Driving End-to-End Synergies

One way of describing my profession would be – I leverage core competencies to build synergies in a co-creative environment and articulate value propositions for key stakeholders and deliver transformational change by positioning comprehensive, end-to-end, verticalized, out-of-the-box solutions for productivity improvements. But I noticed that execubabblers seem to have forgotten our epics, so for their Continue reading Driving End-to-End Synergies

Ye Olde Tragedie of Ravana Superstar

Jilpasura drops his heavy school bag on his bed and picks up his Nintendo DS to play Metroid Prime. “Not before you’ve had your lunch, young asura”, says Jalsa Rakshasi “I won’t eat unless you tell me a story” “Ah well. Ok. I’ll tell you the tale of the obsessive compulsive Prahlada who had his Continue reading Ye Olde Tragedie of Ravana Superstar