A Few Design Suggestions for the Trump-Pence Campaign Logo

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The rest of the world (a.k.a “Not the USA”) has been eating popcorn for the last several months while watching the slow-motion train-wreck reality show that is the 2016 US elections. And today, the Trump-Pence dropped this on us


The problem is that this logo looks like 2 straight male letters doing very non-Republican things to each other, and I don’t think that will sit well with the followers of the freedom-loving, small-government pachyderm party. Since there seems to be a preference for using the letters T and P in the logo, I have a few alternative suggestions that still use that same design language.

So, Trump wants to build a wall and Pence wants every one to have guns, so we could combine those 2 elements by turning T and the red stripes of the flag into a wall mounted by a soldier wielding a slanted P, which looks like an AR15 to be honest.


Apparently this Pence chap has a bit of a fetish for the fossil fuel industry, so we could take that idea and construct an Oil well with the letter P and use The Oatmeal’s Trump hair that looks like the letter T and also works perfectly as a flare coming out of the oil well.


A very key constituent of the Republican party is the Tea Party, which Wikipedia describes as a conservative movement that opposes government spending, taxes, universal healthcare and all life in general. So you could take a “t”, put it right next to a “p” and use the Don’s hair as the noxious fumes of this particular poisonous cup of tea


Trump once proclaimed that he was well endowed in the Department of Procreative Plumbing. But he also has tiny hands. So we could combine these elements. A “p” strategically placed next to a “t” with tiny hands would suitably teach Marco Rubio why he lost the nomination


And finally, Trump wants to ban Muslims and keep Mexicans out. Pence wants everyone to hate gay people, ignore science and biblically exploit the earth. So you could take the P, turn it upside down and it will look like a showel. And the “t” looks like a cross. So together, they could take the American ideal that the rest of the world admires..


And bury it.


9 responses to “A Few Design Suggestions for the Trump-Pence Campaign Logo”

  1. Praveen Kumar Avatar

    Instead of “Making America Tea Again”, it would be apt to put “Making America Drink Again”. What say?

  2. SPK Avatar

    Awesome! But T and P are letters, not ‘alphabets’! That doesn’t take anything away tho 😉

  3. SanjayMehta Avatar

    Where’s that magician who spams this blog? It’s been five days since this post came up.

  4. Vaidehi Avatar

    this is really good one

  5. g3tr3kt3d Avatar

    Krish I recently watched your Ted Talk at TedXSSN about Disregarding work and Acquiring hobbies and it was bloody great.
    The thing that caught my eye was that you are one of a kind person that I have seen whose culture quotient(made that up) is higher than stratosphere and you specialize in Carnatic music yet you say that you’re an atheist, which brings me to the question, why Ashok?
    I am an atheist(listening to Nashik dhol during any festive occasion in Mumbai for 15 years straight feels like God is dead). But I think there is something more to your atheism…..(Or not ).
    Anyways cheers and keep up the good work.

    1. Rex Avatar

      …yet you say that you’re an atheist, which brings me to the question, why Ashok?

      What’s the connection between appreciating culture/music and having or not having religious faith?

  6. Dumbfuck Indian Avatar
    Dumbfuck Indian

    what’s your problem you retard ‘indian’? isn’t your prime minster doing the same shit, you mofo?

  7. Fae Avatar

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    updates, thus where can i do it please help.

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