Hyderabaadu, nenu vasthaanu..rape ooh

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For the Telugu challenged, “Rape ooh” means “Tomorrow”, in case you thought otherwise. I find such incidental offensive words very interesting. A Punjabi (who else) friend of mine once asked me why Tamilians were so inappropriate when meeting anybody for the first time. I said “eh?” and he explained – “You guys always say Wanna Come? the first time you meet anybody”. Tangent over. Main matter now.

I will be in Hyderabad for a good 3 days (Friday, Saturday and Sunday) and I leave tomorrow night. I have always wanted to visit the Salar Jung museum again and also cavort around the grassy knolls where the legendary Chiranjeevi danced (and Balakrishna um..generally moved) while a million multi-coloured balloons would be released into the sky in the background.

If there are any other jalsa activities I can do during this mini vacation, please let me know. I have made a short list and I am not entirely satisfied

1. Smoke a Charminar while at the Char Minar (map). Well. I don’t smoke, but I am willing to try this in any case.

2. Drink Golconda white wine while at you-know-where.

3 Walk into a Biriyani shop in the old city and ask – “Do you have anything vegetarian?”

4. Learn a bit of Hyderabadi Urdu, which essentially is 1 part Telugu, 1 part Urdu and 3 parts “Azharuddin style low amplitude high frequency nods of the head”. Example – Entraa Mama, Nenu paidalga pothanu. Samaj Aaindaa?” (Hey dude, I am going to walk. Do you understand?)

5. Locate the line of control between Hyderabad and Secunderabad and put one foot in each city and take a photo.

And oh, damn. Hyderabad + 2 women (my wife and her sister, who lives there) = Pearls and Dress shopping till the sun turns into a white dwarf. I will need to hone my “Yeah. That looks awesome. You should buy it. I don’t think it can get any better” expression to the point where it sounds convincing enough in the first shop we enter.


40 responses to “Hyderabaadu, nenu vasthaanu..rape ooh”

  1. Rambodoc Avatar

    Inappropriate terms? How appropriate for me!
    You said something like ‘turn gent over’. Really? And then? 😉

  2. krishashok Avatar

    Romba too much.
    “Turn gent over”, then “Pace gent coming on to bowl”

  3. anantha Avatar

    Well, actually there is something more about Hyderabadi Hindi (which some people would say is analogous to Hyderabadi Urdu). Add “-ich” to random Hindi words and use them liberally. Like, “dhikte-ich” instead of “dhikte” (see/seen).
    For example, there was a Raaga.com online ad a few years ago (which was inserted before every song), which btw started with a music bit that was exactly the same as part of (one of) the Pudhupettai theme. I don’t know if that ad still comes on Raaga.com, but you will know what I mean if you have heard it!

  4. krishashok Avatar

    I only remember the annoying citibank ad. Dont remember this one.

  5. Karthik Sriram Avatar

    @ Krishashok,

    Perhaps pay a visit to naidu gaaru’s house?

    @ Doc, Yabba!!!! thangala!

    @ Anantha, I heard the music bit for Raaga was by Yuvan only and that he used it for Pudupettai. Wonder if thats why all Yuvan music albums get prominent promotion in Raaga….

  6. Bikerdude Avatar

    KA, visit the lakeside in the evening. Very pretty and spruced up. The humungous food court by the lakeside is quite nice too.

    Dawakhana veLLesi jaldi vachesthaa is my fave.

  7. sree Avatar

    I cld have suggested some nice restaurants if u were a non-vegetarian 😦

  8. krishashok Avatar

    psst psst. I am non-vegetarian. Outside home, i.e.

  9. Ramsu Avatar

    * There’s a restaurant called Water’s Edge (or something like it) right next to the food court mentioned by Bikerdude. I got major recos from Hyd-based friends tat this was the most romantic place to take my wife out to dinner. Am not sure if the superlative is justified, but it’s definitely in the ballpark.

    * Have chai at one of the many Irani restaurants in the city.

    * See if you can find a Telugu-dubbed version of Sivaji running someplace. You know what to do.

  10. mahendrap Avatar

    My wife had worked and lived in Hyderabad for a while before we met. Initially, she kept telling me all those great stories and memories. Now, she no longer believes my “Wow, that’s awesome!” expression.

  11. Sivakumar Jayaraman Avatar

    For Biriyani try out the Paradise or Four Seasons.. Salar Jung museum is worth it…ofcourse the lake and Birla temple are good ones… if you have interest towards hadicrafts visit Shilparamam and i understand some handicrafts exhibition is going on by Lepakshi… if you have time to travel about 80 kms Yadagirigutta is a nice Narasimha temple.. ensoy…. 🙂

  12. Voracious Blog Reader Avatar
    Voracious Blog Reader


    Jumped here from Sree’s Blog. Been reading your write ups for a while.

    Real nice write ups.

    Not only do I read your posts, but also the dictionary that I have to use for relishing your posts.

    Motivates me a lot to better my proficiency.

    Enjoy maadi !

    Voracious Blog Reader

  13. Vasooo Avatar


    may be an NTR-Sridevi movie in a typical hyderabadi theater-if one such exists

  14. krishashok Avatar

    Vasooo, Srikumar, Ramsu
    Thank you very much.

    Hmm. Considering I am reasonably newly married, I think I should be able to pull it off for now

    Voracious Blog reader,
    Welcome 🙂 I generally try and provide translations or links to wikipedia, but sometimes its hard to translate unless one is a polygot like Bikerdude, who seems to speak all 4 south indian languages. Do let me know if there is any term that eludes you. I will clarify it in the comments section

  15. Voracious Blog Reader Avatar
    Voracious Blog Reader

    Dear Kirshashok,

    Understood each and every word. Thanks !

    Its just that your Vocabulary is better than mine.

    Have a great time in Hyderabad.

    Voracious Blog Reader

  16. krishashok Avatar

    @Voracious Blog Reader
    🙂 I just use fancy words to confuse people. That’s what is called “jilpa” in pristine Tamil.

  17. Vasooo Avatar

    Krish i think there is a “subtle” difference between Jilpa and Jilpan..isnt it? correct me if it is wrong….

  18. Vasooo Avatar

    🙂 🙂

  19. krishashok Avatar

    Please elucidate and pontificate on the difference 🙂

  20. Harsha Avatar

    Krish..u ‘raped’ telugu..its ‘repu’ 🙂

    hmm..try Gokul Chat @ Koti, try Irani chai @ Madina Cafe, Biryani @ Paradise or Bawarchi…

    the border thingie..guess u have to keep a leg on each side of tank bund 😛

    BTW, tagged u for Intellectual Blogger Award…enjoy maadi

  21. DreamCatcher Avatar

    The hyd hindi part was just so apt! 🙂

  22. krishashok Avatar

    Whatay accusation. Me? Intellectual? Romba too much. But tanks.

    Thank you.

  23. Thoppai Mama Avatar
    Thoppai Mama

    Jagadish and Kamala Mittal Museum of Indian Art.
    214-6, Gagan mahal road

    Yeh semi private museum hai ba! Bahut-eech recommend kiya humna dost-an! Jaa-ku dekh, aur review-giview likna jaroor-bolya ter-ku amma kasam.

    Phone number gimber maloom-eech nahin humna.

  24. Vasooo Avatar

    It is an interesting history researched and discovered by me (very humblee).

    Jilpa – act of doing Jilpans

    egjamples – Jilpa panran; jilpa vudadhe;

    Please also note Jilpan with a “s” –
    Jilpan – adjective/noun

    Poda Jilpan
    Periya Jilpannu nenappa

    And for those purittanical tamil afficondos since there is no “Ja” in tamil (note “tamil”-not “tamizh”) – the word became “Silpa”. And the mylapore brah’s who have this habit of pronouncing “s” as “sh”, turned this to “Shilpa”. So actua;;y if you look at you know how the name “Shilpa” came into this worrldu 🙂

    Jilpan – the tygaraja bagavathar style haired people – since the hair grows from the back of the head it is ok if the frontal portion is bald-it was supposed to be the most sexy for men to have this in those OLD DAYS. Since these people were supposed to prominently display the fact that they were JILPANS by various means (like frequently combing the hair, shaking head constatntly for no reason, side poses ectcetera ectcetera), a figure of speech for “alattufying (show off)” emerged in the history of Moderrrn Tamil(l- small la) Literature -that is Jilpan 🙂 🙂

  25. Vasooo Avatar

    Rambo – this is rombo rombo hai 🙂

    Turn Gent over
    Cut it into long pieces
    Season-add some chilli powder
    Put the cut pieces and fry till golden brown


  26. krishashok Avatar

    Dr Vasooo, Phd, DLitt, MA, BA (Contemporary Tamil Linguistics)
    We bow to thee 🙂 That was phenomenal. You must update the Tanglish article in wikipedia with this gem here

  27. krishashok Avatar

    Big Belly Ungle,
    Thang you very much. Main aaj-eech jatha, aur dekkhe-aatha abba kasam

  28. satts Avatar

    as my brethren have so kindly highlighted as to what should be done in moa hyderabad.

    I would add another thing…

    Do please catch an auto and travel in one.After chennai autos you can see that the instrument placed on the left most side of railing behind the driver, will actually work.

  29. Bikerdude Avatar

    Kya ba- sab ko tumi thanks bolti so, manje ek lafzaan bhi boli kya tume.

    Jeiiii, – inna acha sa suggestionaan deti maii- talaab qinara ku jaane ku. Khhhhana khhhhane ku. Uuun-hunn, Ek shuqriya bhi nahin.

    Ab tumse baataan karne ka ishq nakko so ba manje. Abhi zarrrrrra manje sandaas ku jaakoaathau. Tume kya bhi karo manje faraq nakko.

    Err sorry i think thats Shivajinagar urdu not Hyd.

  30. krishashok Avatar

    kya ji bikerji…kya bolte so..tumaa tanks bola jaroori? teek..sukriya…khus?

  31. sree Avatar

    oh thiruttu Non-vegaa..ok there is a nice restaurant called ‘Southern Spice’ in Banjara hills..their ‘qubani ka meetha’ is very good and ofcourse lamb biriyani.
    Bawarchi is also a busy place… 🙂
    ensoooii cheyyandee 🙂

  32. Thoppai Mama Avatar
    Thoppai Mama

    kaalej-lo pad-ti tab, meri AP chokra-log-an bolti so

    The girls from Hyderabad,
    their body odour is so bad,
    all the boys run away to
    Falaknuma, Begumpet and Secunderabad.

    Yeh sun-ku ladki-yan ko bahut-eech gussa aati-so.

    Mere-ku ek help karti kya?
    Ek daba CHarminar se leku Lallaguda tak bus mey jaa-ku aa-ba, check kar-ku dekh, body odour ab-bhi aisi-eech hai ki nahin.

  33. Hydlingoest Avatar

    Kya miya, kya bolte tum…

  34. Neela Avatar

    I have lived in hyd but never heard Telugurdu.. This is interesting fiction…

  35. KK Avatar

    Hmmm….Of all the excerpts that I happened to read on your Jilpa-Jalsa….this piece of jilpans is really jilping…!(My hand of inserting a word into tamizh not tamil literature…does it work…Nah!)

    Good one…nicely written! 🙂

  36. Shyam Avatar

    Coool man. My first visit and I’m impressed. Looking forward for more!!!!

  37. KAaddict Avatar

    I got the choicest abuses from the third gender yesterday. They asked me why my neighbour’s house was bolted. Using the hindi word for bolt. And I giggled out a bit too loud, which unfortunately they thought was directed at them.

    And how come you missed out on the infamous chumma that makes people here think that I am going the Tiger woods way listening to the word interspersed in all my conversations

  38. Meghana Avatar

    aap sabko hyderabadi hindi naaaiii aata kya re bai?! hamara ek dostan hai re baap, ek diksheneri like detoon bolaa so! 😛 haha iv lived in hyd all my life—the hyd hindi is TOOOOO GOOD!!!! 🙂 ❤ gotta love hyderabad!

  39. Asif Avatar

    @Krish – Watta Blogger u are man…Helmets off for u….
    Relly….this is a respite for all the mediocrity ive been put thru to.

    Aiseyich Blogaa likhna Boltum mai….
    Kab to bhi Hydrabad aye to milna jaroor…
    Btw.. there is another City called “KUKATPALLY” – near Hyderabad. and certainly not Hyderabad.

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