Plog = Picture Blog, specifically a complete listing of images, cartoons and photoshop monstrosities from a blog to save right-brained people the effort of having to read text.

Update: More picture based experiments can be found at Tambrahm Rage 

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When Venus meets Ravi Varma, and borrows clothing for honour purposes,

+ =

On the Lakshanamistification of the Lady Gioconda

On why Renoir must not be allowed to encourage louws parties to roam around freely


The header for The Glossarie of Carnatick Season Terminologie for Peter Purposes, featuring Master T and Da Mistah T.


On going through a short 2 day phase of blogger performance pressure after a series of popular posts.


On a noble attempt at giving readers free career advancement advice.


Educating the masses about the correct version of the Decibel scale.


The Facebook news-feed for the Mahabharatha.


The world’s only living paper mill.

Introducing the Dark Lord of the Siddha, Darth Vaadhiar.


His advice to do Sandhi 3 times a day.


The Jalsa and Jilpa recommendation to Google on what a Tambramized Orkut profile badge must look like.


Warning signs that, sadly, are not printed by the folks at Sivakasi.

Kaka Kronicles, episode #6 – On why scorpions cannot sting Tyrannosauri.

On Newtonian Alternative histories – The Apple path

The Penguin Path.

The (shudder) Windows Path.

On the blatant exploitation of Internet memes

On an attempt to clarify the origin of Gobi Manchurian.

King Lear of Saidapet.

The Prince of Denmark.

Mark “Full Peter” Antony.

Balcony Louws with Bappi da soundtrack.

On not being a fan of Radiocity “Whatte” fun.

Bourne Again in Kollywood.

The “Adam’s” Bridge

The Cadbury Housing Society for Crawling things.

On the Shiv Sena’s love affair with a Social Networking Site.

On Beverages that are good for plants.

On why I am not a fan of Go Air.

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