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The internet is filled with memes, and some memes have this annoying habit of not going away, like the Hitler downfall meme for instance. Just when we all breathe a collective sigh of relief at its demise, some jerk wants to tell the world that Hitler was not amused at some trivial issue, and every social news site, Twitter update and blog post flogs this dead Nazi horse again.

But, making a Hitler video at least takes some effort, at least 30 minutes of editing a transcript/subtitle file, unlike a few other memes that are so ridiculously easy to do that the internet seems to never get over them. LOLCats are an example. Just when we think we’ve had enough, someone unleashes (in this case) some Arial on Feline, and we get

Ah well. One just cannot resist smiling at a Jabba reference, so ok, we keep heading over to Icanhascheezburger to get our daily LOLCat fix. But more so than enjoying memes, I always look for opportunities to localize them (I considered “desify” but for obvious reasons, the word “desi” will always be, till eternity, till kingdom come, associated with pornography thanks to him – Horny Indian Male).

I tried Lollucat, but quickly gave up because cats are not common pets in India at all. In fact, the only pets Indians know are plastic by nature and usually come bottle-shaped.

So my search continued for Indianizable internet memes. I came across the Archaic Rap meme. It’s an image-macro type meme where rap/pop song lyrics transcribed in archaic english are layered over Joseph Ducreux’ deliciously bizarre paintings from the 18th century. Since pictures speak 1K – 24 words and all that, this is what I’m talking about

Wondraful I thought. How about we take cheesy Bollywood lyrics and do something like this?

Nah. Just because we take a bowl, add a classical violinist, throw in a Ghatam player and season with a Bass guitarist and a drummer, we don’t necessarily get music. It’s sometimes called fusion, but it all seems a bit forced. French painter, archaic English and Bollywood songs seem a little too contrived.

My search continued, till my younger brother (no, not this one ) pointed out that the Rage meme was eminently localizable.

After all, aren’t we Indians generally the most pissed off people in the known universe? Aren’t we the noble, ancient and advanced civilization that, in its best, most well behaved mood, comments on rediff? And aren’t there enough things in India to go FFFFUUUUUUU about?


But, I’ll leave contemporary Indian FFFFUUUUUUUs to all of you. I present here instead, the EPIC FFFFUUUUUUU (click on image to see larger version)

And the chap I believe deserves the most intense FFFFUUUUUUU

Contributions from readers

Bikerdude tells us of Mahabali’s rage

And Idlingintopgear feels Eklavya’s rage

Maxdavinci feels some rage at our Head of State

And Abhishek Upadhya switches from Arn00b only to find..

So folks, go for it. The template is here


32 responses to “Epic FFFFUUUUUUUn”

  1. Vijay Sampath Srinivasan Avatar
    Vijay Sampath Srinivasan

    First to comment.. 🙂

  2. Vijay Sampath Srinivasan Avatar
    Vijay Sampath Srinivasan

    Ha ha ha.. The beatles song, “Payasam skies’ ROTFLMAO..

  3. Ramaa Ramesh Avatar

    Whatay brilliance again! 😀 I’m unmeme but shall give this a try, I think… lovely!

  4. Divya Avatar

    What is with all this “first to comment” I see on popular Indian blogs? Maybe that could be a meme too?

    “Waittamoment/firsttocomment” 😛

  5. Idling in Top Gear Avatar

    adirath_benhur – LMAO. Charioteering does not Ben Hur make. 😀

    But Indra’s Nigerian scam was priceless.

    Clearly Eklavya deserves to be among the top ragers. Should we mail you our graphics or did you want bloggers to put it up on their own blogs?

    PS: Shift-Del permanently deletes without having to empty the recycle bin, I thought.

    Ashok: Fixed the Shift-delete thing now. Thanks

  6. mogambo Avatar

    FFFFFFFFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUUUU. Here is one. http://brizzly.com/pic/18LF

  7. Kally Avatar

    Awesome as usual!! How r u coming up with such posts!!? Hilarious one!! 🙂


  8. Dilip Muralidaran Avatar

    A/S/C = Age / Sex / Caste.


  9. Anirudh Avatar

    Hey! Awesome stuff! Should have added fail blog and epic fail! 🙂

    Anirudh Ranganath

  10. anon Avatar

    super post man! someone has to list out all the obscure references to minor memes in this.. im thinking i missed at least a handful.. and that is a sheer waste

  11. Mads Avatar

    It’s hilarious , nice different and entertaining

  12. Mads Avatar

    its different and funny !

  13. Chittaranjan Avatar

    ROFL! The “tujhe dekha toh yeh jaana sanam” is hilarious.

    Completely clueless about the first Rage meme! Is it something only Tams can get?

  14. naren Avatar

    Hehehe! T3h pwnz0r!!! Also the Indra of Nigeria rocked!

  15. Sri Avatar

    Ok…will try to use your template soon

  16. […] The image is part of KrishAshok’s desified rage meme collection.If you enjoyed this post, then you may also […]

  17. anon Avatar

    i think in that karna pic where he asks arjuna not to shoot him, “dont tase me bro” meme would have been apt..
    Ashok: Thanks 🙂 Good idea. Added

  18. Logik Avatar

    Oh, I’ve been Jilpaa’d… Neato.

    – Abhishek ‘Upadhya’ [ slight typo has happened with the surname, pliss to correct ] 🙂

  19. Chittaranjan Avatar

    This be moi humble contribution – http://twitpic.com/zqzih

  20. BloggingSpaghettiMonster Avatar

    Awesome post!

    Unoda brain oru membrane pa 😉

  21. BloggingSpaghettiMonster Avatar

    And this post was educational too

    Hellalotta crucial info about the first lady

  22. Decimator Avatar

    More faces:

  23. brinda Avatar

    hmm….yet the stars can all share space in Om Shanti Om’s “Deewangi Deewangi’ …. but when it comes to this, they want individual footage space…
    seriously..making bhaichung bhutia and co. run in the last 30 secs was very sad…

  24. Vijay Avatar

    Totally made my day! Superb!

  25. Antara Ray Avatar

    Hilarious. You have fundoo readers too, loved their entries 🙂

  26. KapilMadaan Avatar

    Hey, whosoeveryouare…youare-kool(Iknowyouarenotbutyoutryhardtobe..no?no?noo?) Iwillsay you are supercool.fullofgyan.fullofsarcasm.fullofwit.yourjudgmentsarefreeofcost and muchmuch cooler than you..:-)
    ps -ef|grep -i krishashok|awk ‘{print $yourass}’|xargs kill -9
    (wow.Ijustrealized that I canalsocrack kool-code-jokes)


  27. I mean Ffffffuuuuuuuuun… | Blog of SVS Avatar

    […] P.S.: I suck in drawing, sketching, cropping and all.. Nevertheless, i had the fervent covet to do the above pasted “ffffffuuuu comic” after looking at THIS. […]

  28. comparatif mutuelle Avatar

    J’apprécie la façon dont vous abordez ce sujet. En tout cas, je vais revenir vous rendre visite très prochainement. Bravo !

  29. Elex Avatar

    Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha… LOLzzzzzzzzzz… ROFL…….
    Keep posting stuff like this… 🙂

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