Hyderabaadu, nenu vasthaanu..rape ooh

For the Telugu challenged, “Rape ooh” means “Tomorrow”, in case you thought otherwise. I find such incidental offensive words very interesting. A Punjabi (who else) friend of mine once asked me why Tamilians were so inappropriate when meeting anybody for the first time. I said “eh?” and he explained – “You guys always say Wanna Come? the first time you meet anybody”. Tangent over. Main matter now.

I will be in Hyderabad for a good 3 days (Friday, Saturday and Sunday) and I leave tomorrow night. I have always wanted to visit the Salar Jung museum again and also cavort around the grassy knolls where the legendary Chiranjeevi danced (and Balakrishna um..generally moved) while a million multi-coloured balloons would be released into the sky in the background.

If there are any other jalsa activities I can do during this mini vacation, please let me know. I have made a short list and I am not entirely satisfied

1. Smoke a Charminar while at the Char Minar (map). Well. I don’t smoke, but I am willing to try this in any case.

2. Drink Golconda white wine while at you-know-where.

3 Walk into a Biriyani shop in the old city and ask – “Do you have anything vegetarian?”

4. Learn a bit of Hyderabadi Urdu, which essentially is 1 part Telugu, 1 part Urdu and 3 parts “Azharuddin style low amplitude high frequency nods of the head”. Example – Entraa Mama, Nenu paidalga pothanu. Samaj Aaindaa?” (Hey dude, I am going to walk. Do you understand?)

5. Locate the line of control between Hyderabad and Secunderabad and put one foot in each city and take a photo.

And oh, damn. Hyderabad + 2 women (my wife and her sister, who lives there) = Pearls and Dress shopping till the sun turns into a white dwarf. I will need to hone my “Yeah. That looks awesome. You should buy it. I don’t think it can get any better” expression to the point where it sounds convincing enough in the first shop we enter.