol.

    Hilarious post as always.
    Ashok: Strangely enough, I never felt like drawing anything in Anjaneyulu’s studio. I felt intimidated. All around me were beautiful sketches of his and that’s never a good environment to doodle and experiment even if the man himself was asleep most of the time. I do remember his Bullet though. One of the things I used to like about VM’s art classes was that they never asked us to buy stuff. Anjaneyulu had infinite supplies of water colours and oil paints in his dingy studio.

    1. Intimidated? On the contrary, I used to feel inspired to try and learn the techniques just looking at his beautiful paintings. On occassions that he was actually walking around to supervise our sketches, he insisted I not leave even a tiny bit of the page untouched by paint and then explain the before and after effect. That gave me the confidence to do my best. Which helped me to this day and I always remember it while painting some of my own pieces now on display.

      What I best liked about the good man was his ability to encourage to bring out the best without critisicing.
      I pretty much saw that quality in almost all the teachers in VM during that era.

  21. -1 mark in the diagram for not marking 18 feet on the rope Hanging from the Airappa Aircraft. and a red ink circle around it. And where is steps of construction? 😛

    now you must beg for extra marks in true mylaporean citizen fashion 😛

  22. Did I read 4 comments? :O … there wud never be a day wen I wud have this no. on my blog 😀 …anyways, loved the future Rama, I wish he sees it and really gets into this avatar!

  23. Excellente sir!

    And since you love internet memes, here’s one I made for you!

    PS: I’m only kidding.
    Ashok: Haha 🙂 And you don’t have to be kidding. Greatbong has an awesome blog

  24. Temporary Deperiodizing Clinic…Heh! I hope this sketch of yours pops up in Lonely Planet and foreign tourists hang around the base trying to figure out where the Ayyascalator or the Ayyalevator is. But then again, they’d probably prefer the ‘Ayya-torcherous-hike-path’

  25. sir,
    i can see that you got many commments which appreciated you for your work. but i am sad to say that you are doing a great harm by making a mockery out of hinduism and thier gods. read your article in new indian express and ‘organised religioon is too smart for me’ and i request you to be quiet if you do not know about what you are writing..
    Ashok: Hahaha. You clearly did not read my last post 🙂

  26. “Ayyapar-comic” article. Good imagination of circa 2287 AD.

    I didn’t get the reason behind the number 2287. Is it deliberately random to put a chunk of suspense into humor?

  27. SUPERB POST! 😀

    I’ve been following your blog for quite a while, and on stumbling upon this post I saw that you’d mentioned Vidya Mandir.

    Do you mean, Vidya Mandir, Mylapore?

    ‘Cause that’s the school I’m studying in now. I must say I’m thrilled. 😀

  28. nice,you must have a really slim finger ,I cannot even type on a touch screen,I keep missing alphabets.

    How did you get the pencil edges,is a finger enough or do you need a stylus?

    1. Ambu will reappear after Dr. Ilayathalabathy Vijai saar makes a padam by that name where he takes out the bad guys and takes home the hiroiny after teaching her a lesson in modesty and thamizh culture.

  29. Though a shade disturbing mentally, Lord Ayappan has influenced you too much that you have taken up this……Cheap comedy…
    Haha: When you come to think of it, all comedy is essentially cheap 🙂 Humour tends to target sacred cows, and it is fairly obvious that some people will get offended

  30. hey krish,

    great read. As usual! I hope you get time to write something on the CWG – I think they took your advice “controversy is the new advertising” a lil too seriously.

    maybe you should write a letter to mr. I-wash-my-hands-off-kalmadi/it-was-for ordinary-citizens-ms dixit/i-dunno-why-iwas-made-PM-mr. PM


  31. oh yea. after bashing the politicians;

    i think we should do try and something to at least ensure we don’t lose face anymore? watever little bit than we can from here, there and seek help from amits in delhi. any ideas?

  32. Hello,
    I’m planning to start a group of bloggers to publish e-books/e-magazine. This includes different Articles, Short stories and Photography. Your blog is very nice and I wish you could join our team. It is a non-profit project only to publish our works and no more than that. If you are interested, contact me and I’ll pass on further information regarding this matter. clubrfz@gmail(.)com

  33. Hi Ashok 🙂 I follow your blog like a fan for the “funny” articulation of your word flow 🙂 I should say i envy at the flow u write and i failed miserably in my attempts to write like you ha ha . Well this painting done with mouse is literally awesome : D 😀 and amazing creativity ( OMG “temporary deperiodizing clinic ” was ROTFL and the signboards on hill was creative and relative ) LOL square to this post : D 😀 Looking forward to many more like this 😀 Thumbs Up 😀 😀

  34. Both the cartoons were in VERY BAD TASTE … those really $ÜçK …

    I couldn’t understand the myriad of posts expressing various tones of appreciation to such ghastly drawings !

    Of course, one could substantiate the drawings in the name of “freedom of expression” / “creativity using a limited medium as an iPad” etc…

    I am not a Hindu extremist… far from it… (but a FIRM believer)… but seeing such silly pix makes me wince !

    Would the author dare to draw such ill tasted cartoons about any other religion except Hinduism ?! Of course would not…!

    1. Check the previous blog da. It is about mocking creationist Christians. If Christians can take such sarcasm, so can and should Hindus. The other major religion that Krish hasn’t touched yet is Islam. For obvious reasons. Freedom of speech doesn’t apply to criticizing Islam.

    2. If you were as firm a believer in “Hinduism” as you claim to be, you would respect it most basic tenet: that of respecting dissent, and not silencing it by claiming that you are offended.

      Looks like you are not “firm” as you claim to be.

    3. Consider what would have happened to Indian Culture if “FIRM” believers like you would have played the “I am offended and find it in poor taste” card against Buddha, who completely denounced the Vedas. The loss to Indian philosophy would have been great; there would be none of the majestic Viharas of Ajanta or Ellora, and there would be no notion of “Ahimsa”.

      I think there is ample historical evidence that this “FIRM” believers by and large didn’t indulge ain silencing, and respected people’s right to dissent, and perhaps that is why the beuatiful historical, literary and architectural legacy of Buddhism still survives and is celebrated across India.

      1. Mon ami! I didn’t intend to fan a war of opinion by merely criticizing the drawings… Your digression to the beauty of Buddhism et al prompted me to continue this chain !

        For clarification’s sake, I don’t claim I am the apostle of Hinduism or that my religion is superior to yours! I have only the greatest regard of all faiths (be it Krishna / Christ / Allah / Buddha / Jehovah / …..), and have always tried to learn about them. One of the basic tenets of “Sanàtana Dharma” is that irrespective of what name you call the supreme power, all praise & worship reaches HIM.

        But, despite your taunts I won’t hesitate to reiterate that the drawings were in poor taste & I have only disdain towards them!

        (PS: By the above don’t mean that I want to “silence” the author or hate him, merely expressing my opinion as scores of others have done! Also, I don’t hate you for your criticism since this thread brought you & me together!
        Phew! I am violating the bard… “brevity is the soul of wit” or something like that isn’t it..!? 🙂

  35. Krish, its not about polishing mediocrity, but making you feel so good that the concept is pushed through. Everyone has ideas, and all that these kinds of s/w do, is to help you express them. Not a bad way to go no?

    I liked the Jalscifi sketch 🙂

  36. daivathine kaliyakkaruthu… you have to behave carefully… you are not only cheating GOD but also to your mother & father… means you are cheating same like your FAMILY

  37. How can you display Sri Hindu God like this ,I Condem this which hurts religious sentiments of Hindus. Apolozise all Hindus for your mistake.

    1. Ravindra kamath,
      As an Hindu I think you are moron of the highest order. Keep your hindu shit at hindujagruthi.org and spare the rest of us from your ever hateful vengeance filled ass. get the fuck out of here.

    1. Sri Ram just got drawn like this. Whats the big deal. You right wing nutcases always have bellyaches about everything. You are no better than the Islamic radicals!

  38. only a crazy person can do this kind of sketches of SHRII RAAM . you must apologize to all hinduus ,who are more than one billion on this earth and whom you by your sketches made very angry and offended .


    1 . अ = a , आ = aa , इ = i , ई = ii , उ = u , ऊ = uu , ऋ = ri` ( रि = ri , री = rii , ऋ = ri` )

    ए = e , ऐ = ee or ai , ओ = o , औ = oo or au , अं = an , अ: = a: ]

    क = k , ख = kh , ग = g , घ = gh ङ =n. ||| च = ch , छ = chh ज = j , झ = jh , ञ = n`

    ट = t. , ठ = th. , ड = d. , ढ = dh. , ण = n’||| त = t , थ = th , द = d , ध = dh , न = n

    प = p , फ = ph , ब = b , भ = bh , म = m ||| य = y , र = r , ल = l , व = v , श = sh

    ष = sh` स = s , ह = h , क्ष = ksh , त्र = tr ||| ज्ञ = jn` , श्र = shr , ड़ = ad` , ढ़ = ad’ ] }

    क= k, का=kaa, कि=ki, की=kii कु=ku, कू=kuu, कृ=ri`, के=ke, कै=kee (kai), को=ko, कौ=koo (kau), कं=k`, कः=k: — ] } as हिन्दू = hinduu not hindu ; हिन्दी = hindii not hindi

    1. hey asshole bhagavaan daas, speak for yourself. As an Hindu I am not offended and neither are my friends who are Hindus. we have more things to do and try to nice to other people instead of picking up random fight with random strangers over the internet over nothing.

      shut the fuck up and get some brain.

  39. Protest: Denigration of Sriram and Sabrimala on ‘krishashok.blogspot.com’

    A blogger, The above pictures show that how our beloved deity Sriram and holy Sabrimala and Sri Ayyappa are denigrated through cartoons. Depicting Hindu Deities and holy places in such weird form of cartoon is nothing but their denigration. Sabrimala is visited by crores of devout Hindus, while Sriram is worshipped by billion Hindus. Now it is duty of all we Hindus to protest lawfully against this blogger so that he should remove denigratory pictures from his blogspot and he should not also repeat such mistake in future.

  40. To,
    Owner of this blog ‘krishashok.blogspot.com’

    We strongly protest Denigration of Sriram and Sabrimala on ‘krishashok.blogspot.com’
    you should apologize to all HINDUS .
    should not also repeat such mistake in future.

  41. This is an excellent fusion of traditional image of Rama & elements from today’s reality. Definitive good work.
    {I am sorry but I couldn’t understand the second image. Perhaps I don’t understand the context 🙂 }

    As far as I understand our culture, it is about freedom & being patient with one’s efforts. I must assure you that you have not offended me (and hopefully many of the other Hindus). I appreciate your efforts in being honest whilst stating various aspects.
    Being born n brought up in a strong Hindu family, I was taught that Gods do not really care about one’s cartoons (metaphor). What Gods like is one’s honesty & even more so, efforts to be honest with oneself (Ref: Geeta & Ramayana).

    So keep it up.
    But on another note, it may be wise to include a footnote (I do not mean to offend anyone or anyone’s beliefs or something like that).
    In any case, I cannot accept any Indian’s apology just because he/she was being honest & genuine!!

  42. I am here to protest the denigration,
    And request and an investigation,
    Over the horrid and hurtful depiction,
    And add my internet Hindus reaction.

    My MNS friend asked me Kai zhala,
    Then I showed picture of Rama and Sabrimala,
    From his mouth he uttered Kutta sala,
    I will report this to Raj,Uddhav and Bala.

    So request owner of blog to say sorry soon,
    For your religiously insensitive cartoon.

    1. Please try one with Jesus and Allah too and may be Gandhi ( i love fun poking at him) and don’t forget to mention your real name and address..
      the real fun starts from there , if only you can dare to do that with Maino madam too that would add some spice to fun

  43. This is insanely funny and thought provoking at the same time. I mean the Makara vilakku Blimp, an escalator, an elevator, VTOL ferry and massive ad boards could very well be a reality and the reality would be n times more gaudier and unfunny. The PampaSpring (TM) is already a reality, IIRC. So what the hell are these fanatics so irate about?

  44. If this bastard Krish Ashok has any balls, and if his father was not a whore-fucking dog, I challenge him to draw a similar cartoon on Islamic icons and I’ll call myself a ball-less son of whore-fucking dog. Period.

    1. Well said Sanajy, this bastard Ashok would never dare to say anything against Islam or Muslims. Why doesn’t the motherfucker mock at Muslims killing thousands of goats on Bakrid? He is one of those assliking servants of Karunanidhi, who would greet Muslims on Eid and Ramzan but abuse Hindus on Holi and Diwali. Because they know Hindus won’t do anything.
      And it’s so sad to see these bastards arresting Sadhvi Pragya and Indresh Kumar, when we try to match the Muslims and reply these bastards in the language they understand. We must strongly defend Sadhvi and Indresh and have our our militant group to teach such bastards a lesson.

      1. Wow Amey. I thought the official Hindu Jagruti Stand was that Sadhvi and Indresh Kumar didn’t do anything and that the Malegaon blasts were*actually* a Muslim Terrorist outfit’s doing. Thanks for clarifying that they actually carried out terrorist attacks.

        Also, the little I know of Ashok, I don’t think he arrested anyone. I don’t think civilians can arrest anyone. So keep your rabid bombers under wraps, for now.

        1. I don’t care about Hindu Jagruti official stand or anyone’s stand. I’d like and love to believe that Hindus carried out those “terrorist” strikes. Unless we do the same, Parental-guidance challenged people like Krish Ashok will continue insulting us. It’s only the fear of death that keep people civilised.
          Ashok: The above comment has been edited for uncreative profanities. Out of respect for the commenter, they have been replaced with creative profanities so that their original intent and meaning is not lost

        2. Either you or that destesticulated progeny of doubtful, potentially canine ancenstry, Krish Ashok should tell me one rational reason why Hindus deserve all the contempt and abuse while respect must be shown to Muslims? If it’s not the fear of being beheaded, what’s it?
          Ashok: Well, for most part, it’s optimistic hope that intolerant chaps like you don’t exist 🙂
          PS: The above comment has been edited for uncreative profanities. Out of respect for the commenter, they have been replaced with creative profanities so that their original intent and meaning is not lost

          1. HA HA HA

            Well, were actually trying to shoot a new sitcom series called “Swear me up Scotty” which explores into the whole new world of 21st century swears in English. We were running short of creative profane phrases. Knowing that there would certainly be people like you who could give us some free advice if we agitated you a bit… we decided to do this.

            Keep em coming truth teller…

            HO HO HO

      1. You are still a detesticulated progeny of doubtful ancestry with canine influences, that picture is NOT by you and by people at South Park, who have guts to make fun of all, unlike you who can just abuse Hindus.
        Ashok: The above comment has been edited for uncreative profanities. Out of respect for the commenter, they have been replaced with creative profanities so that their original intent and meaning is not lost

          1. why are running away from posting on your blog your coward asshole? you are shooting from the shoulders of south park people.
            you know why you won’t make fun of muslims, you love your neck and yoru family, and hindus must learn from this.
            how i wish we had a hindu al-qaida.
            Ashok: Hahahahaha. Some bold courage, coming from someone whose email id is wont@tell.com 🙂

            1. of course when you have no answers, all you can do is to come up with stupid smiley. hope hindus are observing and learning to deal with this nonsense. enough of this being good being docile cow worshipper. we need to strike teror

    2. @Sanjay @Amey

      Drawing a cartoon is by itself funny.. or in other words not something to take seriously. If it was… the blue cross would have a field to deal with the itchy and scratchy series…

      However, talking the way you 2 are clearly shows a live and strong belief within you that ISLAM is in fact violent and evil (WHICH I DONT THINK ANY RELIGION IS. Only people are. Not religions. ). And considering that you are are’nt cartooning around here… it is your attitude that is in fact the wrong one. So try to mellow down a little.

      Enjoy joke for its humour. And leave it be at that. Dont think too deep.


  45. very true amey and sanjay. it’s unfortunate that hindu groups like rss are denying any hand in terrorist activities.
    we must match muslims in their ferocity and strike terror in the hearts of those who disrespect our religion.
    that’s the only way these dogs learn to respect beliefs.
    they can insult hindus because they know that hindus won’t kill them.

      1. nice joke, only makes me more confident that hindus must organize targetted attacks, we’re doing our bit while you be happy with your jokes and cartoons

  46. Also i thought Krishashok was the only one gifted with a certain verbal dexterity, but the full-turd peeps show that they can give anyone a run for their money. i mean “Detesticulated progeny of doubtful ancestry with canine influences”… wow! booker prize in the making!


    Your name suggest Hindu , and your cruel activites and such stupid blog suggest
    that you’re not from Hindu Dharma.

    In Hinduism, there’s not compulsion that only few group/peoples can draw pictures of
    Lords, Goddess and hindu icons.

    Any People having positive approach and some mind to draw spiritual beautiful
    idea can draw pictures of Shri Ram, and any God or Goddess.

    But, there are some % people, which do Dharm-Seva (Not for earthly benefit), earn
    some % of special blessing from God/Goddess and Saints. So if they draw a picture of
    God/Goddess it will possess some % of divine consciousness/godly potion —-
    which in your drawing of Shri Ram and Sabarimala drawing is zero% and

    DEVIL Tatva/Percentage is 100% . Such photos haf your intention of denigrating

    Hindu Dharm and making cruel mockery of Gods and Goddess.

    Please Stop this nonsense ! and Remove the Picture of Shri Ram and Sabarimala -Ayyapa mandir.

    I WILL GIVE YOU PATON BACK IF YOU DENIGRATE- ISLAM RELIGION- MUSLISM PROPHETS . GO GO… Why not ? Or shall i make defamatory photo of yours and publish online !

    Isn’t that BAD — Yes, We (real) Hindus donot defame/denigrate any religion and
    we donot hurt any religious sentiments.


    crackmind !

    We all Request you to Please stop this mockery and do send apologisation letter to a
    samiti which is doing great job ! (Non-profit) – HJS .
    just mail them- pravakta@hindujagruti.org

    I am regular visitor of http://www.hindujagruti.org – ONE LAC VISITORS PERMONTH ! around globe.

    Earning Sins is easy- ,but earning Punya/God’s blessing is hard ! Donot earn sin-
    you may leave this world anytime, and there judge will be Shri Ram …. Now you
    better understand !

    Shivam, Archana, Deepak, Vikas Kumar
    Ranjana, Maanvi


    1. You fucker have a good look at what is happening in saberimala. At least the cartoon is far far more better it is clean … in sabarimala the donkeys are eating plastics thrown by the devotees… they are developing a kind of skin disease… pambai nadhi is filled with human excretes …all the way up to the hill one can see the litter spread across…There are more than 2000 temples that lay in ruins in india … a temple just outside bangalore is completely ruined and is seeking for attentions chowdeshwari is the temple… where were you? Temples around tanjavore and kumbhakonam needs desperate renovations …I’m a hindu, I am a prominent Hindu too.. people like you are the ones who brings disrespect to our religion.. organizations like HJS are only to create chaos and they to this date have never bothered to do anything for the temples or for the temple priests who get Rs.2.00/month (TWO Rupees) as their salary in Karnataka. You guys are such a joke!

    2. Come on guys, its just a cartoon…! Between Mr.Shiva, what you prefer to comment on people drawing God pictures(Hanuman, Sriram, Murugan) on streets and begging for money..! is that doesn’t hurt you..?

      Can you use God for begging..? Do you think the so called “Hindu Dharma” accepts that..?

      Grow up guys..

    1. HA HA HA

      INDIAN you ignorant, immature person….. understand thats its a joke…. no ones really carving this into the sabarimala or metalizing a lord rama statue at a temple!


  48. Ashok you worthless piece of shit,
    if you have balls then try painting prophet Mohammad and also try painting Mecca in 2287 AD.

    1. HA HA HA HA

      INDIAN you worthful piece of shit(cow-dung i presume)
      You use your balls to paint??? Dude…. the hindu gods gave them for some other reason…

      HO HO HO!!!!

      1. Son, there’s no Hindu/Christian/Muslim/Buddhist/ God … you imbecile…!

        If you have intelligence (doubt it..!) atleast more than a fly, you SHOULD UNDERSTAND THAT THERE’S ONLY ONE GOD, irrespective of whatever name you call HIM, period.

        And that God didn’t give balls to me, your father to beget progeny like you either !

        Chullu bhar paani mein doob maro saale !

  49. Pls appologize publicly and remove those denigrating pictures and articles.

    I guess its a simple case of “Vinasha kale viparitha bhuddi.”

  50. I thought I could be deliberately provocative with a stupid name, but failed to realize that the blog author can edit it anytime says:

    You “Laughing Hyena” you are one brainless person for sure. I know that you have no reproductive organs.
    Ashok: The above comment has been edited for uncreative profanities. Out of respect for the commenter, they have been replaced with creative profanities so that their original intent and meaning is not lost

  51. This is a cheap gimmick. People who make such mockery should die at the time of birth. We can only pray for such people, if they repent good, otherwise a bad KAAL is waiting for them

    1. Hey Kaal, if my Hindu God wanted these people to die, he would have killed them at birth. Stop second-guessing my Hindu God, Kaal. ARE YOU MOCKING MY HINDU GOD KAAL? WHY DON’T YOU MOCK PROPHET MOHAMMED YOU BALL-LESS SON OF A CARPENTER?

  52. Dear Mr. Ashok

    A number of commenters have taken offense that you have denigrated only Hindu gods. Please be politically correct–even South Park creators Parker and Stone refer to themselves as “equal opportunity offenders.”

    What I’m trying to say is, pliss to be drawing an orgy of Ram, Muhammad, Jesus, Buddha, Moses and Xenu.


  53. To all the hyper aggressive fanatics, do you even know what Hinduism means? Before ranting off towards a comic made in good humor, have you even read Bhagavad Gita or any of the Upanishads by understanding their meaning?

    Idiots like you are the reason Hinduism is getting a bad name, the reason Hindutwa is considered on a par with Taliban. Learn the history of Hinduism, the tradition of tolerance which made this religion the great testament to humanity it is today.

    Acting like those fundamentalists protesting the Mohammad cartoon only tars Hinduism. Act mature for heaven’s sake.

  54. funniest there is a rss feed link in the comments …. now that cracked me up.. hindu jagruti turds ….dont u think ur trying to be the GOD over here.. isnt that denigration.. who reported u mr.ashok??… kinda gotta thank him…made my day..itna comedy ek jagah mein ..

  55. Dear detesticulated progeny of doubtful ancestry with canine influences,

    You must be wondering why we are here trying to piss on your face, and in turn pissing on our own monitor. The monitor we defile while checking Pamela Anderson online. The monitor which came with assembled PC our dads or grandpas gifted us back in 2003. That is the same very year when Roadies was first aired. We all remember it. We don’t remember reading Ramayana though. The only picture that comes to our mind when one says Ram, is of Arun Govil. We have a very inconsistent chain of thought. You must have seen it. Have you seen Big Boss last night? Ahh Pamellllllllllllaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. Oh from Pamela I remember what I originally wanted to say.

    So you must be wondering why we indulge in virtual vandalism? Well for beginners we are yet not spotted by the Senas, so real life vandalism has to wait. What pisses us off is the fact that lose women flirting with each other talk to you folks on that new chatting site twitter, and block our true-frandship requests. If that was not enough, they call us Orkutiya.

    So, pliss to give some lose women to us too. We no mind, you go hump the gods.

    Part time Roadie, Part Time Hindutva-vadi

  56. Come to think of it, being a ball-less bastard has its benefits: No testicular cancer! Yay! Denigrate: 1 / God is Grate: 0

  57. Dear Blog Author,
    I found that this post has had a very negative effect on our product called iPad. We have received a cease and desist letter from a certain religious organisation called Hindu-Jalajagruti. Quoting a part of the message from a certain Deshpande,

    “You Steve Jobs, destesticulated progeny of doubtful canine ancestry. Your iPad is being used to generate denigratory caartoons of our beloved Rama. Coming to think of it, why are your putting RAM in your computers? This is highly denigratory to our lord who is now reduced to a rectangular piece of silicon. Rectangle has only 4 sides and this offends the sentiments of all the HINDUs in the world, even the newspaper is offended”

    Our Boss is highly offended now and is very disappointed at the turn of events. Our lawyers will be with you shortly.

    People from the press can contact me to get an official statement.

    1. You wouldn’t want to start a flame-war on that subject would you … 😀

      – From an alumnus of [Bala] Vidya Mandir, Adyar

  58. To all sphere-less internate hindoos, I hereby register my protest against the denigration of the word denigrate. Grab a thesaurus and inject some freshness into any additional comments you want to post.

    Note: Thesaurus isn’t a species of dinosaur. Just saying.

    1. My religion is what you mockingly mentioned, but not all of us are “sphere-less” as you !

      And if I were such a rotten rascal as you, I’d have asked you to send your mother or sister or wife to me, to prove that point ! (God forbid, I’d like to apologize to all reading this blog for having written this!)

      And what is “internate” !? Did you pick up that silly word from some species of dinosaur.. er.. thesaurus ?! (LOL)

      Note: Shove that sarcasm up your a$$..! And learn to respect all people irrespective of their religion… God didn’t create you for behaving this way, like the misbegotten progeny of simian ancestry. Just saying.

      The likes of you and author of this blog are real curse to human race…. less of you, and how wonderful this earth would’ve been !

  59. Respected Sir /Madam,

    I liked ur painting very much ,I wanna buy its legal rights ,So can u gv me ur number & address vivid & clear so that I can come to ur house & conduct amorous activites with assorted family so hard that their screams reaches to Allah !

    Another thing ,Instead of drawing such pictures give one elementary mathematix boox to Allah & Prophet who are still counting 8,7,6 instead of 6,7,8 !!
    Ashok: Hahahahahahahaha. Excuse me for a second. Hahahahahahaha

  60. As a Bender worshipper, I am offended by you equating my God with that Shiva-devotee-killer, wife-throw-outer, son-fighter,killer-of-South-Indian-wildlife, Rama.

  61. Dude, You seem to be pretty mellow. Requesting abuses pertaining to dogs and testicles to be hurled at the author so that we all can have a good laugh.

  62. My dear offended Hindus, if your taking offence is purely arising out of the fact that Ashok has singled out ‘your’ religion , I would request you to take a look at his other blog post, namely Kentucky Fried Creation, where he has taken some Christian fundas to task.Hope you find some solace by reading that! 😀

  63. Mr. Ashok–Please remove the degrading cartoons. Wherever there is Lord’s form His energy is also associated with it. Making fun using His picture will only fetch you sins and nothing else. When there are so many burning issues in the nation, on which you can concentrate your creative abiltites by drawing cartoons–why do this? Please remove the denigrating cartoons.
    thanking you in advance.
    Ashok: So finally someone asks with some measure of civility. Ms Chitra, his energy and his ability to punish sins is part of your belief system, not mine. I know there are more burning issues but I did not deliberately choose to somehow only do this while ignoring others. I did it because it was fun. I honestly dont think any of the critics here understood the point of the image. It is not a denigration of the mythological figure you refer to. It is a completely different cartoon character called Bender, who happens to be from a popular TV series called Futurama. The word Futurama is like Panorama or Diorama – in some sense, hinting at what the future holds. The serial itself is very funny, tongue in cheek and Bender is quite an interesting character. It just so happens that there is a form of humour called a “Pun”. It involves taking 2 completely unrelated things (in this case Lord Rama and Futurama) and making a connection where none existed before. It is done in a lighthearted vein and does not imply an insult to either of the 2 entities (Lord Rama and Futurama) involved. There is no denigration of anyone here. So if you are saying that I am not allowed to use the name of Rama in a pun based joke involving a futuristic cartoon, it’s no different from saying that I can’t make a joke based on the Bihar politician Ram Vilas Paswan just because his name Ram is holy/sacred and using it in any context other than worship is blasphemy and offending. So in short, I refuse to remove this, refuse to apologize and also reserve the right to make jokes about anything I wish to. If it offends you, ignore it and move on.

    1. Excellent Reply Krish..have been following the comments and laughing my heart out…keep the blasphemy gun firing…we need more of those to counter the rabid RSS and hindutva crowd…

      Btw did I say..excellent cartoon..wish I had your talent !!

    2. You dont have to defend whether it resembles Lord Rama or not.

      With the kind of evidence that religion provides for it’s extraordinary and arrogant claims, the least we can do is ridicule it. We are neither harming anyone nor is there an intent of harm. Being an atheist I feel insulted when the religious talk about morality and play bhajans all morning and night , I feel insulted that just because someone wears and saffron undergarments it qualifies him to be respected, that if there were no GOD I would not know right from wrong and that I will start killing my neighbors, steal their property and fornicate with their daughters.

      But I dont burn down temples, or vandalize their property or snatch the microphone from Muthalik and his likes and punch him in a face or disrupt the rallies of Shiv Senas and BJPs. The religious will have to learn to live in a civic society and under a secular democracy. They cannot be allowed to bully us into their proselytizing and punishing rhetoric.

      I request you not to be apologetic about it. It’s time we demand out free speech rights promised under our constitution.

  64. Hi Krish,

    Saw your post and felt deeply sad for you and for the thinking and attitude of Hindus all over the World.
    We worship Deities and you have made a mockery of them. Pilgrimages for the devotees have also been made fun of.

    Please seek mercy from the Good Lord and please do take off this post. It hurts the sentiments of people who have faith in and who love God.

    This act is a fun of Dharma (Righteousness) too.


    1. Absolutely you have no idea as what hinduism is …. there are temples in south india but there are no idols, there are idols but no temples … there are no temples and idols .. yet the place is sacred .. People offer mean and alchol to lord ganesh on ganesha chaturthi… people offer meat during entire navarathri… in Vaishnava temple first pooja is done to a muslim lady who has a shrine in a south indian temple … we south indians are far more tolerant … i think you should STFU!

    2. Hi Gaurav,

      Faith is not a virtue and there is no way you can demand respect for it. If you want to believe in pre-historic medieval and barbaric man-made philosophy, then you are welcome to, but to expect people to respect it and to feel intimidated by it is an insult to any social conduct.

      Don’t be a baby!!!!!Grow up.

  65. To- Blog writer/editor-

    We , at WordPress always check blogs for violent, anti-social
    or such articles/blogs which count towards reducing numbers of

    I have received a email from blogger, that your this blogpost
    receiving negative comments or comments to stop this blogpost/articlakt.

    I have seen this blogpost, read your profile and also discussed with our
    Team Members in Blog Management section.

    We have come to a decision which is to ensure, that Such Blogs do not make bad name of
    the top Blogging site- WORDPRESS (C)

    So, the decision is that, if you do not delete this specific article or blogspost – which some
    commentators have reported defaming a religion or offend as per their Hindu Religion,

    WITHIN 5 days, then :-

    We shall block this blog, and no communication shall be further allowed, neither
    viewing previous blogposts, neither moderating comments, neither post new articles

    So, in such case, after some time, Your kirshashok , will be suspended.

    We recommend that you delete this blogpost and continue staying with us,
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    Hope you will do needful for mutual benefit

    Paul Nadar
    Sr. Executive (Blog Management)

    1. Dear WordPress Executive (Site Management)

      We, at ‘your Kirshashok’ have determined that you have used our name without permission. This site is not belong for Us. It is of the krishashok, who is of no relative to your ‘Kirshashok’.

      Also, your choice of using this name on this highly offensive post is highly offensive to us.

      We have consult with our the Legal Teams and Name Usage Committee. They have come to decision based on our policy, which is:

      Within 5 (five) days,
      – please issue full public apology in all national and international newspapers of India
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      Failing this actions from your side, we will be force to delete your WordPress Executive (Site Management). Even if this is top Blogging site of world, our legal experts have contact with President Obamma, who is able To ensure deletion of such offensive site and misusage of such offensive Name.

      Hope you will do needful for mutual benefit

      Sam Anderson
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      your Kirshashok (p)(TM)(R)

        1. Dear Karthik

          please Also send money ($887,214 – eight hundred eighty sevan Thousand, two hundred fourteen Dollar) for metrial and papper to my agent PRINCE FELICITANCE OJIBWE, 32 KINGS ROAD LAGOS NIGERIA.

          Hope you will do needful for mutual benefit

          Sam Anderson
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          your Kirshashok (p)(TM)(R)

  66. For centuries the religious people have insulted us atheists and humanists by saying that we cannot be moral if we are atheists, that we cannot know right from wrong if there were no God. They teach garbage in school in the name of science. WOULD WORDPRESS BE WILLING TO TAKE DOWN ALL RELIGIOUS ARTICLES FROM THEIR BLOG SPACE BECAUSE IT’S INSULTING TO ATHEISTS?

    It’s downright unconstitutional to censor this blog because some people are offended. Neither does this blog have anything violent nor is there an intent of violence. On what ground can this blog be censored.

    Blogs are ways to share ideas. it’s not the responsibility of WORDPRESS to control the content on religious grounds. WORDPRESS should know that by blocking the blog they will be impinging of freedom of speech and would defeat the purpose of free and equal expression in electronic media.

  67. Err….”detesticulated progeny of doubtful ancestry with canine influences” – does this translate to “ball-less son of a bitch” ?? 😉 great euphemism!

    BTW, what the fuck is wrong with these self appointed Hinduism protectors that they try to imitate Muslim extremists in every respect! These fellows sure would not have let Meera write her romantic poems about Krishna had they existed during her time. _I_ extremists!

  68. Dear imbecile ignorant smelly monkey-brain-eating God forsaken satanist heathen krishashok,

    It is my character Tin Woodman from the past, whom you have blatantly plagiarized and proclaimed to be your god-of-the-future to piss off other imbecile ignorant smelly monkey-brain-eating God forsaken satanist heathens. Wait for the judgement day, for I promise you that I’ll get wicked Jesus of the West to crucify your male reproductive organ. Yes only it.

    Frank Baum

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  70. Dear Krishashok,
    It has come to our notice about this blog post in which you have used the name of our prestigious institution and your alma matter 😉 in a denigrating manner. Is this what you learnt in school? Is this what we teachers taught you?

    Maybe if you weren’t scribbling in you notebooks such drawings during the class hours, you would have listened to the teachers and would have known that you should not criticize our leaders and our Gods.

    Our principal has been receiving mails asking us to remove your name from our school records. Once it is done, all the degrees you have received will be null and void.

    This is a serious issue and we have no other way to solve this but to remove your name. However I have asked permission from the principal to talk to you into deleting this blog post. If you do it, you will be given a slightly milder punishment (kneel down for 1 hour and run around the ground for 5 times). Else your name will be removed from the records and we will ask you to join again from LKG (just imagine the fees you have to pay).

    Just delete the post and reply back to this thread. I will check this post every 1 hour to see your replies.

    thanking you,
    Teachers association, Vidya Mandir

  71. Hahahahahaha… Gosh you are so funny man. Futurama !!! Ayyapotenuse.. How could you relate !!

    To all abusing this blog:
    am a core hindu follower. Ram n ayyappa are my gods too. Get a sense of humor plz. If you cant take a joke, go away. Dont put down creativity.

  72. Thees ees outragiaas. As a mark oph protest in ueewest Bengal uwee are calling a 2 day baandh right now- waan on Friday and aather waan on Maanday.

    Inkeelab Jinnah-baad

    Hindi-chini bhai bhai

  73. Finally a Krish Ashok post where commenters are truly taking his request to “Leave one” to heart! And are leaving not one but many!! At this rate, even Shri Rama might come down from his abode to ask what all the stink is about!!

  74. I saw your review in Indian Express today morning on the tug of war going on here.
    Your sketch is hilarious and depicts exactly what is going on there. But isn’t all religions pompous this way? The live telecast of Makara Jyothi is a hilarity to watch with all the different commentaries from the so called religious bigwigs, but I feel the same about all overrated festivals that gets live feeds and people take all the pains to be just a part of.
    On the other hand, although you have not touched on anything blasphemous or questioned about the Lord’s existence in Sabarimala, I must say this; The first and only time I visited there was as a girl of 11, the reason being my mother s promise to the Lord that she would let her firstborn come visit him if the baby was born without any deformity. Coming from a very non religious background and a zero temple going practice, I found the vibrations from the deity very powerful. There was no way for a 11 year old, uncorrupted mind to dissect or understand the cosmic vibrations of a religious place, but such a force was definitely around. I say, whatever be the with the crowds or the pollution or the stupidity of man made practices, everyone must go once to Sabarimala, just to ponder over the existence of a superior force in this universe.

  75. Dear Blogger,

    Please remove this denigrating cartoon from the blog.
    While our country is passing through a phase of communal disharmony, youngsters like you should act more responsibly. With all due respect to your right to creative expression, we express our anguish at your vehement effort to defame our Dharma.

    Since you have aggressively sought to propagate this cartoon over the net , by sharing it with several other blogs, we understand that your intentions are to seriously malign the religious sensitivities of a certain community. For your information, your cartoon has also found its way to Islamic Print media in Southern India.

    We are initiating legal procedures against you to have this blasphemy removed forcibly from the web. Perhaps the financial stress of having to fight a legal battle will finally make you see the light of reason.

    S.K. Sadanand Pai

    1. Dear Mr Sadanand Pai,

      We have stolen your wallet and will be paying your legal fees with contents of aforesaid. Also, ROTFLMAO @ your credit card picture.

      Thank you,
      Krishashok’s Legal Defense Team

    1. OMGodddddddddddddd hahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha . Am going to die laughing here tonight ha ha ha

  76. to all those who protest here , please understand that some f ckers are like this , it is better to ignore such b stards who want to lick the d those who pay them !! just not give these sckers unnecessary traffic!!

  77. The reason I feel we’re smarter than any amith out there is because they’re fanatically religious – which no one in their right mind would be. No offense. Brilliant cartoon btw. Except for the “Bite my shiny metal astra” part 😀

    Edit: Take all offense you need 😛

  78. sabarimalai poi irukingala?. diagram wrong. what a cheap comedy, 2287 AD layum ayyappan magimai pogathu. now we r in 2010 AD but still there is no rope car & helipad. so, pls dont draw this type of diagrams k.

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  80. I got stuck with “This whole business of wanting to do only things one is good at is one of the first adult corruptions of a child’s mind. ”

    I could agree better, just to think of what an artist you could have been had you got an ipad earlier in your life.. errr i mean a canvas to paint your imagination early on.

    I just got a lesson in parenting from your post.. lessons of life!!

  81. hilarious….although i must admit, the 243 comments(yes i read each and every one) were equally entertaining 🙂
    thankyou for brightening up an otherwise dull day !

    P.S. : came here from the hindujanjagruti site(which is my usual dose of laughter). Imagine that. Like they say, any publicity is good publicity! 🙂 More power to you.

  82. Awesome….love how you’ve pissed off the rabid hindutva freaks! Like many of the commentators, I found you through google via hindujanjagruti. Wonder if they realize they’re only helping you build a loyal fan following.

    I hereby subscribe to your blog in the hopes of reading more hilarious, ridonculous stuff. Cheers and keep it coming.

  83. This is the perfect blog for anyone who wants to know about this topic. You know so much its almost hard to argue with you . You definitely put a new spin on a subject thats been written about for years. Great stuff, just great!

  84. Sabarimala circa 2287 AD! Reminded me of a Sujathi SciFi short story titled ‘Thimala’ – on futuristic Thirumala.

    1. But Thimala was a good read and dint hurt anyone belief. but this is blog sick…and ofcourse The blogger is not Sujatha..just a crappy guy who believes he can do everything with an ipad

  85. your web blog just lives on the blessings of wordpress and you have got nothing more than that.This blog may entitle you some comments from your fellow people ..but I can say you are just a dog barking at the sun..nothing more…Lord Ram & Swami Ayappa Lives in the Heart of Millions and Millions of People …you bark as much as you can…happy barking…

  86. Hi Ashok,
    Many Hindus may believe that your sketches hurt their religious sentiments but you are not hurting the sentiments instead the sketches show there are still many educated people in our country who believe in superstition,

    ‘The temporary deperiodizing clinic’ shows how superstitious we are and how we curb female liberty in the name of religion, liked that very much.

  87. Good day! I know this is kind of off topic but I was wondering if you knew where
    I could locate a captcha plugin for my comment form? I’m using the same blog platform as yours and I’m having difficulty finding one?
    Thanks a lot!

  88. Dont play with Lord Ayyapa…. This is the last chance for you to appologize. Let your heart beat stops with my ayyapa’s grace. ___________

  89. A perrson necessarily lend a hand to make critically articles I
    would state. That is the very first tume I frequented your web page and
    thus far? I amazed with the research yoou made to make this particular post incredible.
    Excellent job!

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