Bulp Piction

Lakshminarasimhan reclined on his easy chair, Hindu newspaper in hand, filter coffee on a small side table, searching for something to outrage about. He was humming an Ananda Bhairavi korvai when his wife turned on the TV to watch a program where a small child was being made to cry by a snooty judge for getting the vibrato wrong on a classic AR Rahman song. His blood began to boil as the silhouette of his outrage took shape in his mind, slowly crystallizing into that most South Indian of rebellions against the establishment – the letter to the editor. This was wrong, he felt. Children should not be singing film songs at this tender age.

He closed his eyes and fantasized about invading the home of one of these modern day music directors who shamelessly stole from his beloved Carnatic music and proceeded to foully destroy all that was sacred in this world. He would walk up to that chap’s breakfast table, take a bite of the idli from his plate and dip it into that cornerstone of a healthy South Indian breakfast, the coconut chutney. He would wash it down with his filter coffee and proceed to give him a piece of his mind.

The letter began to take shape…but he was interrupted by someone whose ability to express outrage shone brighter than a thousand suns in the constellation of Ursa Major.

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This song was laid down with great vengeance and furious anger by
Harish – arrangement & programming
Ashok – violin & ambimama
TR – Counter outrage