CBSE. Go shove it.

Yeah. I have never in my entire life scored 10/10 in anything. In my 14 years in school, CBSE hatched every devious plot in the book to keep that elusive “centum” away from me. The closest I ever got to 100% was in class 10 when I scored 98 in science. It’s mostly been downhill ever since.

CBSE had asked me – “Which of the following is a constellation?” and offered 3 choices – “Orion, Pleiades and Mercury”.

Back in those times, I was into stargazing to impress chicks. I imagined that pontificating about the cosmic glory of Alpha Orionis and Beta Centauri will position me as an erudite, visionary philosophical type alpha geek whom girls will find irresistable. Of course, it turned out that I was, both literally and figuratively, seeing stars. But we digress.

My real world stargazing experience told me that Pleiades was a star cluster and not a constellation. Telescopes and real visible evidence be damned, NCERT had decreed that Pleiades was a constellation in the science textbook. So what does one do?

Now being the smart alec I imagined I was, I wanted to blend the pragmatic “Just vomit as digested from textbook” approach and the moral high ground approach of stating that Pleiades was,in fact, a star cluster. So what did I do? This:

Answer: Orion and Pleiades (although I object).

While CBSE also expects me to pick Pleiades as a constellation, because the science text book says so, I wish to point out to NCERT/CBSE that it is not. It is a star cluster.

Result: 2 marks cut. 98/100.

Now, many years (and many mediocre academic performances)  later, I get a 10/10. Mahendra pointed me out to this website called Let’s Talk About Blogs and I decided to submit this blog for a thorough review. Guess how much I scored.

There CBSE. I can make spelling errors, write about absurd things, and use several non-english terms, do jalsa, show jilpa and score 10/10. And you can continue to call Pleiades a constellation.