Indianizing the Facebook “Like” button

In India, we do things differently. And in keeping with the rich tradition of orally imparted knowledge and MMS scandals, we rarely like to write things down, and that is why when we go to “foreign”, we spare no chances in pontificating, elucidating and prognosticating on the Great Indian Difference. In India, we have history. Continue reading Indianizing the Facebook “Like” button

S Meenakshi (1917-2010)

As I sit here, in yet another quintessentially Tambram function, observing several folks busying themselves with rituals, odd jobs and other paraphernalia, listening to brusque orders given by a couple of priests who are constantly interrupted by their mobile phones, with custom sloka ringtones, I almost entirely forget that the event is actually a funeral. Continue reading S Meenakshi (1917-2010)

A day in the life of an I.T. Bachelor, chapter 3: Break up

Here is part 1 and part 2. Barring the occasional edit, this is more or less untouched, although I have cut out an entire section from the end to keep the length manageable. This is the final part. Chapter 3: Break up The sugar syrup vending machine now had a security guard who was checking ID Continue reading A day in the life of an I.T. Bachelor, chapter 3: Break up