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In India, we do things differently.

And in keeping with the rich tradition of orally imparted knowledge and MMS scandals, we rarely like to write things down, and that is why when we go to “foreign”, we spare no chances in pontificating, elucidating and prognosticating on the Great Indian Difference. In India, we have history. In India, we have ancient culture. In India, we have the world’s most unhealthy kind of vegetarian food. Etc. Of course, elderly Indian gentlemen with NRI children play it both ways, hitting forehands down the line glorifying Western infrastructure and orderliness while slicing backhand drop shots edifying the sanctity of Indian chaos when the audience is melanin-challenged. Even the murderous Blue line buses of Delhi will derive philosophical inheritance from the cosmic randomness of Shiva, especially if there’s a white chap politely paying attention.

For all of the intellectual vainglory, we still steadfastly refuse to update Wikipedia articles – that is left to small minority of passionate enthusiasts, right-wing zealots and Rediff commenters. In fact, the entire Indian internet can be, in the keeping with our ancient tradition of classifying stuff, divided into 5 castes.

  • Bloghards – People with blogs titled with a combination of the words “Random”, “Thoughts”, “Scribbles” and “Rants”. This crowd is also almost exclusively on Facebook because Orkut is totally They are also too intellectually dense to be on Twitter
  • Twithers – Folks on Twitter. Tend to be slightly pretentious and RT. This crowd also stays away from Orkut
  • Mahipal – A whole generation of Indian men who believe that any girl on Twitter is like a personal ad on Craigslist, except the responses here are public too
  • Orkutiya – Dey rite lyk dis
  • Rediff Commenter – The visible visceral online manifestation of the Indian National Mood – Outrage. Note: Rediff commenters are everywhere, not just on Rediff

But unlike the Chinese, who are forced to live in their own Internet behind the Great Firewall, the Indian Billion has a greater potential to stamp their “difference” on what is today, a mostly Americanized web. Case in point – I can’t seem to get Urban Dictionary to add “Amit” and “Madrasi” despite providing them with a detailed definition and several usage examples. Apparently, they prefer Pop culture to Appa culture. So we need to change our ways. We need to do the online equivalent of the salt march (which of course means a Facebook page + Orkut community + Adobe Flash based candle lighting mass campaign through email attachments) and stamp our Indianness on the web. All of this talking will get us nowhere.

I believe we can start with the Facebook “Like” button.

There’s a simple reason for that – it’s already ubiquitous. And it’s very western. We Indians don’t just like something. We are so nuanced that we believe that there are nuances to the word nuance itself.

For starters, we don’t just “like” stuff. We have opinions too.

When we listen to Rahman, we have to point out that Ilayaraja had the best bass lines, and I suspect that Indians will much prefer to see this on Cricinfo player profile pages, where they might as well hard-code “Sachin Tendulkar” in the text box above.

And speaking of Sachin, Rajni and other luminaries, frankly, a thumbs up just does not cut it. In Indian culture, we fall at the feet of our elders and celebrities

Also, after falling at people’s feet, it is part of our culture to take the respect to the next level and “like” something to the point where one wishes to felicitate the author.

Nothing screams “felicitation” more than a silk shawl (called ponnaadai in Tamil).

And what logically follows a felicitation? Yes, a lamp lighting. The largest amount of “like” one can give another human being in India is an invitation to light a lamp at at a college function.

And do we simply “like” something and leave it at that? Have you not seen comments on blogs that go “Hi. Loved your post. Can you read my post on the same subject”? We rarely listen to people. We are usually busy formulating a smarter response in our heads while someone else is talking. So to represent that behavior, it is only fair that we have a custom popup that appears after one hits the “like” button.

It will allow us to quickly select from a drop down list of old jokes, marginally funny pop culture references and dubious facts and send it to the author.

What about women? In the land of a million maruding mahipals meandering motivatedly to misunderstand, misconstrue and misinterpret the slightest mark of civility as an invitation to marriage, women cannot just “like” anything without making their intentions absolutely clear.

Do not forget. We are a nation of men that get strange ideas when we see that a girl has visited our Orkut profile, commented on our blogs or RTed our tweets. And when they use smileys, we notify our parents to initiate horoscope exchanges, so this is no laughing matter. You women might laugh, but for men, it’s matter.

Speaking of mahipals, we also need a “like” button for the citizens of Orkut

We are also a nation of permission takers. What do you mean you can go around liking anyone? In the nation of arranged marriages, you first need approval

After that, a printout needs to be sent to a gazetted officer who will notarize and approve it. Then a copy of the attested form will be sent to the Facebook headquarters where a clerk will make the neccesary “like” entries in the database

India also believes in viral effects. We have been mass forwarding emails decades before upstarts like Youtube and Twitter redefined viral propagation. With Hotmail, Outlook Express and Microsoft Word, we understand viruses better than anyone else, in every sense of the word. So it is only fair that the “like” button also send out mass emails to everyone in everyone’s contact list (not in the Bcc: field, but in the To: field). The email itself can go something like this

“If you forward this link to 10 people and get them to click the Like button, Bill Gates will make Lord Balaji grant your wish by making a 10 million USD donation to TTD which will then be used to rename the Taj Mahal to Tejo Mahal and also find an Ayurvedic cure for cancer, impotence and Pakistan”




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  1. Sreevatsa Praveen Avatar
    Sreevatsa Praveen

    once again,,, u r a ‘theram ka beta’…. theramaiyana payyan

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  2. bustlingwoods Avatar

    Like, but don’t get the wrong idea! 😛 Hahahahaha!

  3. Visesh Avatar

    Hahahaha good one machan 🙂

  4. P James Magic Show Avatar

    P James Magic Show 9841072571

    1. Arun Avatar

      This makes me so nostalgic for Chennai…

      1. Arun Kanagasabapathy Avatar
        Arun Kanagasabapathy

        James Magic Show didn’t leave even a blog!!

      2. Arvind Avatar

        Yeah fully agree.. Makes u feel so nostalgic abt chennai. 😦

  5. Sabbah Haji Avatar

    *scraping bows* ponnadai* I rly lykd ds. MARRY ME!

    1. santa Avatar


  6. Sruthi Radhakrishnan Avatar

    Ooh! I’m first. And all that. That apart, I loved the Pop Culture-Appa Culture part.

    But, the post lacked something. Probably it is not as ‘laugh-out-loud’ as your earlier posts.

    1. kavi Avatar

      this post seems to be waste. seems to be covering only tambaram area,,,which is a waste

  7. Sruthi Radhakrishnan Avatar

    Oh crap. Just missed.
    Ashok: Hahahahahahaha 🙂 Hope you got a loud laugh out of that at least 😉

    1. cooker Avatar

      This is in the category of –
      Like , but note the sarcasm 🙂

      1. Yash Avatar

        hehe good one cooker.

  8. Satan Bhagat Avatar

    With the online caste reference and ‘Like, but don’t get the wrong idea’ – You sir, have just won the internet.

  9. rajasen Avatar

    Fun, but got real old right after the RD Burman thing. Written in a rush, perchance?

  10. Viju Avatar


    Loved the prostrate one!

  11. Varun Avatar

    hahaha.. I lyk dis 😀

  12. Pooja Pillai Avatar

    Requesting permission to garland you with Rs 1000 notes, please
    Ashok: I accept paypal too 🙂

  13. Clinton Jeff Avatar

    I love the “Like, but don’t get the wrong idea!” lol

  14. Sreenath Avatar

    Aiyo aiyo! Master of spinning yarns krish! Good post!! 🙂 sama satire baa

  15. Surabhi R Avatar
    Surabhi R

    [image]falling at your feet[/image] Like
    But, Ramesh Srivats is always the Best 🙂

  16. Ankit Avatar

    *falls on the feet* wala Like for this one! Absolute genius 🙂

  17. Shakthi (@v_shakthi) Avatar

    You forgot the , “I like but don’t show on my profile” that is very popular in and around images of Sherlyn Chopra and Mallika et al 😉 Good one dude !
    Ashok: Ah good point. Since I’ve never actually clicked on a like button, ever, so I did not know this

  18. karadi Avatar

    i dont agree with the urban dictionary part…

    a term we used to use in our college…
    has its roots from a hostel named jade mostly inhabited by northies…
    jade usually was the hostel with water problems…
    which was not a problem for northies who took bath only during holi…
    Ashok: Ah nice, but I can’t help notice that there are 2 definitions, and the second one, a rather generic definition, is the marginally popular one. But in any case, I must try submitting to UD again

    1. Hiranya kusubu Avatar
      Hiranya kusubu


    2. kicha Avatar

      Wow. Jades on UD. Nice. Or, as an amit123/Jade will say, NITT rockz yaar !!

      KA, loved the digs on the Rajnikanth and Suresh Kalmadi “jokes”. Some solace in the fact that I was not the only person who felt nauseated on hearing them repeated time and time again ! 🙂

    3. ashwin Avatar

      jade -refers to jade hostel in NIT trichy..(explains the meaning in the urban dictionary)
      flooded with the future Amit123’s of the IT world and otherwise!:)

      NIT trichy 05-09

  19. Ashish Shakya Avatar

    Hahaha! Brilliant stuff!

  20. Logic Avatar

    Indianizing fb relationship status is need of the hour, “In a relationship” , “In a relationship and its complicated” etc doesnt have an pinch of Indianess. It should have options like “Spoke to a person of opposite sex”, “Horoscope matched” , “Bride / Groom seen” since these are the wonly significant milestones as for as reln status are concerned.

    1. Vetti Avatar

      One more addition to the Indianization, when a girl accepts the fraand request, it should appear with an automated “like” update and then a notification to all about the new found acquaintance.

    2. Fuzzy Logic Avatar

      Like, but don’t get the wrong idea.

  21. dagalti Avatar

    Like but bigfatphoenix is da best.

    When someone comments expressing liking for one part for a post, as a response to that specific comment, a ‘like like same same’ button can be made available.

    I touched upon this in a highly accessible post here.

  22. Dipta Avatar

    Like. But Sachin Tendulkar is still the best.

  23. Vagabond Avatar

    Yeah, Sachin Tendulkar is God 😀

  24. Neeraj Jha Avatar

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  25. daddysan Avatar

    Speechlessness. So good this was.

  26. Asha Tampa Avatar

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  27. Manikandan Avatar

    “find an Ayurvedic cure for cancer, impotence and Pakistan” hilarious.

  28. aditrupz Avatar

    After 3 idiots, you shoudl also have the Tohfa kubol karo Like button here — saying “Like Ass much as this” – hahaha your post had me in splits ….

  29. Laloo ji Avatar
    Laloo ji

    Like the post like *holds our hands up in a rally* \m /\m/

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    Great post in other words.. 🙂

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  32. Sashi Chimala Avatar
    Sashi Chimala

    We’re LIKE that only.

  33. Praveen Kumar Avatar

    “If you forward this link to 10 people and get them to click the Like button, Bill Gates will make Lord Balaji grant your wish by making a 10 million USD donation to TTD which will then be used to rename the Taj Mahal to Tejo Mahal and also find an Ayurvedic cure for cancer, impotence and Pakistan”

    Awesome!!! You rock sir!!! 🙂

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  35. yayaver Avatar

    I have come only few times on this blog but this time it was hilarious. Such a nice satire on the cultural and social habits of Indian.

    Loved it 🙂

    Krish Ashok, you have made my day !

  36. shaurya Avatar


    We also like to “double like” things, a puny click of a like button does not convey the Hanuman-ness of emotions that we feel in our hearts. So there need to be the following variants :

    1. ___ * Like (insert a number, accurate to two places of decimal, of your choice to indicate the quantity of “Like”)

    2. “LLLLLiiiiiiiiiiikkkkkkkkkkkkkkeeeeeeeeeeeee” – This variant spelling of like should now be under consideration with the Oxford and Webster dictionaries. It should also be a staple “trick” question in various American Spelling Bee contests.

  37. rads Avatar

    There’s always a clause with us desis eh? 🙂

    Where’s the “respect” icon? Oh, right, the falling at feet! lol.

  38. Pallavi Avatar

    That was a scream!!!! Me likes this 😉
    I second rads above, I was hoping to see a ‘fall flat at feet’ icon too 😉

  39. Ravi Avatar

    We definitely are a nation of men with strange ideas. When a random girl smiles, this is the exact dialogue or at times even a slight variant of this. “Aye Bradher, that hot Katte just smiled at me. Think she is into me. I am the kool man here’

  40. Sindhu Kaushik Avatar
    Sindhu Kaushik

    woohoo! what a riot! wish your post was longer

  41. The Satyrs Wife Avatar
    The Satyrs Wife

    What a fun read. You almost make me want to go back to Facebook. Almost.

  42. ayesha Avatar

    Cherku… my propozal to LYK it… I say

  43. PRATEEK JAIN Avatar

    Kris,you are a class apart.I really liked your sarcasm and you hit the right areas with aplomb.

  44. Ashwini Avatar

    Thaar maar! =)

  45. Rishabh Avatar

    Yes we really need an aurvedic cure for pakistan. hehe. loved it.

  46. Uday Shankar Avatar
    Uday Shankar

    Hilarious as usual! ” a printout needs to be sent to a gazetted officer who will notarize and approve it.” Gahahaha!

  47. wanderlust Avatar

    you’re losing your touch. this post is way way too contrived. doesn’t flow easily.

    I’ll click the ‘Meh’ button for this one.

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    1. Poornima Avatar

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  60. sanjeevhariharan Avatar

    nice write up.. on a lighter note, it would be nice if FB customized the relationship status too – can have something like, intro talk on phone completed, horoscopes matched, parents discussing formalities etc.. cos its funny to see people who speak to the “amrikan maapillai” for a couple of hours and come to a conclusion that they were born in this earth just to meet and marry this person get confused and update their status with “in a relationship”, “its complicated”, “committed”, etc..

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    hey! you forgot to mention the “super likes” and the “super duper likes”!

  62. Ramaa Ramesh Avatar

    Fantastic post.
    I approve your inclusion of Mahipal. After millennia of effort and RTing, I could shed proud tears that the boy is finally gaining popularity and making it big outside the intellectually undense network of Twitter. The next step would be a post purely on Mahipals.
    “And when they use smileys, we notify our parents to initiate horoscope exchanges, so this is no laughing matter. You women might laugh, but for men, it’s matter.” So troooooooo. Best lines.
    Loved the “kal la vizhara” like and the “pon-aadai and “kuthuvilakku” likes. But most of all, the kai kooping faceless aunty from the “Application to Like” like. I have of an evening wondered who she is and if her hands are glued together.
    This essay-based comment is a method of extracting revenge for your essay-based comment on director Shankar’s dog being chained.
    And since it hasn’t been used generally in a long time, HAUNNNNNN!!

  63. sukumar Avatar

    haha.. brilliance..! as always.! 🙂

  64. Sandeep Avatar

    It’s only fair to expect Krish’s next on hashtags or simply desi makkal on Twitter. Very refreshing post, much on lines of SRK’s preachings – Hum aise bhi hain, hum hain waise bhi. Phir bhi dil hai Hindustaani!

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  67. Pannikutty Ramsamy Avatar
    Pannikutty Ramsamy

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    Like.., you are the day by day improving. *Reality show style*

  72. Shalabh pandey Avatar
    Shalabh pandey

    Brilliantly written. Great sattire. Can’t bookmark it from a phone- and this is enough motivation to download that bookmark app.

  73. Sriram Avatar

    Great as usual, but kinda grew a bit um.. construed and ‘put together’ from somewhere towards the middle..
    but dont get the wrong idea 😛

  74. Harry Avatar

    Krish, why not create the much needed ‘Dislike’ button and label it “Enna Koduma Saravanan idhu”

    1. Nikhil Rajagopalan Avatar

      Yep, I just did that. Check out the post here.

  75. Circe Avatar

    Who on earth is “P James Magic Show”? I personally find her regular and sporadic appearance about as funny and hilarious as Krish’ blog posts themselves.

    1. A Avatar

      James. Her? Well, maybe

      1. Circe Avatar

        Why not?

  76. A Avatar

    Its not that I like this post less, but I love the other ones more ( The Shakespearean Like button)

    Also, please enable Like for all the comments. And the like button for liking those comments and….

  77. amit ojha Avatar
    amit ojha

    One of the most hilarious and insightful piece i have ever read. U rock man

  78. usha Avatar

    ‘We are so nuanced that we believe that there are nuances to the word nuance itself.’
    we are the land of the Samskritha amarakosha remember?
    and I love the forehand and backhand analogy too..very apt strike there 🙂

  79. Arvind Avatar

    Hey Brother,
    Fantastic!!! Why dont you forward this to our Hon. Information and Broadcasting minister for further actions as suggested by you 😀

  80. Naastygun Avatar

    // but for men, it’s matter

    Ha ha… so subtle !

    Or is it just me ? :-/

  81. Nikhil Rajagopalan Avatar

    “Do not forget. We are a nation of men that get strange ideas when we see that
    a girl has visited our Orkut profile, commented on our blogs or RTed our tweets.
    And when they use smileys, we notify our parents to initiate horoscope
    exchanges, so this is no laughing matter. You women might laugh, but for men,
    it’s matter.”-
    Talk about hitting the nail on the head!!!

  82. viswajithkn Avatar

    worth the long wait over the last 3 months. enna oru kalaai…”You women might laugh, but for men, it’s matter.” awesomeness. 😀

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    The ponnadai like is superseded by the cutout like, where you indicate that you’ve scoped out land at Adyar signal for a massive cutout. Also, the aal uyara malai like.

    We indians also need reciprocal like counters to prevent one sided liking.

  84. Suresh Avatar

    Nice post. Btw, has a usability bug. Should have been a dropdown. Or were you planning to support multi-select?
    Will file a bug if u can give me the bugzilla url 😀

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    Arun Srini

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  92. deadpoet88 Avatar

    Awesome entry dude!

    “If you forward this link to 10 people and get them to click the Like button, Bill Gates will make Lord Balaji grant your wish by making a 10 million USD donation to TTD which will then be used to rename the Taj Mahal to Tejo Mahal and also find an Ayurvedic cure for cancer, impotence and Pakistan”

    too good!

  93. Kartik Krishnamoorthy Avatar

    I really think “Bill Gates will make Lord Balaji grant your wish by making a 10 million USD donation to TTD which will then be used to rename the Taj Mahal to Tejo Mahal and also find an Ayurvedic cure for cancer, impotence and Pakistan” will come true, with the number of likes to this post! 😀

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  94. Niraj Avatar

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    Olive Sen

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  96. Olive Sen Avatar
    Olive Sen

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    We are so nuanced that we believe that there are nuances to the word nuance itself.
    Heehee !!

  99. Anubha Avatar

    I love it!

  100. adam Avatar


    i read your blog using rss reader, but am missing the comments…where some “action” is there….

    Is there any way i can subscribe to the comments too? Not per each thread tho, just once…

    Ashok: You can subscribe to the comments RSS feed in your Google reader –

  101. vanwinkle Avatar

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    Your humor has insight and understanding of geographical differences.
    Keep it up.

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  111. Bobby Avatar

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    See am praising the Indian style too…

    And what with this “Anupras Anlankar or something” type of usage in this sentence ” In the land of a million maruding mahipals meandering motivatedly to misunderstand, misconstrue and misinterpret”

    All Ms… awesoMe…

  112. Amaresh Swain Avatar

    Hats off, Sir! A great article after long interval.

    Adding a line: The similarity of “dislike” and “Like dis” in case of Orkutiya community.

  113. Liverach Avatar

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    was pretty much ROFLing after reading the ‘application to like’ thing

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  118. Neelambara Malik Avatar
    Neelambara Malik

    It is a fantastic idea to start an Indian Facebook Like…..Loved the “SAASHTAANG PRANAM” like…..

    U r one of a kind….Well will it be possible to display all the RASAAS in Indian version is yet to be discovered.

    we can also start a new FLATTERY BUTTON..Lol!!!!

  119. Fuzzy Logic Avatar

    This really made me LOL! Of course they need the kutthuvilakku. They’ve even moved to more prestigious ‘electric kuthhu vilakku.’ Saves the chief guest trouble of dripping wax.

    Which caste would you consider yourself to belong in? Me, bloghard. No doubt. >.>

  120. kannan Avatar

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    i was the one who spotted you outside the cricket stadium at Blr on sunday, day 2 of the ind v/s aus test and asked you to keep writing!

    cheers krish!

  121. R-ambam Avatar

    Not just like !
    invitation for kuthuvilakku light up function

    Please no reply mokkais 🙂

  122. ulaar Avatar

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    Brilliant, as always! You blog way too rarely to satisfy the teeming millions who follow your work.

    There’s one more level of Like beyond the felicitation — Honorary Doctorate. A logo for that would be a good idea, I think.

    While on that topic, I wonder if any tax laws apply to honorary doctorates, seeing as how it is part of the perks package for politicos in TN.

    1. apscomp Avatar

      that is a nice definition of tamilians…

      teeming millions !!

  124. La Pensive Avatar

    Nice post! Where’s the like button??

  125. Kasi Shanmuganathan Avatar
    Kasi Shanmuganathan

    laugh riot…

  126. Gans Avatar

    “but for men, it’s matter”

    Couldnt help but laugh for this…. Aah the subtlety 🙂

  127. Anu Avatar

    I *Like* this!
    Throughly enjoyed reading this! 🙂

  128. Neeta Kumar Avatar

    Awsome!!! Like always!!

  129. Parag Nabar Avatar
    Parag Nabar

    Awesome!!!!!! Got to read your blog regularly henceforth.

  130. joogz Avatar

    i found my long lost brother…! Good one.

  131. Sachin Avatar

    Dear Krish,

    As I read this post, I felt the need for another like button: “I like you, but not in Karan Johar way”.

  132. Noire Avatar

    Nyce 😀 Read your Indian Express article. Rituals are not just for the theists. It’s comforting to atheists too. Like unhealthy, greasy comfort food 🙂

  133. creatorwithin26 Avatar

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    is what I “C”ounted after going through it although might be
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  134. Priya Avatar

    Its quite satirical. But funny, I’m unable to see the “funny” part here. This is my first visit to your blog. You seem to mock at people who are not as ‘abled’ as u.

  135. Deepti Avatar

    How dare you denigrate ancient Indian tradition of bowing down at people’s feet? Do not take advantage of over-tolerance of a billion Hindus.

    1. Sachin Avatar

      Deepti [likes this, but feels that billions of Hindus should be under-tolerant to humour.]

  136. Kartikay Avatar

    What about Bloghard + Twither people like me? Am I a minority?

    OH YES! FINALLY! I get the SC/ST certificate! #LifeIsMade

  137. DDRoy Avatar

    This is my first visit to your blog. And i’m impressed. Hope facebook team also got a copy of ur post. The changes can make facebook all the more interesting.

  138. Pushkar Avatar

    Now thats doing jalsa and showing jilpa on facebook. Great post saar!

  139. Haridwar Avatar


  140. Bikerdude Avatar

    Womygaad – this one was suber I say! DYD LFNG LOL

  141. Ramya Avatar


  142. shuaib Avatar

    You, sir are a genius!

  143. haha Avatar

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  144. Rosemary Avatar

    I LOVED it… laughed so much! You are gmail@krishashok man!

  145. Fucked Up Avatar
    Fucked Up

    Dude you sound like zillion other bloggers.
    Was intrigued by your link on Facebook.
    Would never come back.

  146. Dsc01 Avatar

    Excellent! I’m not even Indian, but it was funny despite not being able to understand some of the references.

    Roger Ebert linked here from his Twitter, so expect a flood of hits!

    1. apscomp Avatar

      Is Roger now a critique of blogs !!

      American recession sure must hurt !!

  147. Ableix Avatar


  148. […] like, it’s all like, so, like, UScentric. posted by Sheila Ryan in big board, consciousness, culture, graphic design, […]

  149. Biswajit Bhuyan Avatar
    Biswajit Bhuyan

    Very insightful and outrageously funny. Lyk dis! 🙂

  150. Kasturi Avatar

    I stumbled on to your blog from Khamba’s blog and life isnt the same anymore! you have brains man! Intellectually funny writing! terrific. Impressed!

  151. Anisha Avatar

    OMG ur terrific I literally laughed my brains out (umm what’s left of it at least). I am a FAN. (bow down and touch the feet) 🙂

  152. Vinu Avatar

    my 5-year old found me teary-eyed reading this and panicked! kan kalanga sirichu romba naal aachu. thanks!!

  153. neela Avatar


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    […] Indianizing the Facebook “Like” button « Doing Jalsa and Showing Jilpa In India, we do things differently. […]

  155. randy Avatar

    hi friends in my point of views this is an awsome great and cool idea ever

    if u like some thing

    just press 1 button and it will b shared all over ur network and the popularity of the subject will b shown directly by the number of like button clicks 😀

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    Where is the like button here? I like this blog.

  157. Vidya Avatar

    “Like, but don’t get the wrong idea” – Awesomeness. Totally useful. 🙂

  158. Balaji Avatar


    I appreciate some of the interesting insights you made into the Indian way of registering thoughts… I think that has provoked (read inspired) me to register this as I had been reading your blogs for a long time for now but have never left a comment…

    you do write really well and would like you to continue this writing which is hilarious, subtle in bringing out points which we miss in the daily routines…

    keep up the good work..

  159. priya Avatar

    i love the like button when ever i see some thing at internet webpage if i like it just press the button 😀
    it helped a lot

  160. Mahipal Orkutiya Avatar
    Mahipal Orkutiya

    my email is a valid one and i check it too. and your post is …. I lyk Dis 🙂

  161. Tamanna A. Shaikh Avatar

    The part beginning with women and after that is especially humorous. We enjoy it because we all are ‘like that’!

  162. Gowrishankar Avatar

    Krish sir….you need to put up facebook like buttons and twitter links on the site. ..why not move to a self hosted wordpress blog?

  163. Porkodi Avatar

    Ashok saar!!!!!! the two most important asirvadhams you have done on me are 1.chutney introduction 2.suppress oppress depress!!!! amazing amazing amazing \m/

  164. Anonymous Avatar

    sooda oru post plz

  165. Parvathy Avatar

    Hilarious stuff! ROFLMAO!

  166. Archit Avatar

    This is the first blog I have read from “Doing Jaspa and showing Jispa” and I found it to hilarious and Indian!! 😀
    Keep up the good work.

  167. mayank Avatar

    I like it (pun intended). ehh i also pressed the star for like, where the thumbs up man.

  168. krishna kumar Avatar

    Thalaivaaa !!! yaengayo poitinga !!! ** Double Likes ** 😀 😀 😛

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  171. alostperson Avatar

    Indians!! love them hate them you just can’t ignore them!!! 😀

  172. sri Avatar

    Love the ‘Like but don’t get the wrong idea’, but only after the prostrating and the lamp lighting likes 🙂
    I have a cousin on FB who writes the orkut style – and I never understood what the deal was.

    Not to blatantly steal from your post, (‘hi loved your post can you read mine :)) but I recently posted an amazing experience my husband had on his trip to India with Spicejet. Check it out when you have some time.

  173. Kunal Avatar

    not seen any new blogs from you in quite some time. 🙂 was reading your old blogs.

  174. Sachin Avatar

    Hey Krish,

    Guess where they put the like button?

  175. Mia Avatar

    This was one of the most brilliant articles I have read during the past 3 years !
    *I shall now proceed to pick myself off the floor 😀
    Thank you for your candor , honesty , cynicism , accuracy and blatant humor ! .
    I really needed this 😀

  176. sandeep Avatar

    Macha , enna kodumai…………….LMAO , truly awsome………..

  177. cass22 Avatar

    Where are you hibernating ????

  178. Hody Avatar

    I like this but …..

    Oh this is so funny !!!!

  179. Sachin Avatar

    I enjoyed it. In fact I did something similar on FB, i.e. giving unwanted opinion and someone that I don’t know directed me to this post on your blog…

  180. shreeka Avatar

    Brilliant article ! But I’ve been coming back for the last 3 months. No new article ! Please write ! 🙂

  181. Krish Na Avatar
    Krish Na

    Now I am afraid to ‘like’ this…..

  182. Virender Avatar

    Thoroughly enjoyed the read
    real work of an (Individual with Disruptive Ideas On Technology) don’t go by the acronmym here !! 🙂

  183. Sharanya Arcot Desai Avatar
    Sharanya Arcot Desai

    This is the 1st time I read ur blog post.. Dude, u are extremely hilarious…

  184. kaushik Avatar

    thanks for uploading

  185. Purnima Avatar

    “Hi. Loved your post. Can you read my post on the same subject”?

    Loved it!

  186. Ankita Avatar

    Very funny. I like this site.

  187. Vidya Sunder Avatar
    Vidya Sunder

    I wish you’d added a Like button at the end of this piece (the “kaal-la vizhara type)! As always, sooper sir!

  188. koushik Avatar

    viry super i like site.

  189. deepinchennai Avatar

    As a self-respecting Chennaite, I was hoping to see cutouts and cutout-paal-abhishekam right after shawl-pothufying 😦

    And how can you brush away the language issue under the carpet? We will self-immolate if “pidithirukkiradhu”, “pasand hai” and “bagundhi” are not included before chandramana ugadi..

  190. Ravi Avatar

    Like this 🙂

  191. PVC Profiles Avatar

    Full of Humor. Nice job!

  192. kritz Avatar

    likes… the felicitation one…! 😛

  193. flo Avatar

    I ❤ you.

  194. Gas Cleaning Avatar

    Good to see this.

  195. Mishra Avatar

    I Lick This..!! 😛

  196. Srikanth Avatar

    Simply superb… I loved it from start to end. The felicitation one with ponnaadai was ultimate.

  197. Neil Avatar

    Awesome post!

    Of late I’ve observed the “Superlike” phenomenon, where one is so mesmerized by what they “like” that the must comment “superlike” to enhance the awesomeness effect!

  198. tolly Avatar


  199. coolant Avatar

    This is hillarious.
    I mega like ! Orkutiyas are especially funny. lols

  200. Ariel Nieto Avatar

    Like!!! in Spanish (Me Gusta)

  201. Satire News Avatar

    Sir ji YOU ROCK!

  202. Ramya Nageswaran Avatar
    Ramya Nageswaran

    Absolutely love the “Mahipal” description. I am sick of guys calling me dear, sweetie, sexy etc just because I play scrabble with them on Facebook! What a bunch of losers! Thanks A MILLION for writing about them..

  203. IengarChick Avatar

    You got me at Mahipal & Orkutiya..I need to upload a LIKE here…wtf doesn’t let me.


  204. Veena Avatar

    Nicely written. All scenorios covered!

  205. Cookies Paws Avatar

    I “LIKE” ur post…. U killed it man! Brilliantly written!!!

  206. Jeril Nadar Avatar
    Jeril Nadar

    awesome 🙂

  207. ND (@nups01) Avatar

    1st time- liked it- now following.

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  210. […] Not a ‘rant’ or ‘random’ writings.  Not a ‘bloghard’ who blogs with a combination of the words “Random”, “Thoughts”, “Scribbles” and “Rants”.–(Source: Krish Ashok) […]

  211. rocks Avatar

    yeah the like buttons are amazing

  212. Vinaya Pai Avatar
    Vinaya Pai

    “When we listen to Rahman, we have to point out that Ilayaraja had the best bass lines”.. I ALWAYS do that!!! You write well! My “like” is sitting with the gazetted officer, waiting to be notarised!

  213. వాసు Avatar


    Thoroughly enjoyed reading this one.

  214. Lavanya Avatar

    Came upon your blog by chance and I love it! Have it bookmarked for updates. You’re hilarious! And your Tambrahm Rage? I can’t believe I haven’t seen it before. Was a laugh riot at home when my husband (aathukaarar) and I read it! 🙂

  215. Ravee Avatar

    Krish you’re the Lollu Mannan;
    Aana ellorukkum pidithamana Kannan!
    Nallavey Kallakkura Paiya;
    Innum Kallukkiney iru

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    Krish Ashok, I really like your posts but don’t the wrong idea!!

    BTW, I’ve seen ppl ‘liking’ posts like ‘lost my wallet’, ‘have had an accident’ etc.

  218. Unlike’ly | My thoughts on your screen Avatar

    […] I do strongly support Krish Ashok’s suggestions to Indianise the Like button, unlike Grammar Nazis who believe in changing Aashai mugam to Aasai […]

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