My 81 paise (at today’s exchange rate)

I have been asked by several friends, colleagues and other specimens on my two cents on the Dayanidhi Maran issue. Now I have a fundamental disinterest in Indian politics. Its dark humour now fails to make me laugh and its exasperating ineffectiveness has dried up all my tears. So, rather than humour everybody with a lengthy diatribe on the immorality of the unceremonious chucking-out of Mr Maran, I present to you a visual representation of Indian Realpolitik. And its not intended to be funny.

To start with, Dayanidhi might be the poster boy of Indian politics, but….
Indian Govt = Singh + DMK + Other goons

Karunanidhi “owns” Maran, but…..

Tamil Govt = Big Stalin + Medium Azhagiri + Tiny, miniscule Maran

So…if Azhagiri is cut out, DMK will fall..and so will Manmohan Singh’s government and some other buffoons will then lead the country…such as these….

Singh failure = BJP gain = modi in center = genocide

So in a nutshell, this is what I think of the Maran issue. Of course, its immature. Of course its uniformed and puerile. But as I said, Indian politics does not interest me and deserves nothing more than my jilpa